Distorted Shapes Optical Illusion

In order to successfully run highly popular blog such as this one, one has to make early peace with the fact he can’t make everyone happy at all times. There just isn’t that many different old-school illusions to keep your interest (without recycling) – so I have to become creative here and then. Sometimes I have to stretch the definition of “illusion” as far as I can, just to be able to showcase some interesting stuff I’m firm most of you would appreciate.

But today, I crawled the deepest and darkest parts of the web to provide those of you complaining how this or that “isn’t illusion!” with something proper. Don’t get me wrong – your criticism is highly respected! It’s something that keeps me on the right path, so I don’t divert too much. Having said that, let’s look at the illusions attached – the first one includes a circle that doesn’t appear like one, where other three show lines that seem distorted or unparalleled in one way or the other. Which one you did you like the most?

15 Replies to “Distorted Shapes Optical Illusion”

  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about the neysayers, I think your posts are always fascinating. Today’s old school illusions work well for me, but I also appreciate the artistry of you less traditional posts. Thank you for these challenging images.

  2. I like the distorted circle the best, and the “herringbone pattern” the least.
    They’re all good illusions, mind!

  3. I have to say I really look forward to see what you have in store for us everytime you send out new “illusions”…No complaints here…Thanks

  4. Hey – there’s nothing wrong with recycling.

    Your blog is great fun.

    All of today’s images are great, all equally good to me.

    (That “circle” would be really good in a Wankel engine!)

  5. I liked the last one with the colored lines the best. It did remind me of others I have seen but this one seems to distort more than them.

  6. the “parallel lines” and the one with the nine squares SOO COOL~ thank you for doing this, really appreciate the effort, its really enjoyable to look at updated illusions every few days, teaches me to think outside the box :)

  7. I appreciate all your illusions! They’re not all exactly my style, but they’re all interesting in their own way, and the price is right.

  8. i appreciate. its an excellent blog, and besides no one has this kind of topics in their blogs, i think old shcool is nice too, and make me think a little bit of me. yes im rare :S LOL. keep going onn searh of better ilussions!!

  9. Great illusions! I’ve never seen the bottom one but to answer your request for a favorite is difficult. The first and last are both favorites of mine. Love this site, keep ’em coming.

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