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Here’s one you probably missed seeing in the wild! Check out what Oxy did as part of their “Disappearing Dots” campaign. Sure, the effect has been more than re-re-cycled on our site, but the idea behind it qualifies it as very smart optical illusion advertising! Old-timers will probably remember how Ariel did something similar back in the old days… Anyway, focus on the bottle for half a minute, and see the surrounding dots completely disappear! When you’re done, you might want to check similar ones (links in this text and color adapting category).

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  1. cool
    i can see light green dots afterwards too
    i think it’s because green is the exact opposite of purple in the colour wheel
    why i see green dots afterwards– i have no idea

  2. Didn’t seem to work for me… they went a little blurry and I got bright blue spots in my vision that I’m still seeing (like flash spots) but the darker grey-blue background never overtook the purple spots.

  3. I really like these ones but the do hurt the eyes a little. But as long as you are focusing on the middle the spots do go away. Its an amazing effect.

  4. Many disappeared. some reappeared. never all of them but i got down to only being able to see 2 at one point. still, pretty impressive

  5. I don’t seem to be able to get the disappearing dots illusion its not coming up. I’ll try something

    On an interesting note I did see Carl Warner on childrens BBC 1 TV today on a programme called “Gastronauts” It showed him and some children putting together the illusion were the cottage and wishing well are surrounded by trees. It showed the different type of crackers that were used for the roof of the house and that the house itself was made of Stilton cheese. I must admit that even though it was a childrens show (my children are on Easter holidays) I did enjoy it.

  6. i found the white line at the edge of the page can disappear too as the background is almost the same colour as the picture :)

  7. My browser (an older Firefox) says
    “The image “http://www.moillusions.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/oxy_spots_disappear.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.”

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