Dancers Illusion

In Paris, strip clubs have put the pole into pole dancing by cleverly designing their campaign to go aside with existing lamp posts throughout the city. The ads are really sexy, sharp and interactive in their appearance. This provides them ultimate X factor that most advertising agencies only ever dream about.

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  1. Is there any way you could start getting higher res pictures of these things? It’s great stuff, just hard to see sometimes.

  2. Some of the pictures are bigger in size in you click on them, but most of the times it’s because I don’t have my own server to hoast them, so the size is a little problem for me :(

  3. someone just wants to look at strippers close up.

    btw “mommy, why is that lady straddling a lamp post?”

  4. “Mommy… why is that lady wearing her underwear and hanging on to a pole?”

    Really- Why would they post this in a public area… what would children think?

  5. u guys are a binch of loosers “oh think of the kids its bad for them”uh…….who cares!? the chicks are hot and are on post im not complaining

  6. I REALLY take offense to that! I mean c'mon! I'm a woman! And what would little kids think of that?!?!? Very bad influence!!! >:(

  7. I have been to France quite a few times, and if you think this is awful and shouldn’t be seen by little children, check out some of the magazines they have

  8. For those of you who say, oh you guys are losers, who cares if the kids see this stuff? Well you know what, you may not care but parents do not want their kids exposed to this material. Maybe you want your kids to but apparently we don’t, so keep your thoughts to yourself.

  9. I very much agree with anyonymous above me, for those of you who don’t care , your the losers! this is innappropraite for children! i mean it’s fine if they put it at a bar or something but in the street? thats kinda extreme.

  10. Guys… (perhaps “girls” is more appropriate),

    I know I’m years apart from some of the comments, but as new people keep coming in and probably leave more comments, I’d like to say this…

    I know you’re entitled to your opinion. You may not agree with those images being displayed in public. However, getting angry about it here (at Vurdlak, particularly) will not solve anything. Vurdlak did not put those ads in France, you know. He just got the pictures (the photos of those ads) and put them here in his website.

    If you don’t agree about those images displayed here, on this website, THEN you can be angry at Vurdlak.

    That’s all I’m saying, you know? You’re entitled to your opinion, but your anger is misdirected. You can write a letter to the mayor of the town, where the ads were placed, or the department of children welfare in France, or something like that.

    Well, of course you may place them here, as well, but I don’t think it will do any good. That’s all I’m saying.

  11. This is stupid!! Im ten years old and this is so stupid we cant see this !!! This is NASTY!!!! They are stupiid nasty ass bitches

  12. Its really weird that these are posted on a public street, but I appreciate the clever way that the designer used a pole to give them the illusion of hanging onto it. I can imagine using this cool effect for something a bit more mainstream, Imagine a poster of a snake or a lizard slithering up a pole. Or what about a little kid leaning against the pole counting for hide and seek… one side a view of the back…the other side showing the front and seeing that he is actually sneaking a peak as he counts. This is a very clever illusion that I, as a designer, could have fun with.

  13. It’s not just Paris! I live in Portland, Oregon, USA. I see FAR more explicit adverts all the time on the street. Kids just ignore them, or maybe have a giggle.
    I’ve also seen ads such as this all over California.

    The women are wearing normal bikinis, and posed like Victoria’s Secret models. Last I checked, VS adverts are in major magazines and on TV. Have any of you grownups actually watched a Lady Gaga music video, or listened to this kesha girl’s lyrics? Or for that matter – seen this Sharpay girl who’s supposed to be in a tv show AIMED at children? Kids are instructed to chug jack daniels while dancing along with their Wii game systems. Wake up!

    By the time your child is 10 years old, he or she has already learned how to say “nasty ass bitches” on the Internet and has probably seen hardcore porn too.

    These ads? I think they’re downright “cute.” Pin-ups in bikinis, my goodness, it’s almost quaint.

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