Face In Dices Optical Illusion

When you look at this image you will easily see hundreds of dices placed one next to the other. But if you step away from this image, and move your head away from your monitor, you will see something that resembles a face or even a skull. If you move your head even further from your screen (or simply narrow your eyes a little), presence of Albert Einstein will accur. Amazing! If you are a fan of Einstein like I am, you will enjoy my previous “Einsteins Hallow Face Illusion”.

29 Replies to “Face In Dices Optical Illusion”

  1. Actually, “dice” is the plural, the singular being “die”. You’ve heard the phrase “The die is cast”? If there were more than one, then it would be “The dice are cast”.

  2. i guess you need to learn how to spell, too. REALLY (with 2 L’s)!!

    other than that, this is a cool piece of art.

  3. I saw a similar picture of Einstein along with Marilyn Monroe and several others at the Exploratorium in San Francisco many years ago, but these were made up of a single set of dominoes instead of dice, and I believe they were generated by computer. You might want to investigate this further. I’ve tried searching the net for images of them, but without success.

    1. “Fucking”? I love how these old people can’t censor themselves. It’s innapropriatee for an all-age website. No duh.

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