Dog Running On Water Optical Illusion

Hello everyone and welcome to another week, but the last week in February!  The weekend is gone, and we know you all probably had a lot of fun, but now the time to get back to work is upon us all. So, did you all do anything exciting like hit the beach, go to the park, or even took a dip in a nice built-in backyard swimming pool? If you all did head for a swimming pool, you probably had friends with you, or even one friend that just happens to be small and furry.  Check out today’s optical illusion, which is a furry canine that just happens to be able to run on water! How do you all think this image was done or do you all believe this dog has special powers that allow it to run right on the water?

dog running on water

Ready for another cool optical illusion? These days, car manufacturers have unusual ways to advertise their new cars, and this may be the coolest advertisement ever! This advertisement for Fiat is quite unusual because it just happens to be made of human bodies painted to look like one of their cars! What do you all think of it? We know its Monday, and you all are recovering from the weekend, but have a nice day!

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