Count The Orange Spots Illusion


I’m proud to announce that we have started the “Co-editors” beta project. As the title says, there will be some guest bloggers writing articles in the following weeks. The reason I started this, is because there are so many submissions and illusions on my hard drive, that I can’t manage to post them all. This way we’ll have multiple bloggers writing entires for this blog, which means more illusions for you. We already have our first guest blogger, but I’ll keep him a secret until he properly introduces himself. For now this will only be a beta project, but if it works as I imagined (and there is no reason why it shouldn’t), we’ll have more and more posts each day, and probably promote these guest bloggers to full time co-editors.

I would like to take this opportunity invite you, if you are natural in English language, and have experience with blogger. Contact me if you are interested in becoming guest blogger. It’s really simple. I’ll give you material (illusions), and you are free to write whatever feels right (explanation, review of the photo etc.). You can also compose your own stuff. Let’s see how this goes…

For today, I give you Mourits de Beer’s “Count the Spots” illusion variation. As I said, it is variation of very famous optical illusion, that was used many times, even in some commercials. As simple as the picture below seems, it hides mysterious orange spots (in the grid crossings). Your assignment is to count them. Can you manage? This is what Mourits said: “Another illusion I somehow found while messing around. I’m sure that I don’t need to explain”.

  • Kitty cat

    Just count the red squares.
    i’ve seen like a 100 of these illusions, isnt there anything else?

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!! Abi xx’s friend!

    first comment?!
    um… i see the spots but wenever i try focusing my eyes on them they disappear! they’re on most of the grid crossings but i dont no if they’re on all of them.
    someone help me out?

  • Chuck75

    that illusion again??? c’mon, this website is better than that!

  • Nitai

    182 orange dots.

  • Anonymous

    Well, not 182, 181 because you dont see a dot on the point your focusing on.

    Well, actually 0 dots. Its just an illusion =P.

    P.S. yes i made it

  • Anonymous

    i aer colourblind, this one doesn’t work for me. interesting, but thats the only interesting thing about this recycled illusion. come on, give us some real stuff

  • Jan

    Nitai si right. There are 182 dots, one of them in each cross. 13*14=182

  • Anonymous

    uhm…I don’t see any orange dots

  • zRo.ToLeRaNcE

    Why count something that’s not there?

  • Brian

    maybe its all the drugs ive taken but i only see random dots scattered

  • DJ

    Give ’em a break. If you don’t like the published illusions – go find your own and submit them!

    I’m tired of the complaints – love the site, love the illusions – even the ones similar to others.

    Keep up the good work and good luck on the guest blogger/co-editor project!

  • Jean

    I don’t feel so bad. I’m not the only one who doesn’t see orange dots. Bur I am sure they are there, but where?

  • Anonymous

    I don'[t get it. Are we counting the orange squares? I count 14 across and 15 down. When I look at any orange square, it doesn’t disappear. What is supposed to happen?

  • Alexandra

    I don’t think there are any spots at all.
    It’s a game our eyes play.

  • ctaf

    there is no orange dot in this picture !!

  • Anonymous

    boooring. come on you can do better than this. your website is great!!!!

  • Other

    also, if u stare at the picture long enough and look somewhere blank, like the wall,ull see the picture in reverse, with cyan squares and red crossings

  • Anonymous

    this gave me a headache. no more of these please.

  • Anonymous

    they are red…¬¬ n btw..its 210..

  • Anonymous

    there are 182 orange dots =)

  • Not At School Anymore

    Wow thats alot of dots i would never have the patience needed to count all of those, yet for my exam i counted the ceiling tiles but thats a diffrent story!

  • Vandigo

    The illusion dots actually look green to me for some reason . . . I’m betting its just my vision being messed up and all though.

    You can’t count the dots anyways, because they aren’t there.

  • Anonymous

    to tell you all the truth i see one…if i focus on the center then i see one really big in the middle like with only the 10 blocks in each corner not included in it.

  • Sam

    to tell you the truth i see only one big dot. when i focus in the middle all of it is orange except the 10 squares in each corner

  • Anonymous

    there r none

  • weirdoux

    yup………… there is no orange dots in that pic. it’s red dots.

    focus is the right answer!!!

  • AK

    there r 15 down and 9 across, therefore there are 135 dots.

  • AK

    wait im confused orange dots or red squares?

  • Woolf

    …I agree, there are exactly 182 orange dots, some of them are visible, some of them not, because they dissapear and then they are there again

  • Anonymous

    What the hell? I don’t get it.

  • Rajiv

    common stop calling this column as Might Optical Illusion abt silly run of the mill illusion ….really disappointed with the kind of stuff thats coming up these days ..GUYS PLEASE REINVENT

  • Shauzia


  • apalicious

    i don’t see any orange squares

  • i roxter

    dude i dont see any orange dots!….

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear oh dear, there are no orange spots. Why are people putting down how many they can count? I know how/why the illusion works but am not going to bother explaining the internal workings of the human eye and the signals it sends to the brain when confronted with an image like this. Yes I can see orange spots. But the question is how many orange spots are there? The answer is none. Live with it, deal with it!

  • Anonymous

    99 orange spots

  • Anonymous

    eh, Ive’ seen this one. good site though.

  • Anonymous

    i dont know if it’s just me….but when i cross my eyes and stare at it, i feel VERY strange

  • Anonymous

    Idk how, but I can see the spots, even patches of them, when I focus on them… Strange..

  • Anonymous

    You can see the dots its just when you look at the orange dots they turn blue and when you dont look at them they are orange. If you dont see them then it means your stupid or color blind.

  • Anonymous

    All I know is…is that there are 210 squares.

  • amit

    there are 182 dots….
    but all iilusion at a time u dont see all…
    its just maths involved with the illusion isnt it?

  • Anonymous

    cool that is so so so so so so so much cool i have to go tell my mom my dad and my sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    182 but you can also se the ones off the illusion when you are counting the side ooo so do we count those too?

  • Anonymous

    i do not see any orange spots, instead i see vertical gray/blue lines running down the middle of the red squares

  • Samantha


  • PaperMoon

    LOL! There are no orange dots there! I don’t see any!

  • Emma

    I didnt see anything !!

  • Koolie

    I see squares and some dots on them

  • UnIcOrN

    YaY It OnLy WoRkS FoR BlAcK AnD WhItE

  • Columbine

    i counted 210 spots …. i think im right, no ?

    • Michele

      I am pretty sure that there are 169 orange dots because the last blue line on all sides does not have dots

    • Kristi

      There is 210 squares I did the math 14+15= 210

  • Sputnik1

    Um there can only be 182, I guess you can’t count

    • me123987645

      they can count, except they are counting the squares not dots (they can’t read descriptions/titles though).

  • Michael

    There isn’t any at all.
    It jest looks like it.

    • Shriya

      Yeah! You’re right! I’ve read about this illusion somewhere (your eyes make the dots or something) anyhoo there are no dots in reality!

    • julie

      i honestly dont see and dots at all

  • Monika

    I don’t see any spots…

  • EddieJayFrezko

    There isn’t any orange spots it just seems like it. There’s “178” of them.

  • Frank

    just relax and they will appear on the blue grid.

  • coolkid mcawesome

    their there! just in bad quality

  • awesom

    oh i see them but how the heck could u count them they vanish

  • Hehehe. I can read your mind!!!

    Yeah. there are definately 210. times the side by the top thing

  • jorjeea

    272 SQUARES, but no dots.

  • i know its 210…………..

  • Brassrhino

    It is, by Fact, 156.

  • bloodaq

    Yes it is , 182 spots… 13 vertical lines and 14 horizontal lines…. 13*14 = 182 ;)

  • kyra

    there aren’t any orange spots there are RED SQUARES!!!!!!!!

  • Nikolai

    You guys happen to be mistaking the squares for spots.

    It takes a while to notice, but after a certain amount of time staring at the picture, you’ll see orange spots appearing on the intersections of the blue lines.

    I’m pretty sure that’s what he’s talking about.

  • yoman

    182 for sure

  • hello1

    There is no orange dots.. That is the illusion! :D

  • kimmy

    actually there is 210 squares and 156 orange spots all of yall need glases

  • aAmanda Willey

    I can’t. It’s hurting my eyes, making me dizzy, and headache inducing >.<


    195 dots is what i get from it


    oops i meant 182 dots


    that is if their were orange dots

  • Booker

    No orange dots, just your eyes playing tricks – which is the point of the illusion!

  • Bosh

    i can’t see any orange spots O.o

  • If there was an orange dot at every intersection, there would be 14×13=182.

    But I guess the illusion is that there actually are NO orange dots at all.

  • Dawn

    210 squares counted both sides 14*15=210

  • Ellinor

    210 squares
    182 dots

  • chance

    15 times 15 = 210

  • San

    I can’t see any orange spots no matter how much I stare.. am I color blind?

  • tushar

    210 orange blocks…..

  • dreamtheif

    I dont see anything but red squares…wheres the illusion

  • Joseph

    I counted 0

  • CSL

    It’s there! Look closely. Try to move your eyes from the red to blue then to red again continuously. There will be a slight orange dots in the out corners of the squares. It will be gone and appear again.

  • Bill


  • Orphan Ninja

    Actually its 210 orange blocks 14 x 15 = 210

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