• Muy interesante efecto

  • BSmile

    Flashing?? First response????

  • Annie

    Not much chance of an accdent there !

  • eric

    I just see it jerking back and forth. Maybe if there weren’t other trees in the background which never get closer, it might work better.

  • Max

    No. I’m only retching and that’s not an illusion!

  • Halidom

    It’s just the same photo and the flickering that gives it the impression of motion.

  • Ross

    This just makes my eyes hurt.

  • Steve

    Certainly gets a lot of points for being extremely irritating!

  • Madelonetjj

    Uh, it’s actually… Not all that successful because I think it’s glitching a gray frame? It really just gives me a headache, not really any illussions to be found here.

  • Paul Milgram

    Thanks for the Cruising Motorcycle illusion.
    I have what I think is a “better” illustration of this … albeit using 4 frames, rather than your three!
    If you give me an email address, Ill send it to you …. if this dropbox link doesn’t work:


    PS: If you manage to download and run the .mov file, the trick is to run it in Loop mode.

  • Todd

    Can you hurry up and change this illusion? As cool as it is, it gives me a headache as soon as I go to my home page.

  • Nancy

    My homepage shows a small photo of the illusions. The cruising motorcycle was horrible. On my homepage the blinking photo really got irritating. I usually love your optical illusions, but this one was the pits because I couldn’t get rid of it until you changed it. I really am a fan but this one was a loser. :)

  • Dana Ernspiker

    Nope all this does is blink and hurt my eyes…

  • Ko

    Nothing; just annoying. My eyes aren’t so easily fooled.

  • pam


  • C. Blue

    Nope . . . I can only see it as three repeating frames. The grey frame is too clearly a looping point, and the shaft of light across the road keeps the illusion from working.

  • Lil Bit

    The motor cycle is not moving.

  • Jim

    The blinking motorcycle optical illusion is highly annoying. That constant blinking drives me nuts. I cannot stand it. Could just show one frame with a link? Than way I can turn the blinking off.

  • Glenn Miles

    Could you change to the next illusion. I’m having epileptic seizures looking down the row of trees from the motor cycle.

  • Vincent

    I feel dizzy…

  • erin8ball

    XD cool!

  • Lil Bit

    This could be a picture with a strob light

  • Don in Alabama

    If it didn’t flash, it might work, otherwise it’s just annoying. No movement at all.

  • Annie

    I’d have to say that it’s a really annoying one to have on the screen & clever as it is, I’ll be glad when it’s gone.

  • Annie

    HELP !Please change it, after three days it’s driving me mad as it’s impossible to ignore on the screen.

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