Dune Illusion

First I’d like to point out that this image was manipulated in Adobe Photoshop. Second, the illusion is quite similar in it’s nature with the “6th Guest” one, posted week ago. All you have to do is find the hidden face in the image below. It shouldn’t be so hard. When you spot it, you are free to comment, but please don’t spoil the fun for others by revealing the answer. Enjoy this “Spot the Object” illusion.

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  1. I found it rught away but you can tell it was photoshopped, lol if it was really real then it would look a little worse although it is still pretty kool

  2. ohk im not shure y but that was way tooo easy?! its like just their as you look you dont even have to look hard!!!! can you get some that pop out of the screen when you look at them!!!!

  3. it is good, and i like this type of illusion, however, it was too easy to find which takes away from the greatness of this illuision.
    and person with first comment, he says its photoshopped. no need to point it out again

  4. so, how obvious is the answer? is it the one thats right in front of your face? cause that kiiiinda looks like a face, but not really…

  5. am I the only one who does not see a face?? I see stuff that looks photoshopped (esp. over on the left), but no face anywhere…

  6. i dont think its fascinating
    its just really boring after
    the enthusiasm to find the face
    and then….. BLAH
    its not worth looking for =[

  7. Cool illusion…took me a while to find the face, and even now, not sure that I did.

    Could I make a suggestion? I love the illusions, but sometimes, on days like this, I would like the answer, so could you do an answer for the day before’s illusion with the new one?

  8. hmmm… i found that as soon as look as it…

    let’s just say this isn’t my favourite.

    Hey vurdlak, remember the dalek thingy that u got in ur inbox?
    That was me!

  9. ugh! my dad showed me an email called do you believe in ghosts…they were mainly just whisps of smoke that looked like people…except for the last 1…

    Now I think most of you have seen the really scary illusion here on this website…well the last one had a story to it. it went

    “100 years ago, 3 witches were executed for performing sorcerey and witchcraft. Can you see their ghost in the following pic…” you’re looking for the customary whisp of smoke and then BAM! That face pops up except it looks more evil this time.

    So when I saw this illusion i covered my eyes, In case it popped up again.

    P.S dont do another illusion like the scary one ever again! Im off to cy in fear.

  10. Wow, some people just don’t get it…of course it’s shopped, he says so.

    Anyways, it’s a good illusion, despite the fact of photoshop.

  11. WOW That Was So Easy To Find I Thought It Was Really Going To Actually Be “Hidden” But I Guess It Was Not According To All These Other Commenters. But Anyways It Is Still Cool. ^_^

  12. Found way too easily. But, it was said in the description that the image was photoshoped, so stop trying to state the obvious like it’s so stunningly difficult.

  13. Are you people kidding me? The question is do all you people know how to read. Yes it’s simple and easy, that’s what was said in the description. Please stop crying and enjoy what is here!!!

  14. don’t mean to be rude but that was just lame… I mean I found it before I read this..immediately I looked at it..

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