Digitally Analog

Yeah maybe looks like an ambigram, but it’s more like a double meaning illusion. If you read the title of this optical illusion, you’ll probably see both words in the pic below without trouble. I like it! This was emailed by Rob Treacy, one of the visitors on Mighty Illusions. I’ll try and update all of our categories today, like I said I’ll have some spare time this week, so expect much more posts as well. This will be categorized in our double meanings category, together with Veja add campaigns that started the whole double meaning fuss. If you didn’t check their cool posters, be sure to solve them – Veja Magazine Posters. Also, if you have some advices for me concerning my posts, writing and site style, be sure to comment it now, so I can take directions in my future writing! Also, I’d appreciate if you help me promote this site by submitting my articles to various social bookmarking websites. Thnks…

25 Replies to “Digitally Analog”

  1. Interesting … the word which pops out for me every time i look at this is ‘Dialog’. I guess that’s a bit of a mixture of both words! :)

  2. Analog is spelled correctly. It has two spellings.

    This is kind of cool, but it’s not that obvious. I had to look for a long time to find “digital” and it’s still not that clear.

  3. Ha thats funny i didn’t even notice analogue was spelt wrong until i read the comments :D i like the 1 like this that says optical and illusions in it

  4. Like your site- ’cause it SHOWS/EXPLAINS the illusions. And I can stay with the article and am not having annoying pop-up or follow-you-around-the page-ads. Also you are apparently a real person and not a big conglomerate.

    Anyway, you got an emailing list to be on? I did notice- and click on- your plea for help “share this.. don’t let this site die… help.” etc. Clicked on them yet they did not take me to anyplace where I could be, well.. helpful.

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