Deceiving Billboard Ads – Part I

Browsing through my optical illusion collection, I found out I have dozens of cool billboard ads that I never published on Mighty Optical Illusions homepage. Most of them are deceiving, but few are just cool innovative thinking. Either way, I wanted to share them with you in this post. You can find dozen of them inside, and further hundreds can be found in billboards category. This collection is Part I, and I’ll be posting Part II soon! Comment which one you liked the best, and which one you didn’t like. Don’t miss some other transparent billboards in transparent category. Enjoy!

49 Replies to “Deceiving Billboard Ads – Part I”

  1. I love those! I just don’t get the ones with the guy and girl on cell phones, trying the get each other’s attention. If someone could explain that to me, that would great. I really love the first one!

  2. I think its that one of them is like in jail, and depending on how you look at it you can’t tell which. or amybe its not a jail at all, and they both just look the same relative to each other from either side.

  3. @me no a washing stuff, you put in your washing machine.
    sale asie de facile means somthing like it’s that simple.

    the last one is espacialy great but i dont seem to understand the one before the last, with the phoning people

  4. @Wouter:
    Actually, “Sale así de fácil” roughly means “goes out that easy”, in Spanish.
    I bet that’s in Argentina.
    My faves are the train car one and the elevator one, but they’re all good :)

  5. Cool staff. Didn’t get the girl with the mascara one. Are they two different pictures? Also the talking people. I think the people with the phones are pictures on glass tiles.

  6. Those were cool
    Post Part 2 soon
    I like the kill bill one
    its like slising him in half
    well post part 2 soon
    Keep the illusions coming

  7. if you look at the background, its the not the same. it blends in like a normal setting would. So I think its the same people… ?

  8. the one with two person on the cellphone… that ad’s from Singapore, its not a cellphone but the guy’s in jail… for drug abuse, the idea is to target the family members who are the real victim of drug abuser…

  9. I like the knife one, it gives a different perspective really well.

    I really don’t get the one of the face on the bag. Explain anyone?

    These are all brilliant.

  10. the one with the ppl on the phones is that both of the ppl are talking on phones but it looks like on is on the phone and the other is pressing on the glass one and vice versa. get it?

  11. Good stuff! The one that says “Sale asi de facil” it’s endeed from Argentina, in fact if you look behind the ad, it appears another ad that says Topacio, that’s a furniture brand here in Argentina
    PS: I’m from Argentina =)

  12. haha thoae are really cool and funny! I like the one where it looks like a knife is chopping the lamp post in half!

  13. The one after the light bulb is updside down. Looks like maybe an aisle in a train? I cannot tell if the faces are on a ‘billboard’ or if its just a mirrored strip on the ceiling.

  14. (To red)
    The bag one is supposed to represent a person and you’re holding him by his hair (via the straps that tighten the bag.)

  15. Yes, the 7th one (the one after the lightbulb) is upside-down. If you flip it back rightside-up, it looks like just a mirror on the ceiling of a train/plane. Are you sure it’s an ad?

  16. the poster of the guy and the girl is not a revolving door. it’s an ad post with two sides. the ad’s for an Anti-Drug Campaign in Singapore. hope this helped. love the site! =)

  17. So, what about number 7 then? It’s just plain old reflection (It is most definetely the Thalys-train by the way). Is a mirror considered to be an optical illusion, or is there some hidden message here?

  18. They’re all great. I like the one with the knife most. It looks as if the lamp was cut by it.
    By the way: Great site!

  19. The one with the people on the phone, maybe it’s it’s a stereo vision trick? I have never been able to actually do this but if you look at the left image with your left eye and the right image with your right eye, the two images should merge. Maybe they’re supposed to be kissing.

  20. The 7th one is a bus add. It’s advertising a restaurant see. So you look up, and see people eating at the restaurant. AT least i’m pretty sure it is.

  21. for the 1st:WTF
    for the 2nd:KEWL
    for the 3rd:LLS
    for the 4th:NICELY DONE
    for the 5th:LOL
    for the 6th:KEWL
    for the 7th:HOW TIGHT IZ DAT
    for the 8th:THATS NICELY DONE
    for the 10th:HAHA I GET IT

  22. love allll of them but i really like the prepare to die one its neat i would not dare wa;lk on that !!!!
    i don’t get the balck splotch!!!
    knife is awesome it comes third and the elivator 2nd

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