Eat This!

Another proof that you don’t have to be some kind of genius to make your very own optical illusion. This rather simple, but quite funny picture made my day. It appears that the guy on the left is stuffing sun into his friend’s mouth. Cool! These simple illusions know to be really entertaining! Check the sidebar for more of them. You can also use the search box at the bottom to find “Man Holding a Sun Illusion” or “Man Holding Taj Mahal”… There are much more! Enjoy!

35 Replies to “Eat This!”

  1. That is totally awesome! :)
    So easy to do if your gifted that way. I’m not so I’ll just enjoy other peoples. Love it


  2. He is holding on to a flashlight with his mouth and the other guy ispushing the flashlight! The guy with the flashlight is covering the sun with his body!

  3. that is so so so so so so so easy the sun is so so so far then the person is just very near the camera and the child is just pointing the mouth DUH so easy!!!

  4. You could fit well over a million earths inside the sun, this guy is fitting one sun into his friend’s mouth.

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