Complex Optical Illusion Maze

As the title of this posts suggests, today’s puzzle is both an optical illusion and a mazeā€”an optical illusion maze. Or, if you prefer an optical illusion puzzle. Either way, though, one thing remains clear…

It’s tough!

optical illusion maze

When I tried solving it a few times, this optical illusion maze kept moving on me! Now, I know that it wasn’t really moving, but it sure looked like it. I still haven’t solved it, and truth be told, I’m beginning to wonder if there really is a solution! I’m also not quite sure if we’re supposed to follow the black lines or the white lines. every time I try to follow either one, I get stuck.

I do know that you need to enter this optical illusion maze in the upper left corner and exit in the lower right corner. Unless you do mazes backwards, like I do sometimes.

Before you throw u your hands in frustration and leave, make sure you take a moment to rate this optical illusion maze. It would mean oh so much to me…

If this optical illusion maze was just too much for you, don’t feel bad! I haven’t been able to solve it either. There’s a much simpler penguin maze you can try, though!

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    1. I don’t think dere is a plausible solution. there are breaks everywhere on d black lines and whites r broken in the center by black area

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