“Duality” by Edgar Müller


Only few days ago, we have featured some of the most interesting chalk drawings by Edgar Müller. But this hasn’t stopped Edgar from doing some more excellent work, more precisely in Moscow, Russia. Pictured below, you may find a colossal 3D Chalk Drawing, just like Edgar usually does ‘em. If you continue scrolling inside this article, there are few more shot of how the picture came to be. Check out the concrete plaza in Moscow, before work on “Duality” has even started, as well as the finished product. More images after the jump.

  • jan

    i can see a woman in it.

  • jan

    are there seriously no other comments?

  • jan

    thats amazing

  • May

    Awe-inspiring! I’d be too scared to walk even near the place :P

  • i see the “woman” there, too!.. cool

  • Daan

    They didnt paint the street right? They just painted a photo.

    • hysteria

      why would they just paint a photo?

  • bowie

    that is an example of awesome talent

  • Alicia

    i seen the woman too, but then as u go down a couple more, there is a bucket with something beside it what is that all about?

    • William

      This picture was when he was making the drawing, so the bucket and the other think were his supplies.

  • john

    These drawing are actually amazing. I really loved it. It is an interesting part.
    Thanks for this.

  • shanti


  • annomounious


  • anonymous


  • It’s amazing!! Fantastic!!
    an example of ” How the world looks wonderful!

  • diontaroreh

    Are you Kidding????

    It’s… Amazing…

  • hapi formentera

    i see a woman in long dress and a face!!!

  • pairaj

    These drawing are actually amazing. I really loved it. It is an interesting part.
    wonderful so much


    it all FOR ALLAH
    ALLAH is creater of all

  • Nicole


  • andrea

    love it i wish i could draw that good WOW!!!!!

  • Dr.Reverse

    not sure if it’s only me, but looks like a person in a hooded robe to the right of the waterfall.

  • anonyMOUSE

    would suck if it started raining wen u hadnt finnished!

  • no one


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