The Dog Ballerina Optical Illusion

Merry Christmas Eve to all of you! Today is the last day before Christmas, and we know you all are running around trying to get everything done before the big day! What are you going to do for the holiday? Are you staying home or going somewhere?  Today’s optical illusion is a cute one involving a dog that may also be moonlighting as a ballerina! The way this optical illusion was done is quite simple, and you may be able to see right through it! What do you all think of the doggie ballerina?

Dog Ballerina

Want to see another illusion that needs to be solved? Checked out these faces in the mountain!  Can you see how they were made or is it just the way that the rocks are sitting up on high? Sometimes the way rocks, trees, or other natural objects are viewed can depend greatly upon many things like the light and shadows around it.  Whether this mountain really has faces on it or not is questionable, but it sure does look like the mountain has many faces on it. We know that tomorrow is Christmas Day, and we here wish all of you the very best! Don’t worry, we will have one illusion tomorrow to celebrate the Christmas season!

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