Convex Or Concave? That is The Question!


While ago, one of our anonymous visitors pointed out this illusion made by Roy Lichtenstein, Called “Sculpture & Drawings”. The sculpture House is 113 x 127 x 156 inches and is made of painted fiberglass. It hangs on the wall, and when viewing the sculpture in person, an optical illusion occurs – it appears to be convex but it is concave. There are more pictures in this post to serve as evidence.

  • vurdlak

    another hint:

    look at the floor shadow on the first picture ;)

    • Grace


  • SDF

    AHHFASDHFAHFHASDF Makes me frustrated

  • Oliver

    I think this is in Washington DC. I saw it in some abstract art garden.

  • NASCAR_Mommy

    Both.. it seems to me that it’s painted on both sides..

  • Sean

    I saw the bottom two for real. It’s really weird. It’s like the house moves as you move.

  • me

    gah…in the second pic, I try to see it as concave, and it keeps flickering back and forth…hurting my eyes!

  • me

    This is amazing….this past august I took a trip to Washington DC. I saw this there, and thought I recognized it….now i realize, i had not only seen it before, I had commented on it!

    (this is the same me as the post above)

  • Alex


  • Alena

    I’ve been there so many times in D.C. before!
    That illusion is my fave one in that garden thingy!

  • coolness

    yea that second one is in washington dc…i went to that garden. i like it a lot…except that they were blowing mulch on the ground when i saw it (lol)

  • Tabitha


  • WoOt wOoT

    haha thats a cool one

  • CareBear

    The way housing prices are going, who cares? Is it cheap and can I afford the mortgage?

  • i wonder how these things work…….

  • Amazing! its brill ho it works…..



  • MnM s

    weird its flatsie:)

  • nininina marquez

    gosh! it’s so incredible!

  • MONster

    Is that what you called a house..?? hehe [:

  • Jes Martinez

    Some of the most uninteresting illusions I have ever seen.

  • Abob

    in the 2nd and 3rd ones, it think they r the same on both sides

  • Vicky

    Hey! This was in DC! I live right near there!

  • concave :shadow on first picture

  • anon

    o.0 I SAW THAT AT MY FIFTH GRADE FIELD TRIP!!! I LOVED THAT ILLUSION! I t was my fave part of the field trip!

  • vanessa jordan

    I took a picture by that when I was FIVE!

  • Carina

    i don’t get it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marisa

    It is actually both depending from which side you’re looking at it

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