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  1. dammit! first “masturbation causes bad eyes” now “no sex causes bad eyes” curse you world, cuuuuuuurrrrssseee yoooooou!

  2. oh, thats wierd, because I have very good eyesite, but I had a lazy eye since I was born. Was I supposed to have sex with myself or something?

  3. im 13 and i cud read that without movin my head or squintin my eyes, even tho those help.
    i have glasses so ofcourse i have bad eyes,
    is that cause ima virgin??? but im only 13,
    what do u expect of a girl my age
    (sob sob) ;P

  4. im near sighted..i cant disagree…..bucause iom still a vergin…and you know what…i became a nearsighted person….lol…=^.^=

  5. I had this printed on a t-shirt for a laugh on a night out, was pretty funny seeing the gears turning in peoples heads then the expression when they “got it”.

  6. I got it within 10 seconds. Dont look at the white look at the black, its easy for me coz I hav seen summin lyk dis be4 on dis syt.

  7. My brother has a T-Shirt with this on. In fact, he was wearing it yesterday :P
    Once you’ve seen it and know what it says, you can read it fine

  8. i think this happens because from far away, you can’t see the thin lines that make the white shapes look 3 dimensional, so then it’s easier to read the black parts rather than have you’r brain look at the 3 dimensional shapes instead. Am i right?

  9. I think being 9 makes my eyes good by blurring/squinting/moving away and it will be clear or making my eyes cross-eyed. My eyes hurt

  10. Ya’ know, man, Illusionist is right. You don’t have to move anywhere. Just Ctrl+scroll(down) to 60% and you should be able to see it.

  11. I saw it CLEAR right next to my computer! I barley saw the blocks…I will not do something about it for two reasons..1.i don’t have anyone to do it with…2. I’M TOO YOUNG!!!!

  12. this is a bistable perception
    when u r closer, the brain concentrates on the white shapes and when at a distance it concentrates on the black gaps (the shape of which seems familiar shown smaller)
    i could perceive the words by staring for 3-4 seconds

  13. lol? no need to go so far from the screen -.-, just do ur eyes as the Chinese, and u will see it :D Good Luck!

  14. I am giving a better option to read this..just turn on your mobile camera , place it infront of the screen and try to read from your phone..it will be easily readable…

  15. lol NO SEX CAUSES BAD EYES just pull your eyes back like your korehan( no offense to korehan people your probaly cooler than me!)

  16. this pic is over 10 years old and i have always been able to read it the instant i see it, i have 20/600+ vision. and like it says if you are having trouble reading it you got some issues.

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