Escape from The Crimson Room!


If you came to this article via pc widget or mac widget, you probably only saw the image on the left. While it is an awesome illusion, it has been covered on this site many times. In short, the room is constructed in special way, so that when you walk across it, it appears you are growing or shrinking. The reason I wrote this post isn’t to remind you of that particular illusion (called Ames Room), but to share an awesome game I just played. I am aware it isn’t an optical illusion in its nature, but I promise you that you’ll like it. Not sure how many of you will manage to escape the crimson room below, but you’ll have fun solving the mystery. If you don’t see the game window below this text, you probably don’t have flash installed. Please share hints and tips if absolutely necessary, but don’t spoil the fun for others. Let’s see how many of you will manage to complete the game. It’s short, but hard! Also, if you like it, please submit this article to Digg, Stumbleupon or somewhere else :)

  • Anonymous

    Aaaah can’t complete it :(

  • Andrea

    Did fine up until the 4 digit code. The clue provided doesn’t work for me.

  • Chris

    arrrghh soo hard although most people will say they got out even they just searched for a walk-through as there are many available, i however do not cheat. so i will give up now. good luck to all who don’t cheat!

  • Jon

    This game’s annoyingly difficult yet insanely fun.

  • Anonymous

    yay, i did it!!! it took a while and i did not cheat (much), all i will say is take your time, think about it, and click alot!!!


  • Anonymous

    The 4 digit code doesn’t work for me either.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t find the battery where is it??

  • BountyHunter

    where the hell are cheats???

  • virtualpigmaster

    i ant do it. i got various items and opened all drawers but cant do anything!

  • Sara

    I will not cheat…

    I am going to keep trying. :-)

  • PuLa

    I made it! took maybe 30mins or something, but I made it :) no cheats… Just million random clicks

  • Anonymous

    The code didn’t work for me until I found the game on another site and then it did, for some reason.

  • gamer

    man this is hard!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t give up on the four digit number. I accidentally refreshed, had to start from scratch, and the number worked the second time around. Challenging, but not impossible. Click, click, click, and click again.

  • Mr. Cool

    wooo did it. if the 4 digit code doesn’t work, restart the game and try again. it worked fine for me

  • Anonymous

    grrr … i beat this one but then went on to find there was a sequel and i cant figure the sequel out … its bothering me

  • luke13

    Veridian room, Blue chamber, White room, Dark room, Dark complex and this one, i’ve completed them all. Vurdlak when the hell are you going to post me another blog!

  • Matt

    This is taking forever, but I will not surrender!!

  • Aloof

    I remember this! It was such a pain in the butt to complete but beating it was soooo awesome.

  • Daniel

    cool, got it. click stuff, even if it be over and over again

  • Anonymous

    The safe code given does not work.

  • Bhindiboi

    Can U find any other games like this.

  • Anonymous

    Code wouldn’t work for me. tried over and over. Code will only work if you restart the game.

  • Anonymous

    I got to the four digit code part and try as i might i could not get tyhe right one. even following the URL didn’t give me the right code. neither did any of the ones posted on hint sites. I gave up knowing that had the game worked properly i could have completed it.

  • Benjamin

    Seems to be broken. The four digit code that is found doesn’t work with the version of the game you have posted. I think the code is changed occasionally. Went to the original site and the code worked fine.

  • Anonymous

    I finally did it. I had to cheat, but it was either that or get fired for goofing off too long. If the four digit code doesn’t work, close your browser and start again. Their is a BIG glitch in the game, but restarting seems to help.

  • Anonymous

    haha suckers, i did it! I am the smartest person in the world. Muahahaha!!! All must kneel before me!!!

    except those who have also beat it, you can join me while the other stupids kneel before us.

  • Catkilller7

    You think this one is a good escape the room games?

    Look for the Submachine Series. One of the best series of escape the room games ever, in my honest opinion.

  • Anonymous

    I get get the stuid dancing guy to do anything. He is supposed to

  • Anonymous

    If the code doesn’t work, you might have to try restarting a couple of times. I had to restart and the code finally worked on the third time.

  • Anonymous

    Cool game. Can you find the safe? Play the music video in the mystry box? Use the screwdriver on the door ha ha ha ha.

  • Anonymous

    Got it. Was tempted to use a walkthru a few times. Best spoiler-free hint hsa been given: click ALOT.

  • Anonymous

    a realy old game :o
    played it 3 years ago…

  • Leamony

    I beat this game years ago, back when it was still new. C: It was the first escape-the-room type game I played, and one of the best. The entire series is worth a try, and they all kind of lead into another with a not-so-satisfying ending.

    If you really liked this game, look for “point-and-click” games or “escape the room” games on the internet, it’s a whole genre.
    I recommend MoTaS (Mystery of Time and Space) and My Diamond Baby. Both wonderful games of a similar type. C:

  • Anonymous

    i got out!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve played this game. For the safe code you have to go to this special web page and it’s just really stupid. I have done the Viridian room and the White chamber
    and the Blue chamber though.

  • Anonymous

    FInished !!!! it took me a while to find a way too open the safe but i got it use EVERYTHING you have . then its done ;) Gl for everybody

  • Daniel!

    Hey, i found the code!, but like.. well.. i can only see the four walls of the room and under a few things (apart from the bed) but i cant find any more items.. !! and ive clicked about soo much.. my fingers gone numb!.. i quit.. untill some one helps.. but i refuse to cheat.. just need a lil help! :P

  • Anonymous

    Wow…..that was really easy…a bit too easy for me :)

  • Anonymous

    AHHHH!! this game is pissing me off!! you always get to a certain point, and then u can’t find anything!! someone PLEAASE tell me how to do this!!

  • Anonymous

    what do you do with the battery and big key?

  • emily

    please tell me where the code is im tired and i want to beat it!!!!

  • Anonymous

    ive already done all of these their fun and their really great

    If you like them the game has a site with about 4 more.

  • Joey


  • Seth

    Geeze that was hard… not much of a thinking game as much as it is a lucky click game… If you get lucky enough to click in the right spot, you will eventually get it.. Took me about 45 minutes, no cheats. Exiting is rather uneventfull to.

  • Taylor

    look in window HMV lol wow.. interesting

  • Anonymous

    THAT is impossible unless you have help..

    First of all, the url I went to on that paper said “URL not found”

    My biggest tip is to move anything that can move and click anything that can be clicked.

  • Shaven Monkey

    Keep on clicking…not too hard, just tediously long.

  • Anonymous

    why does everyone have to be obsessed with not cheating

  • Anonymous

    Try submachine!

  • Laura

    oh please please someone help me! I just want to finish it and get out! come on, spoil it for meeee!!

  • BountyHunter

    Where are cheats?????What i need to tupe???What a hell is walktrough??????

  • rankin

    ok i did it fine, but i played this 2 years ago at collage, there are lots of these around.

    BTW for the 4 digit code to work you will need to know where the person who sent this in got it from, it has different numbers relating to the site it was on.

  • Kris

    very fun game. I recommend trying the 3 other rooms that are out too. The white room is by far the easiest.

  • Tio

    it’s an ancient game ^^
    but still very cool

  • Alex

    I did this a while ago, and I loved it. Make sure to look at the White Room or the Green Room because they are sequels to this and are also as good.

  • Anonymous

    It was fun, like what others had said, random clicking helps a lot, I personally had problems linking to the URL, but I just googled part of the URL to find the site.

  • Confused

    can any1 help me ive got loads of items including an ordinary key, a small box if mistery,a battery, a memo, an empty CD case a cassette and a thin ring what do i do????

  • Ian

    I got to the code… went to website and the code is wrong?

  • Brad

    I love tabel < Look under the windo?//

  • pouphead2k3

    Notice for all the fools that say the URL is wrong, and the page cannot be found:

    Try typing it in correctly.

    That’s the correct URL, it works fine.

    I quit the game, i didn’t get as far as typing a code into anywhere but you’ll all need it no doubt. :)

  • Trigger

    it took me far to long to do this, then i found my way working out how to do everything upto and including the white room. Now that is tricky! I got to say though, very very hard but i done it which made me feel soooooo happy!

  • Anonymous

    i cant find the battery i found it once and accidentally closed out the screen so i need help.

    can someone tell me what to do after i play the music box im stuck ive been stuck for like an hour i dont care i will cheat

  • Anonymous

    i need help i found the battery and i accidently left my screen so i had to start over where is the battery and whats next i been stuck for like an hour help help help

  • jk

    Done it!!! it took me a while (1 hour) but in the end I achieved to escape from the room.

    Juan Carlos
    México, D.F

  • Anonymous

    Hey, I found the battery!!! it’s behind the bed, you have 2 click it sorta wierd though…

  • richard

    I got all the way to the safe, and reading that starting over after you get the code helped, after that…I’m FREE!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    where is the spot on the wall like in the movie some1 plz post a pic

  • Victor

    Yes Yes!!!! I finally opened the door!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Grrrr I can’t get the dumb battery where is it?!?!?!??!?!? Grrr!

  • Anonymous

    im stuck i played the box what does that mean a guy dancing, i got all the objects and the code but dont know what to do next someone give me a hint or tell me how to get out i need to know ive been on it all day and if i dont get out ill be stuck on it forever

  • Anonymous

    help i found all the clues played the music box and got the code how do i get out????????????

  • Anonymous

    How many items are necessary? I’ve found 12.
    Can’t find where the code needs to be typed. Can anyone help?

  • Sandy

    I did it! I don’t ever finish anything, but I finished this one!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I take it that the image of the dancing man is pointing at something. I’ve assumed that it’s the blank wall, since nothing has happened or been found there yet. But I’ve spent about an hour clicking on that wall now, and I’ve tried equivalent spots on the door and window just in case, and nothing’s happened. Far as I can tell, the dancing man is the end of the game.

  • Anonymous

    I’m another guy who can’t figure out what to do after unlocking the video of the dancing man. He points at a spot on the wall but nothing happens when I click there.

  • Sonix

    This is not funny, after an hour I almost gave up and I finally found the rest of the things, but….. I have been trying to figure out this guy dancing with no rythm by the way, and I cantttttttt. (Why do I start this games why? Now I’m not gonna be a happy woman till I finally get this door open, or what ever.

  • Optiguy

    Just go to

    The code is 1994 and you don’t have to restart!

    P.S. WOOOOOOOO, I DID IT!!!!!!!

  • Lily

    Don’t listen to this last guy. He seems to be a bit too thick to know that the code changes every time. Um,
    that was incredibly easy. The only hard bit is clicking at the right spot for when you get the battery. Oh yeah– I didn’t cheat. But it was very fun!

  • Anonymous

    i did it …took me like 20 minutes but its worth it ..the code works better in the original page

  • Anonymous

    i did it… in less than i half hour… but thats because i have solved it again a couple of years ago. heheheh its irritating but exciting. my code was different so just find it on the site.
    good luck all.

  • Sophie

    YAY i did it!!
    proud :D

  • Anonymous

    …getting bored now,,,,got to be mopre to it than just clicking…?

  • Natasja

    AHHHHHH Where do u put in the 4 digit code HELP MEEEEEE!!!!

  • Doreen Chloe

    I Got It And I’m Ten,ITS EASY!Okay Its Just A Simple Matter Of A Few Clicks.For Me A few.A Medel Rod,The Box,And Two Rings.Keep Opening And Closing The Window!Okay Um…Get The Cassette Tape.Okay You Can Figure Out The Rest.

  • Anonymous

    I Can’t Stand This Game.

  • Anonymous

    im not smart enough 2 work this 1 out ive given up after 4 hours

  • Anonymous

    this sucks can some 1 tell me how to do this!!!

  • Anonymous

    some 1 plz tell me how to do this!!!!!!!!!

  • Asif

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I did it finally. I was finding it real hard to understand what the dancing boy was trying to say, but I got it! But I’m not gonna spoil the fun for those who haven’t got it yet. Just keep clicking would be my advice.

  • Mike

    Well, that was kind of interesting. No cheating or walk-throughs. took about 10 minutes.
    I must say though that the code doens’t work on this site. The URL on the memo is correct, and the code it gives simply doesn’t work here. I restarted the game and everything, played the game in multiple different browsers, still to no avail!! I went to the original site ( and played from there and got out no problem!! By the way the CD case does nothing.. :) Have fun!!

  • Anonymous

    holy $h1T!!!!!! That took me a hour and a half not because Im stupid but because when I found the memo with the URL on it it wouldnt work, till I found it again in someones comment, which THANK YOU it worked but even still the 4 digit number wouldnt work I had to restart like 4 times that was a pain in the @$$ but now I have to og because I AM LATE FOR WOERK!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i can’t figure it out!!!! please help me! don’t care if i have to cheat! what do i do with that stupid black key that doesn’t do anything? someone said to open the window over and over again (thanx for the tips, by the way) but the window doesn’t open! I tried the black key on it, but that didn’t help either! i feel really stupid right now, so please somebody tell me what to do next!

  • Dragon Rider

    Awesome! Took a while, but I did it! It’d be cool to send to friends.

  • Anonymous

    omg! this is killing me!!!!
    someone plz give a cheat or a walk-through….PLEEEEEEEEEASE!


  • VennyDee

    I did it! I just used my common sense! Ha-ha!

  • Tanya

    OH MY GOD that took me forever. It a timing thing with the dancing guy.

  • Anonymous

    how do u click under the bed? someone please tell me

  • Dani

    ok, im stuck!! been on it for 20 mins!! i seem to be clicking for england!! suppose it one way to get a new mouse! lol. i have just found a metal stick and others and dont seem to be gettng anywhere! HELP!!!

  • Anonymous

    already seen the guy dancing, but then i can’t seem to find the screw driver. and, can you actually see the under of the bed? thanks.

  • keeley

    argghh hellppp
    we have got past the dancing dude but what do we do from then
    i see hes pointing 2 sumin but when i clik it duznt work

    please help us

  • Anonymous

    I seriously cannot get it!
    every time i click like crazy around the guy pointing
    i have the key highlighted
    but STILL cant freaking get the safe thing!!
    what is a dang cheat??
    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i did it.the code is good and use the key.the rest is up to you

  • Anonymous

    Crimson Room walkthrough. There’s a ring in the bowl. There’s a key under the pillow of the bed. Click on the bottom left hand corner of the bed and you’ll look between the mattress and the headboard – that’s where the metal piece is. Open the shade, you’ll find a small key. Open and shut it a few more times and a small ring will fall out. In the two top drawers are a memorandum and cd case. Unlock the two bottom drawers and find a power cord and the box. Click under the dresser and you’ll find the tape. Use the power cord on the radio and press the power button. Now the cd slot will be openable and you will find a third key in it. When looking at the blank red wall click near the bottom left corner and you will zoom near the side of the bed and see the battery. Now put all the parts on the box and open it. Put the battery and tape in the box. Click it and a tape will play on the wall. A guy dances for a bit and then you’ll see a little crosshair appear where he’s pointing. Put your mouse over the crosshair and when the tape ends click around it a bit. An outline appears in the wall, click it. The combo to the safe was originally on the URL of the memo, but that link is broken. The combo is 1994, plus you need to use the third key in the lock. Open the safe and you will find a screwdriver. Click a little above the door knob and it’ll zoom in on the doorknob. Use the screwdriver on the door knob and it falls out. Click the hole. You win, congrats! -harley -SJ

  • Anonymous

    Haha! I finally did it!

  • fatboy

    tooooo easy.
    solved it withen 5 min.
    try to give some challanging one

  • Anonymous

    grrrrrrrrrr… i can’t do it and what cheats i want to cheat but theres no way to even cheat!!! I WANT TO CHEAT!

  • Anonymous

    ok, you want a walkthrough? here

  • Anonymous

    OK, what was a deal with an empty CD case? I was going to use that to open the door, of course, it wouldn’t work.

    And what’s with an interior door opens outward?

  • Anonymous

    I BEAT IT!!! No cheats AT ALL!!! And, ya, what’s with the cd case?

  • Anonymous

    where is the code found at its the only thing i can’t find

  • Anonymous

    how do you find the code?!?

  • Scotty

    If you like this the silent hill games are a must I love them especially silent hill 4 the room, its like this but very scary and it’ll take you weeks

  • scotty

    Silent hill 4 the room is like this but on a MUCH bigger and scarier scale! I highly recomend it

  • Anonymous

    The clue for the code doesnt work. All that freakin time wasted. The code I received was 4700. Doesnt work at all!! I even refreshed the page, left then went back. No luck.

  • Anonymous

    Where is the battery???

  • Anonymous

    this was so frustrating!!! the beginning was pretty freaky for me tho!! but i think im gonna quit before i get too frustrated! good luck to everyone else!

  • kingE

    holy damn this is hard!

  • Anonymous

    i did it! i did it!! cheating was so tempting. but it felt better not to! some say the code changes…i’m ’bout to see…hehehe

  • Anonymous

    anyone know how to freaking find the code? i can’t even get to the clue to the code! i’ve gotten to the guy dancing then to the safe but that’s where i get stuck. help, please!

  • Anonymous

    Crimson Room walkthrough. There’s a ring in the bowl. There’s a key under the pillow of the bed. Click on the bottom left hand corner of the bed and you’ll look between the mattress and the headboard – that’s where the metal piece is. Open the shade, you’ll find a small key. Open and shut it a few more times and a small ring will fall out. In the two top drawers are a memorandum and cd case. Unlock the two bottom drawers and find a power cord and the box. Click under the dresser and you’ll find the tape. Use the power cord on the radio and press the power button. Now the cd slot will be openable and you will find a third key in it. When looking at the blank red wall click near the bottom left corner and you will zoom near the side of the bed and see the battery. Now put all the parts on the box and open it. Put the battery and tape in the box. Click it and a tape will play on the wall. A guy dances for a bit and then you’ll see a little crosshair appear where he’s pointing. Put your mouse over the crosshair and when the tape ends click around it a bit. An outline appears in the wall, click it. The combo to the safe was originally on the URL of the memo, but that link is broken. The combo is 1994, plus you need to use the third key in the lock. Open the safe and you will find a screwdriver. Click a little above the door knob and it’ll zoom in on the doorknob. Use the screwdriver on the door knob and it falls out. Click the hole. You win, congrats!

  • Ale Grazia &amp; Andrei FROM BICOCCA -MI-

    We did it (cazzo!!!!)

  • Anonymous

    How anticlimactic

  • Anonymous

    whats the code? 4700 doesnt work, either does 1994!!

  • michael


    check out the url….
    on the page ur viewing the room (moillusions).
    u have to start the game over but the code should work

  • Anonymous

    I know where the battery is but I can never manage to click on the right spot to get to it.

  • Anonymous

    The url worked for me… anyways if it isn’t working for you the code is 1910.

  • Anonymous

    If you like this one you should check out the Viridian Room too. I found it at

  • Anonymous

    This is rubbish!
    why do you have to reload for it to work!?
    and the code isn’t 1994!!
    and its not 1910 or whatever the other one was!!

    -moan over-


  • Anonymous

    Huh….. finally! It was hard but I kept on trying… :*>

    hint: keep clicking :@

    (If you REALLY ned HELP… got to

    ^ It gives you a complete walkthrough……..yeah!

  • Sarah

    the next room in this series – the Viridian Room – is reallllllllly creepy!! the sound effects in all of them freak me out though

  • Anonymous

    i can’t find the mental rod please help

  • Anonymous

    I did it. it took me about an hour but i escaped the room. my advice is to click everywhere in the room. you will eventually find something. i am not telling how you do it, i don’t want to spoil it for those of you who want to solve it yourself.

  • Anonymous

    use all of your items. i’m not going to spoil it for everyone, but I will say this. If there is a place where your stuck, try using one of your itmes.

  • Anonymous

    i got to the part with the [erson dancing, he looks frustrated at the end,and he points at something

  • Anonymous

    i have all the stuff except for one i have:

    weird box
    empty cd case
    gold key
    silver key
    power cord
    ordinary key
    and the two rings

    i used the two rfings so far and the box is missing sumthing for the “mouth” portion. i thot it was cassette but it is not. what am i missing and where can i find it? thats all i wanna no

  • Anonymous

    haha i beat it, and th url give you the password for the safe and to get to the safe click on the little crosshairs 3 times to get the outline of a square, click on that and you get the safe.

  • Anonymous

    did it:) fast too:) but…what was the cd case for??

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to agree with the dude who was stuck at the combo and assumes he would of finsihed it if it had worked correctly. The codes do not work. I tried the one given on the url and 1994 and also i saw one that worked for 1800 none work. dumb game. they fooled us!!!! BAF!

  • Anonymous

    were do you click to get the battery?!!! ARRGGHH!!SMASH THE WINDOW WITH THE CD PLAYER AND YOUR OUT! LOL

  • Abby

    Very fun!!! You have to wait until the dancing guy is done!

  • Anonymous

    With the dancing guy yiu just have to WAIT.

  • Anonymous

    the 4 digit code didn’t work for me, even after i restarted, so i tried it on the original site and it still didn’t work, with both 1994 and the code on the URL. :(

  • Anonymous

    aaargh i woz doin ok… well i only cheated a bit… but what is the 4 digit code?? please help me!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Darn.. I cheated. BUT! it was awesome. Loved it. Almost kicked my butt.

  • Anonymous

    Yay! I made it out :3
    As the very popular hint that doesn’t give anything away says:
    click a LOT!

  • Anonymous

    YAHOO!I did it!:D Had to go on you tube for the full run through but anyway. Amazinly the 4 digit code worked for me, so for all those people who cudnt get the code- somethings wrong with your computer.
    Or is it me…… :$

  • Anonymous

    I escaped, now on to the others!

  • Tashor

    Oh I played this game last 2 years ago. so easy 1 completed it in 1 hour I was very pleased. This was the first time I had played a escape game and ever since i play them all the time Iv complete at least 20 so fun!!!!!! heheh i know the code if anyone wants it btw just send a comment to me

  • Anonymous

    why dont you just use the box to smash the window and climb down the building using the power cable!!! this game is hard!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    how do you guys figure out the code based on the url? I dont see anything…

  • Anonymous



  • ben

    if you got the code from the website on the memo, I heard that if you access the game from a site OTHER THAN the site that the creator posted it on, it will give you the wrong url. the website that will give you the correct one, plus the viridian room and the white chamber is

  • Anonymous

    Lol did it but i don’t understand why he didn’t just smash the window and climb dowm < (-.-)>

  • Anonymous

    the code I got was 0903 but it wouldnt work if I left the zero’s untouched, I had to cycle thru back to zero for it to work, very unsatisfying, back to porn

  • Anonymous

    Not hard, just stupid click, click, click…

  • Anonymous

    yay! i finished it! it is hard but if u think and cheat(a bit) u might just finish it too!

  • Anonymous

    Hell ya I did It man it took forever well an hour, just remember watch that movie very closely kk peace out and call me some time 775-777-2657 the name is Sheba laters lol

  • Anonymous

    Still quite new. Trying to click on the dancing guy–keep sending me back to annoying. I’ll keep trying though.

  • Anonymous

    I made it without cheating. I’m free, FREE!!!^^

  • apex predator

    finally…that was a huge pain. i dun even wanna try the others

  • Anonymous

    I cheated I cheated I cheated. But I GOT OUT. HAAAAAAAAA. Okay so I suck.

  • xi

    no it’s not..>.<; it's hard baby..:( it took me some time to get it done..

  • Anonymous

    im still stuck in the first room how do u get out

  • Anonymous

    if you are viewing this on the page type in the URL and click on the table then click on the cards and that is the code for the safe. be careful you may have to click on the screwdriver a couple of times, if you need to you can click o the box again to see the dancing man again if you lose the screwdriver. the rings and the metal piece from the bed go on top of the box. what i couldn’t figure out was the whole purpose for the empty CD case. Good luck.

  • Anonymous

    the code that works is 8909, retards

  • Anonymous

    how do you get the battery??

  • Anonymous

    The room is challenging, but I figured it out. You should also try the viridian room and the white chamber. The white chamber is easy compared to the other two.

  • YESSSSSS!!!!!!

    Het heefd me 3 dagen (tussen werktijd) gekost! maar het is me gelukt!!!
    Goed spel.


  • Anonymous

    This snit is WACK. i cant believe i stayed up trying this snit!!!!1

  • Davis

    Hell yeeeeahhhhh!

    god it took me soo long but i got it!
    no cheats!

    click everywhere :)

  • Anonymous

    yay i finnally done it it took me a while but i got there.good luck 2 all u others who r still trying 2 figuire it owt!!:P

  • Erica

    AHHHHH I can’t get it and it’s driving me nuts!!

  • Willie

    hey this is cool, hard, but cool. i escaped though ya.this is kind a like the Afro Ninja games like escape the car, telephone booth, and closet.

  • Lindz

    Ok I got it in like 30 min its soooooooo easy !!!!

    p.s. goood luck!!!!

  • Anonymous

    it took me like 25-30 minutes but it is soooooo worth it when you’re done!

  • Anonymous

    lol dumb ass people its easy
    and to show u that i finished it, theres a screw driver in the end :)


  • Anonymous

    this had to be the most easy but yet challenging games ive played, the url was yellov instead of yeallow, which really got me comfused, but in the end the code didnt work and i restarted and forgot how to get everything and did it again and completed it, its difficult but so much fun to play because you get frustrated but still want to finish it =)

  • Anonymous

    all i noticed was that its supposed to b spelt mystery not mistery…

  • Anonymous

    find the screw driver…

  • Anonymous

    omg that wuz crazie but i did it!!

  • Debolina Mukherjee

    i opened the door once but now I can’t find the goddamn battery . will someone please help me?

  • Anonymous

    muajajajajaja i finish in 1 hour loosers xD and the next chanse i finish in 2:28.2 seconds

  • Anonymous

    I BEAT IT! (Finally)

  • MintyFresh724

    wat do u do wth the 4 digit cde?

  • Anonymous

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHH! i did it!!!
    i’m going to start veridian room…tell me good luck!!!!

  • GmanX

    good luck lol, its hard as hell

  • Anonymous

    this was easy only took me not even 5 mins

  • Anonymous

    Well, it took me around 40 minutes.
    It was funny, but I don’t like the
    “click everywhere” system, because it is random

  • MoNkEyBoY

    I did it after a while, and I'm sad to say i cheated a bit >.>

    Well, for you non-cheaters I'll give you a few hints, but they might be Liiiitle spoilers, so be careful ;D

    The side of the room with the red wall and nothing else is really important. There is an object you can find by clicking somewhere….I'm not telling where.

    The bed has another item besides whats under the pillow.

    The curtain…

  • ashli

    that was prolly the easyest thing i have done in a long time! good luck to everyone else that trys it.

  • emilrheyn


    i had switch on the cd player but wen i started again i cant switch on it again!!!!!!!!!!
    potang ina oh.

  • j

    i did it idid it!!!!!!!!!!!!! it took 45 min

  • death 2 all

    lol the more i played the more i found just persivere (sp.) and you will get it

  • Kassidy

    first i put the thin ring in the box then the thick one so how do you get the screwdriver?(probably in the box) how do i get into the box?!?!

  • Anonymous

    i got out

  • Anonymous

    dudes the lastt thing i got was the thick ring help me wth is click everywhere im clicking ALOT and its not helping at all! HELP ME PLZ

  • Anonymous

    6259 is the code, and it DOESN’T WORK!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    gosh, can’t believe i spend precious time of my life clicking randomly on stupid red walls for ages… pride forbides me to give up though ;)

  • Anonymous

    At the 4-digit code, refresh the page if it doesn’t work.

  • Ing. Manuel

    Ohh…. the man dancing have a clue!!! check very well the dance… ;)…..

  • Anna

    I just spent 2 hours going on 5 different websites getting walkthroughs to the game. And I did it! All I can say is you have to be PRECISE on the cross hair – no more hints! Thanks for posting such a cool thing mate :P

  • Anonymous

    woooooow that was sooooooo cool
    i gotta give some props to that designer cuz that was good

  • gimme-a-beak
  • Anonymous

    I didnt really like it, but lol, the start of the music at the beginning and the music when you pick up the pillow reeaallly scared the hell out of me. :P

  • sazz

    my code doesnt work ???

  • Anonymous

    i did it!!!! took long enough

  • ludwig_rx

    yeah! got it! so happy!!! it made me confused for a bit there! wew!

  • Anonymous

    Got out after three days.
    I could not stop thinking about it untill I finished it.

  • kamote

    this games is cool….=)

  • ash ketchum


  • Nicole

    AHA!!!!!!! it took me 20 minutes!!! woot

  • coolkid


  • Ideka

    It didn’t took me as log as I tought it would…

  • Ali

    OK…I tried both of those retarded codes and none of them worked!! Is it just me or is this game set up for u to fail

  • somebody
    for the cods vist that site. thay change the codes every once in a while

  • annoymous

    i did it!

  • Magilicious

    Took me about 10 minutes, i did have to cheat to find the safe however :P

  • goodguy

    this is hard it took me three days no cheating

  • prathik

    hello gudguy if u do cheating in u tube

  • effin awesome!!!

  • Monxy

    I was sooo close to finish, but it says wrong number!?!?!

  • anon

    took me about 5 minutes :S not that hard really. one of the easier of its kind i have to say.

  • dontsaymyname!

    heeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllppppppppppp!plz! i have spent like all moth trying to figure this out! plz help me with it!

  • Number

    Code/Number issue. Figured out how to do this after a long time. And i know i’ve done everything correctly b/c my roommate figured it out and confirmed my steps. But for some reason the code i get never works…

  • where’s the key to unlock the safe?

  • haha there are clearly numbers to open the safe and the numbers are connected with the year the game came out

  • Michael

    If your code doesn’t work, then try refreshing the game and try it again. This worked for me.

  • Kate

    Besides the creepy music, this game is really quite good. ^^
    I finished it on a 30 minute basis. :D

  • wtfhax

    open drawer, get CD. Look at CD. Right click > play. Right click > play. Right click > play. Win

  • galaxyknight

    WOW! Thats really all i got to say.

  • kkb

    awesome… nice…

    hint: be precise about your click.

  • Draegonore

    love this game!! i needed some hints, but most i did on my own.

    check out for more escape games from same maker.

  • what safe. sorry I’m a bit on the thick and aged lot. Pedro

  • GreenGirl13


  • alucard

    16 minutes xD

  • where do i put the code at

  • badger 5

    arrrrggghhhh all the ppl hu just said ‘ive finished’ tell us how????? i mean ur not gonna spoil it 4 anyone cus if they want to do it on their own then they wnt look at hte comments will they?????????????? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz x

  • badger 5

    ok, you want a walkthrough? here

  • me

    wat r the walkthrews where can you find them

  • me

    ok nm i did it on my own YAY

  • jimmer



  • celeste

    i got it (spoiler)
    To make the code work, one website said you had to be playing the game from the fasco site. i refreshed it after i’d gone to and clicked on the card table to see the code (which changes, apparently, this time it was 7708). even though the zeros are already there, when i scrolled past and back to the zeros, the code worked. then head to the door.

    To find the other ring, open and close the curtains repeatedly and it will fall down.

  • Rin

    ok, that was peculiar…
    It’s really not that hard, you must just pay attention to the details…

  • aaustin

    took me about 20 minutes lol

  • Ynot

    Not bad. I didn’t have the key highlighted so the safe took me longer than it should have.

  • anonymous

    safe # 5769

  • me


  • banana

    rrrgggg! where is the other battery!?

  • Becky

    culd sum1 plz help me stuck on da dancing man cant get da safe up plz help i wuld be grateful =D

  • Daniel

    WOOT!! Havent played this game in years, my record time:

    3 min.!
    38 sec.!
    0 milliseconds!

    for the dancing guy, look where he’s pointing at the end, keep your mouse there ad when the video ends, click on that spot repeatedly to get to the safe

  • Iknowstuff

    I finished!! if anyone needs help send a comment asking for Iknowstuff and then I will reply with all the steps to finish!!

  • v

    I could use a clue, got the keys, strange box etc.

  • jt

    I clicked on the spot of the dancing man but can’t find the safe

  • jt

    ahhhhh finally got it. woot woot!!!

  • jakechurchyy

    i cant find were the 3rd key goes

  • Dan Jones

    I finally got it, but I had to turn “No Script” off for this sight. Temporarily allow would not do it.

  • olivora

    iknowstuff, can you help me with the seccond battery

  • blsdfke

    omfg! I kept going back to that url but the code isn’t working

  • Allison

    wonderful game, hope more would come

  • Zhenya

    does the number from URL right? because i’m filling them, but they are wrong.. Does someone have an answer?

  • codfish3


  • Safas

    how u open box

  • Can you help me iknowstuff? I just got the thingy from under the table, i got the key from the cd player and i got that red box and the cd case and a letter, what do I do!?!?!
    If you know, tell me, anyone!

  • Jez

    hmm..?? the code doesn’t work.

  • Ro-Ro

    help…i got the 3rd key, but cant find the safe.

  • LailagyaL

    need help please…

  • Ro-Ro

    Iknowstuff, whats the safe combination?

  • Wade

    What a crap game. Random clicking is not a puzzle. Also the code from the website wouldn’t work so I had to refresh the game. If I didn’t read that tip in the comments I would been stuck forever.

  • Graeme

    I needed to restart game to get safe code to work. otherwise it was enjoyable. Thank-you.

  • Vicki

    where is the battery, know what to do with it but cant find it … HELP

  • Vicki

    Yay me I did it

  • Jim Jam

    I HAVE:
    3 KEYS

  • Vicki

    Hey Jim Jam you need to find 1 more ring and a metal bar. Good Luck

  • Carooooo

    i don’t know how it works. just clicking around now. What to do with the third key?

  • melissa jones

    How do I find the battery?

  • melissa jones

    I have

    The Two Rings

    The Cable

    The Three Keys

    The Metal Stick

    The Tape

    The CD Case

    The URL

    And The Red Box.

  • melissa jones

    I need the battery.

  • keithabarron

    where second ring

  • melissa jones

    One is in the bowl the other is the curtain just click on it really fast a few times. :)

  • Meme

    ok, the number code doesn’t work…1974 doesnt work
    neither does 1994…

  • jennifer

    what da hell !! my brain is gonna explode!!

  • Brenda

    This was an easy game i did cheat some but only on the safe

  • shannon

    Way easy. Liked the “new room to escape from” better. it was much harder than this one. If you attempt that one, be sure you’ve got at least 1-3 hours for it and a pen and paper.

  • melissa jones


  • Valerie

    OK struggling with this, were is the battery? And what metal stick?

  • help wheres the metal bar?

  • i have everything but the metal bar,sorry.

  • what metal stick

  • ok i have it now what?

  • 5-15-9

    When watching the movie, before the countdown finishes, try right-clicking and pressing “play” again. You’re on your own from there.

  • i right clicked nothing

  • i did it thanks


    how do you get the metal bar for the red box?
    and what do you do with the cassete box???


    oh and what do you do with the key in the sterio?

  • YAY!!!!!!!

    IM DONE!!!!!!! took me just a couple mins lol yayayayayayayayaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i think i used a cheat by clicking play i did not use half my things

  • Someone

    where’s the second ring?

  • haha

    help!!!!! wheres the metal rod and bothe of the batteries!!!! WHAT DANCING MAN!!!!!!

  • harsh

    where’s the damn battery????
    the metal bar is near pillow…
    the rings are in the bowl and on the curtain…

  • Maybelline

    the url didn’t work for me.

  • shotgunmerc

    i went to that link and it didnt work. if the vault code is there ill be upset

    • Angela

      The code (a series of four numbers) is in the URL. But…What safe?

    • peisin123

      2710 is the code

  • Rory
  • Vesh

    Pretty hard ;d liked it

  • Lila

    I put in the number code but it doesn’t work :\

  • goody

    Iknowstuff, can’t get into safe.

  • Bingt

    Where can I find that 2nd battery?

    • Olivia

      u don’t have to.

  • dontnodontcare(i do)

    where is the safe?

  • sNeeL

    why the hell doesn’t the code work? O.o

  • mike

    were are the battires ( i have found the one at the end of the bed)

  • Julio

    It took me around 15 min… GOOD ONE!

  • Derek Blighe

    Where is the safe..please..this is driving me nuts

  • :) i just search to finish :) walktroue part 1:
    -U start looking at the cieling at hole(click anywhere to continue).

    -Click on the dresser to close up on it.

    -Click on the small yellow bowl. There is a thing ring in it, Take it.

    -Click anywhere to continue.

    -Open the drawers in the dresser.

    -Take the memo CD case.

    -Click below the dresser u will see a cassette tape.

    -Click left twice and u will see a bed.

    -Click the pillow and take the small key under it.

    -(while the pillow is still in the air)click between the head board and matches(The sound kinda scared me so reminder:do not put music that part :).

    -Take the metal stick.

    Continiue in part 2!!!

  • SP

    This was pretty dumb. Just random clicking until you find a piece to a jigsaw puzzle that doesn’t make any sense at all. And that url thing is pretty dumb too. Advirtising, all it is.

  • LOLZ

    k, 4 the dummies who couldnt figure out how to open the safe, tpye in the code and use the KEY in the LOCK to open the safe. clik on the door knob with the screw driver(found inside the safe) and then clik the door after the doorknob comes off. then WHALAH! your out.

  • Hey Girl

    What do i do with the casette?

  • chelane

    ok i cant get to the safe whats up with that? someone please help me out!!!

  • lalalalalalalalalalalalaa

    I hate this game but it is so addicting!

  • SuperStarr

    go to google and search for walkthrough

  • essi this will give u ur unique code….

  • Hi

    help me!!!!

  • unknown


  • edi

    yo…i cant get the rite numbers 4 the safe….not 1994…not 5210….not:|

  • darkwolf

    Get to the safe area (may need to restart game) then use one of the following:

    9016 – worked for me

  • JonERotn

    It would have been cool if the safe code had worked. I had to restart the game, do it all over again and then the code worked (same code). Lame that it didn’t work the first time. Since some people seem to have gotten different codes, I’m wondering what the algorithm is for the code vs for the room.

  • NoBody


  • I DID IT

    I Did It!!!!!! Yes!! If u need any help, Ill help (:

    • Annishia

      helpppppppppppppppppp im so dumb i cant find ANYTHING besides the box ring sassete metalstick memo and cd! nad power cord HELP ME

  • giorgio

    WTH? i cant find the 2nd ring

  • hints

    HI! if you’re wondering why you couldn’t open the safe… try reloading it and play the whole game from the start again. it worked for me! Also if you can’t get the screwdriver, press tab on your keyboard until you get a yellow box around it and then press enter. DO NOT CLICK ON IT!!! then go to the door and click a few times on the doorknob. Then use the screwdriver and… YOU”RE OUT!!

  • ishan

    opkay..where can i find the safe…???plz help…

  • taylor

    i cant seem to hit on the button in the video it just exits. anyhelp?

  • ZL123

    I did it! Yay! I spent such a long time.

  • elizabeth

    taylor: what do you mean??

  • lucy

    me stuck! SOS!!

  • code didn’t work. lame.

  • I did it!!!!!
    It took so damn long.

  • [img][/img]

  • CcSgirl


  • toadsshadow

    I found everything, but can’t get the to the safe. How may times do you have to try and get passed this dancing fool? How many times does the X have to flash? Been there ONCE, dumb luck.

  • um, i went to the walkthrough, and there is supposed to be a thick ring behind the bed. i cant find it…

  • ok, i ust found the other ring, if you cant, keep clicking on the curtain. ;)

  • Theodore Kelly

    Whew! “Freedom tastes of reality” -Who….
    I have to admit, I cheated. The walk through left me only 10-15 min away from the final puzzle, which is well explained above if you read just the right posts. I think that the best part of this, even if you cheat you still need to figure out how, or rather -when- to get the right combo….
    Ill just add, DO NOT bother trying any of the #s above or on You Tube. It prob’ly wont work unless you get URL own combo FIRST.

  • Ashley B

    where is the battery!!

  • Mel


  • Ashley B


  • zakiy

    not even 5 mins…
    but somethin buggin me, what the cd case is for?

  • managed to get to the safe and the numbers didnt work so im not playing anymore, so frustrating when games do that after ages of figuring out

  • Barry

    I saw the damn video 7 times, clicked on the plus, but the safe will not appear. its a sick gamer, as it does not work….

  • violina

    what is the combinationnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harry

    I did it finaly

  • barbara

    apperently u have to find all the items in the room. and then figure out where they go or how to use them. I found 12 items. still cant find the safe !!! WHERE IS THAT SAFE ??? !!!

    • annomounious

      i need help.

    • Robin

      Thetwo rings and chalk open the red box. the battery and casset go in it. the paper that has the url has a code at the site. open another window and go to the url adress. play the casset in the red box and a dancing guy will point to an X at the end. put your mouse on the X. DONT CLICK TILL THE SHOW IS OVER. type in the code and then use the non-used silver key. your welcome!

  • akb

    i almost finished it just need another ring and its done!

    • akb


  • annomounious

    right click in the middle of the screan and click play. this also works on advertazmenis

    • annomounious

      it is the replacement battery

  • charli

    HELP ME!!!

  • Guus

    It doesnt work. hard to explain without giving hints, but when you find the safe, and you know you have the right combination. It still doesnt open :-S

  • KirraCutie92

    U r so rite Guus, I just put the combination in and it still is telling me that it is wrong, I guess there’s a glitch in the game lol

  • ray

    once you type in the code in the safe u gotta click on the kay that you have and use it on the safe

  • Azi

    Where is the chalk!

  • taytay

    chalk is on the edge of the bed
    open and close the curtain and the look behind the bed head and the thick ring is there

    • Ivy

      I did it, but it says there is nothing.

  • AppaloosaGirl

    I can’t find the other ring! >.<

  • AppaloosaGirl

    I finished and got to the safe but it says the numbers are wrong but they aren’t. Weird.

    • JACK!E

      me toooooo!!!!!

  • nish

    can someone please tell me where the battery is

    • AppaloosaGirl

      I just finished it (with a little help from google.. heh)

      I’m not going to tell you exactly where, but I’ll give you a hint. Near the bed.

  • Mike

    Evidently the game/numbers update every so often, so there probably is no way to get the correct numbers anymore, since this isn’t hosted on their webpage.

  • rose

    Well, I found a few glitches in the game. Or maybe just one glitch and the rest are just tricks.
    One: Once you have reached the safe and you go to the website on the piece of paper, the numbers will not work. The original makers redo the game with new numbers. Probably to discourage people from using walkthroughs. To play the most updated version that will work with the numbers on the other website, go to the following site:

    two: to find one of the rings, you have to open and close the curtain. Not just once, but multiple times without clicking on anything else. It will eventually fall and alert you without you having to click behind the bed. Don’t forget to pick it up though.

    Three: Once you’ve reached the tape playing on the wall you’ll notice the guy point to an x. You have to click there AFTER the show is completely over. And once again, you have to click it multiple times without clicking on anything else. Eventually a box will appear. Click on it, it’ll fall out and you’ll see the safe. Go back to my number one to open it and then it’s pretty easy.

    p.s. the end is very unenthusiastic. I was hoping for a little more after all that work. But you know, win some lose some.

  • Lisssa

    FINISHEDD [:[:

  • Auds

    How do you find the cassette tape?

    • MAson

      This game is fun, but I can’t find the chalk or thick ring.

    • MAson

      The cassette is under the dresser.

  • Mr Fish

    A ‘stale’ CD player? I think some mistranslation has occured!

  • Joey K

    I DID IT!!! TOOK ME ABOUT 10 MINUTES!!! (with a little help) Had to install the Japan language from my XP disk but I GOT IT!!!!

  • Angie

    it says my numbers are wrong. wtf?

  • some one

    the reason the safe doesnt open is cause this is outdated they changed it ply it on the actual site and it works

  • Fred

    8557 worked on 7-20-2011.

    • Palfi norbert

      yyeeeee i finished the code is 3045 (14.09.2011)

  • Anonymous

    I’m mad! I can’t click the little cross thing while it’s showing that dancing guy so I can’t get to the damn safe!!!!!

  • Sandria

    I’ve looked at the edge of the bed for the chalk but there’s nothing! where is the chalk?!

  • lily

    this is my fav escape game!!

  • chyna dawl

    on 7~31~11 it was 5402

  • chyna dawl

    it”zz actually 11:05 a.m. in michigan

  • becky

    ive played this game like a million times. but since this year i havent been playing it so i cant remember were the chalk is.


  • trinieyes

    could someone tell me where the chalk is?

  • Lori

    To find the chalk…lift the pillow, then while it’s raised click on the space b/w headboard and the mattress.

    Can’t get in safe..any idea what the code is now?

    • ann

      lori the code is 7722 it worked for me…

  • Pallavi

    On 3rd Sept ’11 it was 3888 but the safe is not opening :(

  • Stewart
  • JP

    Where are the baterries? Almost there!

  • Eaglwood

    I open the Site and use the number and nothing happens. Another hint: leave the curson a the X spot until after the show stops and click several times and a wall space will open at the cursor in the blank red wall

  • Zinns
  • Bunny

    I beat it in five minutes. Does anyone need help?

  • David R.

    No need to go to any other site to exit the room (it’s a clue meant to mislead you). Find all 12 object and do things in the correct order. Open the box and a movie will play. Right click during that movie then all of a sudden you will see a close up of the door handle. Play around and the door handle will fall off and the door will open!! Credits will now play since you have escaped the room!

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