Dancing Stars Optical Illusion

Let’s see what we have prepared for you today… User called Yep submitted an interesting picture in somewhat unconventional way – Using our recently added function (where you can now attach photos inside your comments) Yep proposed we publish “Dancing Stars” in one of our next updates. I’m not 100% sure if we had this one already, but you have to admit that the effect it provides is really memorable. Just like the Ouchi illusion from few days ago, dancing stars below start to wiggle as soon as your eyes begin to wander across the screen. BTW, notice how the rectangle shapes appear slightly slant, even though they actually aren’t?

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  1. Also, I’ve noticed that if you squint your eyes and look to the left, you only see the outer stars and when you do the opposite, you see the middle box of stars!

    1. it is amazing to think stars are really moving like this.lovely illusion.if you close one eye it looks as though only middle part is moving.how can it be made?

  2. As hard as I try to convince myself the image is not moving it doesn’t work. Unless I make a square with my hands to cover the outside of the image; it’s moving.

  3. At least three illusions in one – the middle rectangle moves, it appears to ‘float’ above like a 3D image, and the lines in it appear to slant. What the…

  4. I’m getting a pretty strong 3-D effect as well… the outer rectangle appears to be closer to me than the inner square… cool!

  5. One of best ever of this kind. I had to hold an index card up to convince my self it wasn’t moving.
    A classic on the order of the Dragon with the moving head.

  6. Interesting to note, that if the image on the LCD screen is viewed thru a polorizing filter designed for digital camera, the effect gets cancelled out!

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