Dog Face Optical Illusion

Are you ready to check out an optical illusion that is probably going to make you spit your coffee all over your computer screen from laughing so hard? Well, I’ve got the perfect optical illusion for you! Honestly, the first time I saw this optical illusion it completely fooled me. I just thought to myself, “Man, that’s only ugly guy,” but I was wrong! It wasn’t a man in the picture at all. Instead, there’s something matched up perfectly with the outline of his face that from far away looked as if it could be a man. Once I realized what it was, I almost rolled all over my floor, because I was laughing so hard. Do you want to know just what I’m talking about? Well, scroll down below to find out!

Dog Face Optical Illusion

I told you that this illusion was going to make you laugh so hard that you would probably end up spitting your coffee at your computer screen from laughing. Now, you can see why I was a bit fooled when I saw this optical illusion for the very first time. From far away, you think it’s just a normal picture of a (ugly) man, but upon further investigation there’s a dog in front of a man’s face. Am I the only one that found this picture funny? Come on, I can’t be alone! Leave a comment and/or rate this post to let me know how you feel about this illusion. A higher rating means you laughed really hard — just like I did! :)

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  1. Not funny. Didn’t see anything but a dogs face in front of a mans…having said that, I’m going to try it with my dog!

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