Designer’s Optical Illusion Clothes

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Many people in fashion look for clothing items that will make them look thinner. Example dress that Victoria Beckham wore recently (on some sort of event) has an illusion feeling that makes her look EVEN thinner (as paradox as this sounds). Her dress was designed by a designer called Alexander McQueen, and was originally featured in Daily Mail, a British newspaper agency. This is a cleaver yet simple trick that uses black and white lines to create the illusion, which is effective at giving the wearer the look of having a minuscule waist. It works because of the white silhouette that runs down the middle being very thin and then pops out at the hips and breasts.

Pattern you see on your left is another great sample that makes your eyes think something is happening when in reality, it isn’t. The way the lines/dots are placed on here make it look like two different things are happening. First it looks like the lines are moving in a downward spiral. The illusion also makes it look like that downward spiral goes on forever. These used to be very popular in the past, and could be seen everywhere. Now they are something that is just enjoyed by a choice group of people. As you know from your experience, optical illusions come in many different shapes, sizes and designs. Another great example of a different type of patterns can be seen in a thumbnail on your right. The vertical lines in this illusion make it look like the horizontal lines are different in sizes, it is also this way because the vertical lines are going towards different directions in each horizontal line. Another thing; it also makes them look like they are wavy. If you look at this example long enough, the lines will appear they are moving. I hope you liked this post. Would appreciate to hear your comments! What other topic would you like to see covered on this site? How about optical illusions used in Hollywood movies? Top audio optical illusions? You tell me…

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  1. good article, how about makeup illusions like sparkly pale cream for under the eyes etc.

    What can you really have as a sound illusion? the sounds they make on the radio are often not what they sound like, but is this an illusion? it would be interesting to find out how they were made.

  2. thats clever but why would she want to make herself even thinner than she already is? she already gets so much abuse for being as thin as she is.

  3. i think that it’s funny that people are now using illusions to look skinnier and trying to trick everyone else. i also think that its pathetic that it was done by any already anerexic woman. this just goes to show how hollywood has corupted was is and isnt healthy for an american woman. coming from a guys prospective, too skinny is way less attractive than a litle extra weight. pathetic…

  4. @Craig: nice comment! ;-)

    Nice illusion. And: Hollywood Movie-Illusions sounds good to me, an “audio optical illusion” …well, if they sound, they sound even better. Yeah!

  5. no matter how much skinnier tat dress makes her look; its still and ugly dress (sorry tats just my opinion) cool illusion though!

  6. Stupid. When are you going to put something up worth looking at? For the past week there has been nothing but crap! Sorry dude I hate to bust on you because I love this site, but I’m not gonna love it much longer if you keep posting garbage like this. Wow her dress pattern looks like one of the oldest optical illusions in the book and it’s not even done well! Well isn’t that news worthy….not.

  7. That dress is ugly and so is she! This is a really dumb optical illusion and it’s not even really working! She doesn’t appear any thinner and her bust doesn’t appear any bigger. She just looks like an 80’s throw back. Post some illusions worth looking at.

  8. Maybe this dress would work on a girl who has more weight on her, but on her what is the bleeping point! She probably paid like $1000 for that dress just to look like an anorexic zebra. She’s stupid and so is this illusion.

  9. why would she want to look even thinner? its crazy . personally , i prefer healthier looking women without fake tan and that aren’t constantly trying to make themselves look younger . its just a waste if time .

  10. Best post ever read on this site!!!! Clear, interesting, fun !!!! The best !!!!
    Not this lame stuff about moving to a new place or watching movies… Love this welcomed new way to present illusions!!!!

  11. -clothes like this aren’t new, they just aren’t mainstream
    -horizontal lines are side to side and vertical lines are up and down, your description of the last illusion didn’t match the picture and made for it to be difficult to read…idc if you post this or not, but I thought you should know

  12. Sorry, but it looks like you’ve made a mistake with your spiral illusion. The picture you chose actually does spiral inwards.

    You’re probably thinking of the Fraser spiral, which consists of concentric circles, but looks like it’s spiraling inwards.

    Love the use of illusions in fashion. Woot!

  13. to post #25
    I could read it just fine. and I think he is correct with the vertical/horizontal lines. Try reading it again, just slow down a little. and while I dont care for this PARTICULAR post, you try doing what this guy has done for so long. Believe it or not, he works AND has a life outside of this website… so you dont like a few photos… sorry about your being so picky… but one cant please the world.

    and to poster #15
    Anonymous –

    He is trying to give us lots of different options when it comes to WHERE an optical illusion can be found, instead of the same old “how many cats can you see in this pic..gah!! Take it for what it is… a complete stranger that has taken some time out of his day to give you something to enjoy. What have you done?

  14. Melody Lynn:

    You don’t know why he posts what he does or what his reasoning behind it is so stop acting like your assumptions are actual fact. You can go on and on about variey and what have you, but in reality he could of just put this up because he thinks she’s hot or any other number of reasons. I don’t why he posted it and I’m not gonna pretend I know why he posted it like you tried to do. People have the right to not like an illusion or post negative feedback so get off your high horse. This illusion is dumb, get over it.

  15. She hasn’t aged well. Maybe she can get an illusion that will mask her face and hopefully make her taller.

  16. These images are called Moiré Pattern…if you Google that then you will find a lot of different patterns that mess with your eyes…the patterns aren’t stupid, they are actually very scientific and artistic.

  17. @Vurdlak

    “Another great example of a different type of patterns can be seen in a thumbnail on your right. The vertical lines in this illusion make it look like the horizontal lines are different in sizes,”

    I can only assume that by “horizontal lines” you are referring to the diagonal lines. It is true that said the are not actually different in thickness, but they do, most certainly, differ in length.

    “…it is also this way because the vertical lines are going towards different directions in each horizontal line. Another thing; it also makes them look like they are wavy.”

    At this point, I’m no long sure if you’re referring to the diagonal lines as “horizontal” or “vertical.” Either way, I just want to point out that the vertical lines (straight up and down) formed by the various columns of diagonal lines are, in fact, wavy. It is more than just an optical illusion.

    1. well, Madpanda10. the dress has darker colours on the outside, that get lighter when u look more in2 the middle of her body. it’s white, and it looks like a thin white body, which makes her look thinner! do uget it now?!

  18. The problem is,although it makes her look thinner, it is a straight up ugly ass dress. It’s nasty. I wanna see her with nuthin’ on.

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