Ebbinghaus Illusion

What you see below is another example of the Ebbinghaus illusion, also known as “same size” phenomenon. Although, in perspective the sphere in the right far end seems larger, in reality both spheres are exactly the same size. We saw exactly the same effect before with our funny nuns. Another example was little more scary – the same size monsters. I like all of them, how about you?

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  1. O.o how are they they same size? The one on the right touches the wall…and has a bigger shadow… unless the space between the walls is smaller at the back, but it doesn’t look like that either…

  2. FYI – the Mac Dashboard widget, at least for me, has not updated since the soulwax illusion – and the question mark came back – I had already downloaded the “fix” when the problem first came up….

  3. Using the ruler function of the Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox, the front sphere seems to be 10 pixels smaller than the one at the back.

  4. Hey vurdlak my mac widget does not work! I have downloaded the new version, but it just shows a little “?”, however the link still works.

    Just thought i would let you know incase it has happened to anyone else

  5. … that is because they are not … a simple size test in photoshop clearly shows that the one behind has a larger size … its something like 5 pixels, but still … nice try tho …

  6. I put a piece of paper on the screen and put marks on the edge of the paper to get the size of the front ball. Then checked it against the back ball. The back ball is BIGGER. Not by much but it is a little bigger.

  7. catz

    Well, that’s because they aren’t actually the same size. I just measured, the back sphere is slightly larger. However, it does still appear to be larger than it really is.

  8. It still confuses me anyway. Good, but if anon. (comment 19)is telling the truth, it slighty runins the point. Good illusion though!

  9. This is stupid of cource there the same size but there saying if a person is standing pretty far away from you and you take your fingers and measure his size than hes an inch tall. its an extremely stupid illusion. it would work if they were the same depth

  10. This is one of the best of this kind of illusion I have ever seen. It’s coo how your brain assumes that the walls are paralel.

  11. wtf? they cant be the same!!!!! the one in the back touches the wall and the front touches!!!!! i dont get it. its cool but makes no sense….

  12. anonymous, the reason they are the same size is probably cuz one end is closed in and the other isnt. and the angle they shot the pic at made them look diffrent sizes.

  13. Yes, as about a billion people have pointed out, the ball in the background really is larger than the one in the foreground. Whoever created this “illusion” is an asshole.

  14. The ball behind is definitely bigger, I just measured them. However, the illusion still works because the perceived size difference is much larger.

  15. They are not the same size, I measured in photoshop and the one to the rear is significantly larger. This site is worthless.

  16. It’s all about the angle. I once stood in one of those, and I was taller than my older brother! It’s all relevant to the size around the balls.

  17. im pretty sure they are reversed though. the bigger looking one should be in the foreground and the smaller looking one in the background

  18. It’s bigger wtf you guys talking about this is a illusion.I measured it on screen the big one is still bigger.In real life its still bigger because on is fking touching the wall and one is not.

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