Dragon Illusion Video & Magnetic Levitation

As promised, Mighty Optical Illusions brings you another set of optical illusion videos! These two flicks were both made by “Grand Optical Illusions”. For the little dragon one, I know – we already covered it in the past. Be sure to check the instructions on how to make your own one here. Also, if you have some interesting videos, be sure to upload them to YouTube and provide the link to us va email. I’m sure we’ll publish it, if it’s good enough. Now let’s go for the clips.

Scientists used to think this just wasn’t possible – magnetic levitation! Now you can even do it at home…

Watch the video here.

When you move around, the dragon’s head seems to follow you around the room. Have a look at the video, to see what we mean. The effect is really fascinating!

Watch the video here.

9 Replies to “Dragon Illusion Video & Magnetic Levitation”

  1. Meh, I made the dragon thing from the printout, but the illusion isn’t anywhere near as present as it is in the video.

  2. I dont know Thomas
    But it worked for me like a charm
    It moved like the video
    I made a video using my fathers phone :)

    Here is the link.

    Sorry the video is dark but you can see tho

  3. Any more info on the dragon? It seems to be some kind of product. That would entertain me for hours!

    I’ve always wanted to create a floating thingy with magnets. Gosh, I can never get anything right.

  4. I know of 2 ways to do this. First there is a magnet in it or, he records for a second stops moves his head and play repeat. It is sort of like a clay mation.

  5. Wow! That holow face illusion was cool and like “er said” said I want one of those dragons, it would entertain me for hours too! And “er said” you can do plenty right, being on this sight for example!

    The magnet thing is cool, too! I’ve seen so many of those on TV, I want one of those, too!

  6. Thomas:

    did you remember to close one eye?

    i made the dragon and it worked perfectly. one thing i did that helped the illusion was to go over the edges of the paper with black marker. that way you don’t get a white edge for your eye to use as a clue to what is going on. it gave me a wider degree of motion. now i have a paper friend that is really interested in what i am doing.

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