Die Hand Optical Illusion Video

Constantine Konovalov comes from Russia, and creates some very nice optical illusions. I really adore the simplicity of his newest flick. Check out the video below. Anything we haven’t seen already? Doubt so, but the video is so attractive, it’s hard to stop watching it over and over again.

When you realize the true nature of Constantin’s “squarish” object, and replay the video from it’s start, can you force yourself not to see it convex again? I really had some problems with this. Be sure to browse our archive when you’re done; there are dozen of example photos and videos that work in exactly same manner. With Janek’s Nuts and Little Green Dragon being my favorite ones!

26 Replies to “Die Hand Optical Illusion Video”

  1. I can see it the “proper” way as long as it’s still, but every time it moves, my brain tries to make it a cube again.

  2. I can see it concave in the top picture, but somehow placing the “PLAY” arrow over the corner prevents me from seeing it concave in the video grab.

  3. Ahhhh….nothin new…we’ve already seen this years and years ago with the old dragon and so mnay examples around the net like the house on the garden, and convex faces.

  4. Wonderful! Wonderful! I didn’t get it the first time, but when I ran the video the 2nd time it kept flipping back and forth from concave to convex… Neat trick! Once again you have thrilled me Vurdlak!

  5. The creepiest thing for me, is that even when the hand comes into frame and picks up the edge of the ‘box’, it still looks like it’s popping out until it’s turned on edge.

  6. This is cool. For me it was a convex box until his hand appeared and the slight blue shadow let the thing be concave. Now when I see the video running it is convex until at 11 seconds a tiny bit of blue shadow lets me see into the concave.

    Pity it was so slow to stream.

  7. If you’ve seen the happy birthday magic floating cube illusions, then this is pretty obvious, even if you didn’t watch it.

  8. its 1 of the hardest optical allusions…..u have to remain in perfect consntration or it will turn into a regular paper….witch is hard to do since when the hand comes in it u brain will take the hand in and ruin the perfect consentration thus making it so hard even 4 the illusionest to preform with the trick and it has amazed people 4 centuries from wat seems tto be a block turns into a paper

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