Cups Illusion

Allright, just got this picture. Your assignment: try to spot where lyes the optical illusion in the image below. Then, when you think of the solution, jump inside this post to see the answer. I would like to hear your comment – have you solved it yourself?..oh, and be honest ;) !

The image above gives you idea dog is simply painted on the tea cup. While, this partially is true, the illusion is that part of the image is “pulled” outside of the cup’s body and made 3D (dogs head), which makes it interesting to spot where the transition took place!

Here are some more images of animal-shaped coffe cups:

39 Replies to “Cups Illusion”

  1. 1. i think that i woulden’t want to drink out of a cup with a lion staring at me.
    and 2. DR.couch made his reply a tade to long.

  2. sorry but ehr… in my computer it appears all the images at the same time,
    so i saw the answer before i could comment!

  3. I’m going to be honest, and say I didn’t get it at first. I thought it had something to do with how the cup and plate are tilting two different directions.

    Those are cute cups.

  4. LOL. you can get the dog cups at Australia (The Rocks on Saturday theres a market, you can find them there) and there’s a lot more breeds of dogs there as well.

  5. lolz i totally didn’t see that one coming and to all you ppl who lied about seeing it right away… you should be yourself! ;)

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