Are Your Eyes Sharp Enough To Spot A Camouflaged Snake?

If you live in Australia, you may come across lurking reptiles and animals every now a then. Well, that might be a nice sight for you if you are a reptile lover. However, if you want to be a professional snake catcher then it asks more than just liking animals. Reptiles, specially snakes are fast and smart animals. While working with them, you too have to be smart and sharp. Your eyes would be your best companion while working with snakes because of their tendency to camouflage themselves in environment and then attack you at once.

Yes, being a snake catcher is not an easy job. It takes lots of courage and practice to be one. You will have to sharpen your senses in order to be able to avoid an unexpected snake attack. Sometimes, you might need to fight a snake who would be just ready to bite you with all its glory and danger. You have to be fast, sharp, and experienced. You must know tips and tricks of the job.

The image you are seeing below is from Facebook page of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7. They offer snake catching services in Sunshine Coast, Eastern Australia. They keep posting images from their snake catching expeditions every now and then. Most of the images are from such bizarre and terrifying situations where the snake catching gave them a tough time.

This picture too is from one of such times when they were offering snake relocating services somewhere in Sunshine Coast. Hiding somewhere among the plant pots is a 1.8-meter (5 foot 10 inch) carpet python (Morelia spilota). Were you able to spot it? We are sure you couldn’t! Well, the posted the picture on their page and said this to their followers:

snake optical illusion

“BELIEVE IT OR NOT! ….. There is actually a 1.8m carpet python curled up behind one of these pots! Goes to show how well they can hide. If you can see it, try sharing this on your walls and see if your friends can see it too! Well done everyone that got it right!”

Scroll down to see the answer …







Most of the people couldn’t find the python because of how well it was able to curl him up in pot and hide. Only a few were able to give the correct answer. Well, they told the answer next day which you too can see below. This is what they posted one day later:

Revealed snake optical illusion

Yesterday I posted a picture asking which of you guys could see what plant pot the 1.8m Coastal Carpet Python was hiding behind. A lot of you guessed correctly so well done! Well the answer is Top Middle – if you zoom in you can make out some scales between the leaves – goes to show how well a large snake can hide! Max

Keeping in view the excellent ability of the snakes to camouflage, these animals can be really harmful for humans. However, fortunately this particular snake is not very much poisonous and doesn’t pose any big threats to humans. But don’t expect an animal like snake to be completely harmless! They too can give you a big painful bite if you try to threaten them. And yeah they love to eat your animals too. So if you have got a loved small pet like rabbit, parrot, or cat, try to keep it safe and out of the reach of this hungry python. This animal is found throughout much of mainland Australia, as well subspecies in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Yule Island. If you are living in those areas, stay alert!


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