Duracell Battery Powered Escalator Illusion

Wonderful billboard (advertisment) optical illusion just came in, submitted by our fan – Daniel Comar. It’s basically commercial for duracell batteries. They are apparently so strong, that they manage to run king-size shopping mal escalator :) Here’s what Daniel wrote:

Hi, I’m a fan of your blog. Keep it up. Thought you might want to feature this one. It was a advertising sticker done by Ogilvy Malaysia for Duracell in Kuala Lumpur. It has just got Silver Pencil in One Show. They are basically 2 floor stickers pasted on top of each other. The screws are printed. Cheers, Daniel “

21 Replies to “Duracell Battery Powered Escalator Illusion”

  1. there was a simmilar duracell bus battery thing. at the back of the bus, the sticker had 2 duracel batteries, with the cover hanging by the screw.

  2. I knew there was something dodgy about those things.
    At last we know the answer as to why they keep cutting out every so often. They didn’t buy re-chargables!

  3. Um, that is not an escalator, but is, in fact, a travelator, which is flat and simply moves the shopper along for a distance, or can move the person up and down sloped areas and distances that do not require the height of true steps.

    1. I disagree. There is clearly a slope – It seems more likely that the exposure time of the camera used was higher allowing the steps to blur (kinda like the people on the device in question) thus making them appear flatter than they are.

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