Crop Circles are Back in 3D


Crop circles are back, and this time they’re in 3-D! Pretty cool! This was spotted by Sina and sent to me. A floor of chequered tiles stretches down a long, high-ceilinged corridor with doors leading off each side. And the art of crop circles reaches a new height of sophistication. The astonishing three-dimensional design, 200ft in diameter, has been created in a wheat field at Silbury Hill in Wiltshire. Only yards away are the 5,000-year-old West Kennet Longbarrow burial grounds, one of the largest and most impressive Neolithic graves in Britain. I am not the biggest fond of aerial / Google Earth optical illusions, but these are awesome -they remind me of a portal of some sort!

  • Anonymous

    well goood … who does thesee ?? lol

  • Anonymous

    woo was i first ?! ^^^ ?? lol but well good 3d crop circles :D

  • Samson

    I found another one in 3D, that’s pehaps even cooler!

  • Anonymous

    That is really cool. But, I wonder how they manage to do all that when they are on the ground. I mean we can see the 3D picture but dowb there, they don’t see it and can do it without having an birds eye view.

    Oh and by the way, FIRST

  • Anonymous

    But… did this just mysteriously appear? Or was it like, man made?

  • Cristian

    I think this is clearly from aliens.

    Photoshop aliens.

  • Josephinia

    wow! i wonder if aliens really do exist!

    p.s. what ever happened 2 mighty magic trixs??????

  • freaks of natur are freaky

    wow they must be extra terestrial couse the crops at bent an 90digre angles 1/8 inches off the ground every were

    8th wow so sad is i good song

  • leon

    wow, cool. im prety sure a person made these(my proof is in the 1st picture i believe) nice job to who/whatever made these.

  • Victor

    Cool!! I like it!!

  • Bennett

    Ahh! The prophecy is about to be forfilled.! The invasion of the killer….Grey Matters! Ahh! The Galvans have come to kill us. We must run away a do insanely crazy things like kill each other so that we dont have to be caught by the grey matters but instead myself. But if we all killed ourselves, it would be quiet.

    Speaking about quiet, I now alot about quiet records and I also know lots about railway lines and also about the planet moocow where the whole planet is inhabited by green moocows which no scientists study which is sad because theym-
    Whoops! I said theym instead of them which is stupid because 4 year olds can spell they and they can also spell ducks and I had a lot of ducks at my old home, did you have lots of ducks at your old home wait you dont have an old home at least I think you dont have an old home did you ever have and old home because once I met this man with 7 old homes…

    Where was i?…

  • Robin

    Nicely done, I like that :-)

  • Nachtwandler

    Did you mean the Aliens in the first picture… ugly Aliens look like humans ;)

  • Julie

    Very neat crop circles! :-) This fall, one by my house was made into the shape of a train engine, which was even cooler than these.

    And to answer people’s questions, it requires a bunch of planning on the ground to make whatever design you want. It’s just like adding on to your house or building something–you need exact specifications to know how it’s going to end up. That’s what these people did to make these crop circles.

  • Anonymous

    OK, definitely not Photoshop. I live near there and every year new themes and patens immerge in the crops.

    Some say it is earth energies, higher consciousness or aliens trying to communicate.

    There crop circle making groups who think they can claim to have made about 50% of the circles. They use trigonometry and pre prepared plans. However they don’t all admit to it because it is vandalism and they could be arrested for it.

    These complicated designs are created at the height of summer, when there’s it little night time, must be very hard to create without being seen.

    There are some historical drawings of crop circles from the middle ages when they were dubbed something like “The Mowing Devil” and it was thought to have been the devil maliciously spoiling the corn.

    There are field watchers, who look out for these things being created, and have seen lights swing down and huge designs appear in seconds below the lights.

    There is also a lot of tourism that has sprung up as a result of these circles. It is believed some canny farmers have found they make more money charging admission to crop circles than they would from the crop, so they arrange circles to appear!

    The most interesting circle to date is of an alien:
    How any one could have done that in a matter of a few hours is a mystery to me!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    lol Photoshop aliens XD

  • Anonymous

    … Aliens! Very, very cool

  • Anonymous

    That’s really cool. I’ve never seen crop circles like this. But could you please get back to the REAL illusions? Thnx.


  • Lily

    Geez does this really exist? It’s REALLY cool! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Anonymous

    cool illusion…

    it would be better if i was first though:(

  • Politikally Paranoid

    This is so kewl. I could stare at this all day and try and figure it out. But I love the 3D effect.

  • Steph


    lots of love,

  • funkif1ed

    Reminds me of The Matrix. Haha

  • LOL man

    The Farmer did it!!

  • **~**AAAQueen**~**

    I think ALIENS did it!!!!!NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!0:)

  • Lauren

    Benett, yes I did have an old home. I had 2 of them. My ducks are in my backyard right now, there’s 5 of them.

  • Lauren

    oh, and BTW great crop circles!!!!

  • Whittney


  • actually the circles are made by guys/girls with precise measurements and tools to get it done. this was on tv like 5+ years ago where it was revealed……

  • Zeb

    ALIENS travel light years to get here just to play a joke on us then go all the way back home. I bet they were drunk.

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