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  1. Way back in 1969, Pink Floyd released an album called Ummagumma. The album cover shows the band positioned near a mirror, with the band reflected in the mirror.

    First you see David Gilmore sitting on a chair, Roger Waters behind him; Nick Mason is standing behind Roger, and Rick is doing a head-stand thingy.

    It’s reflected a few times, yet each reflection shows the band in a slightly different order. I always thought it was a cool album cover.

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    “You can find the Umaguma picture here.

  2. Hola amigos Hi Friends:
    The name of the man who is in the droste effect photo is Andrew Lipson. He is an important and famous autor. He works very well with Lego pieces and other very interesting works.
    In his website: andrewlipson
    He have this link: How did I make this picture?

    Welcome, Great for your “Mighty optical illusions”
    My name is Juan Cordero and I made the site (en español) with this tittle: “Investigando la percepción”

  3. if you happen to have a mac with iChat AV and a removable webcam (iSight camera preferably), as I do, you can do a very similar and cool trick. Click on the video prevew icon to bring up a camera picture. Make the video window as big as you can. Hold the camera in front of the screen. You will see a million identical screens go on and on! it’s awesome!

  4. Look closer at the Ummagumma cover, the band members switch position in each pic. I had to pull out the original album after being reminded of it!

  5. i had many years ago a lunchbox with a pic of snoopy holding a lunchbox with a picture of snoppy holding a lunchbox, with a picture of snoopy holding a lunch box!

  6. Get a video camera/camera that can video with and plug it in the AV slot. Change your TV AV and point the camera at the tv. Then watch it. It is like a Tv inside a Tv inside a Tv!

    Classic example is an actor on TV producing a film, which the film is about making a film etc etc.

  7. IN the picture of the band, I think that it is fake.

    Because the guy on the stool has long hair but in the mirrors has short hair. He is also wearing no shoes but in the mirrors he IS wearing shoes. And the guy sat down behind him isnt wearing a pink top. Yes in the mirrors he is.

    Is that supposed to be like that?

  8. Slush Puppie cups had something like that (probably still does), but it was a cheaper drawing than what we see here. As a kid, it still really fascinated me nevertheless. Thinking about that dog on the cup holding a cup with a picture of itself holding a cup having said picture of itself holding said cup having said picture of itself holding etc etc……… I guess it still does fascinate me today!

    And the Ummagumma pic ends with a pic of their previous album’s cover after 4 iterations.

  9. I have messed with doing these many times but can never seem to introspection and the figures will disappear too quickly but this example seems to overcome the problems I have had in the past, cool.

  10. I have messed with doing these many times but can never seem to get enough introspection and the figures disappear too quickly for me but this example seems to overcome the problems I have had in the past, cool.

  11. i hooked my camra to my coputer, faced it toward my coputer and this effect happend……lol

  12. when i was in grade 3 (i’m 4 now) i saw a book called “things to know.” it’s a bear holding a book with him in and so on, or this droste effect. cool!
    i’m in the phils.

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