Face in Branches Illusion

In a Photoshop contest, held 2 weeks ago (where main topic involved optical illusions), there was an interesting submission I almost overlooked. As you can see, Justin manipulated the below photo in such a way, that there is a girl’s face hidden somewhere inside of it. Don’t let the Moebius strip drive your attention a way, it’s more about the branches. I had some trouble seeing the illusion at first, mostly because I was heavily influenced by our widget’s logo (it uses the illusion in pretty similar way). There was also an illusion where you had to spot the baby hidden inside the tree branches. So I thought Justin just had modernized one of these two. If you also have trouble spotting the illusion, use the expandable solution below the picture. Btw, how you like those expandable solutions I started adding lately?

face in branches optical illusion1

Expandable Solution:

[DDET Click To See The Solution!]
face in branches optical illusion2[/DDET]

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  1. Wow I really like that one. I couldn’t see it until I click the solution link. I really like the new solution link.

  2. I think I found the woman in the branches. It’s a good illusion, it took me some time to find her. As for the expandable solution bar, I think it’s a great idea. As a matter of fact I’m going look at it after I submit my comment.

  3. I had to look at the expandable solution but i still don’t buy this. If this were a real face it would be pretty deformed, the nose is way too far to the right and the left eye is way to far out too. I was impressed by how perfectly shaped the lips were, they should have left the illusion at that.
    and whats the point of the moebius thing floating in the pic anyway?????

  4. Turtle? What turtle…..
    Just kidding!!!
    This is a good one. Had trouble at first. Was trying to find it in the dead space.

  5. This is a cool illusion…I love the expandable solution! I thought I saw the face but wasn’t sure until I looked at the solution. It’s great to have the option of knowing whether you really saw it or not!

  6. I can see the face but I don’t understand how the solution helps you find it. It just takes away the glass-style ring at the bottom of the picture.

  7. Well I don’t see any faces in the top left but I do see a face just within the moebius strip and slightly to the left of the tree trunk !

  8. OHH Jeez! I thought I saw something, but I gave up and looked at the solution, wow, I never would’ve seen that!

  9. idk if i just got lucky but i saw it almost immediately! the lips were a give away tooo! =)
    Expandable solution? Good idea! (Y)

  10. pretty average in my opinion, but I can imagine how difficult it would be to get a new illusion every day, let a lone a really good one.

  11. That one is pretty cool. I like the expanded soludtion I must say I saw what could be faces elsewhere in the picture. I did not see the solution face right away. cool pict. keep up the good work.

  12. Wow! Really nice!!

    I saw hundreds of faces and half faces:
    one the lips, one below that with the girls chin as a hood, one left of her big eye, one in the nose, above that, in the branches left, etcetera.

    But I never saw the big face until I clicked te solution button. (which I like!)

    I want this one as a poster for my new room!

  13. saw it right away…but it isn’t bad…and i like expandable solutions…so that eventually you’ll find the answer instead of having to read the comments

  14. I have been a fan of this site for a while and the one thing that I always thought was missing was the cheat button (solution) thank you for adding this!

  15. Witch face does he mean?The one at the bottom,the one in the upper right corner or the one in the upper left corner?

  16. that’s crazy, it’s like she’s looking directly at you, but also i noticed a face in her right eye..is that the so called baby?

  17. There is no baby, he mentioned a past illusion that had a baby, not this particular image. But the face is on the top left

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