Dynamic Luminance-Gradient Effect

Alan Stubbs from University of Maine in USA made this wonderfull optical illusion. This illusion participated in “Best Visual Illusion Of The Year Contest”, and made it to the finals – The Top 10 Finalists to be exact. What you should do is simple, Alan explained: “For the primary effect, one should sit at a comfortable distance and then move forward toward the center of the figure. An interesting change in apparent brightness and to some degree form will result—what may be called a “here comes the sun” effect. By moving back and forth, this apparent change will repeat”. I really liked this effect, so be sure to check for more versions of this image here. I posted few more inside this post…

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  1. These are extremely interesting! Can you please explain HOW and WHY these illusions work??? Thank You!

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  4. When you stare at an image for several seconds it gets imprinted on your retina in the back of your eye. You can then see it with your eyes shut and when another image is looked at right away the first and second can unite to give a third image of different combined colors. Similar effects can be seen by moving closer to some images you have stared at which combines the near and far images in the back of your eye or merges different colors to give a new color. It is the same as looking at a bright lite for a short time and anafter image remains for several seconds…

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  8. the second- the black and white one- seemed to work as if you were to be falling down a dark tunnel- creepy if you asked me, eaven tough i totaly loved how this efect worked quikly and easily!

  9. Hi Guys, I’m happy to know that you like our illusions:-)
    If you are interested to this illusions also from a more scientific point of you you can read the articles that I wrote with Alan Stubbs and with Anstis and Wehrhahn:

    Simone Gori, D Alan Stubbs (2006) A new set of illusions–the dynamic luminance-gradient illusion and the breathing light illusion.
    Perception 35(11):1573-1577

    Stuart Anstis, Simone Gori, Christian Wehrhahn (2007) Afterimages and the Breathing Light Illusion.
    Perception 36(5):791-794

    you can find the link for the PDFs version of that papers on my page:


    while you can find several beautiful variations of this illusion to the Alan’s page:

    Thanks again for the very nice comments on our illusions :-)

  10. this is awsome, i could stare t this all day, but i would have to have unlimited amount of candy and a servent to keep going to mcdonalds for me.

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