Comedy Channel’s “Hypnosis” Billboards

My excuse to all of you once again for not posting updates yesterday and day before. It’s been a rushy week I have to admit. The landlord kicked me and my girlfriend out of the apartment because of my inability to keep my mouth shut and just obey landlords crazy terms. What can I say, I have short fuse when someone interferes with my freedom and citizen rights. Despite it all turned well, we managed to move in a single day and found better apartment (we always dreamed of). Not to bore you with my private life, here are some recent site statistics for the Mighty Optical Illusions website.

Things have started to roll in a direction I wanted. Alexa has recently updated it’s system which has boosted our site to 28,000 ranking. Our PR stands still at PR5, but is predicted to jump to PR7 in next Google update. Also the traffic has been steady with around 30,000 unique visitors daily and over 100,000 daily impressions. My biggest goal is to leverage the site of all the ads, and give you lighter design, better interface and faster loading times, but in order to do so we have to find Golden Sponsor or Site Specific Advertising representation company which can fill $10 CPM spots. I’m doing my best to close some contracts, but still no luck. It would be my dream to remove all of the ads from the site, and keep only one premium spot, but in order to so we’d have to sign contract with Federated Media, Glam or similar network that can compete with the current rates.

Today’s illusion is nothing special, yet very nice looking. Three posters you see below (2 are inside the article) are from Comedy Channel which used well known “Floating Letters” illusion, and tailored it to fit their advertising needs. I’m not sure if Comedy Channel is the same as Comedy Central TV Network. Any clue? Anyhow, their campaign is perfect example of clever advertising using optical illusions as a base – a perfect formula for huge customer response. This is something I always pushed advertisers to do for themselves, but sometimes its hard to get people just to sit and listen, even if its solely their profit. The biggest thing I’ve learned from this, is to never force making a favor for someone, that doesn’t ask for it. It usually turns out people will be skeptic why are you helping them, and whats in it for you. Anyways, enjoy this post, new one is coming shortly!

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  1. These are pretty cool especially for their simplicity!
    These work very well indeed, at least for me although I have noticed that if you can stop your eyes moving over the images and focus on one point you can get them to stop floating and stay still, I just wish I could do the same with those damn pixies……

  2. Hey, just on the topic of your pagerank, you may want to look into the basics of SEO (search engine optimization), because I’m pretty sure your habit of linking to random illusions every seventh word you type is diluting your keywords, thereby weakening the strength of your page instead of improving it.

    Also, it’s really annoying to read, and if you do ever link to something interesting, no one will ever see it.

  3. With regards to your page rank, you may want to look into SEO (search engine optimization). I’m pretty sure your habit of linking to a random illusion every seventh word is diluting your keywords, thereby weakening your page instead of improving it.

    That, and it’s really annoying to read, and if you ever link to something important (like your “advertise with us” page?), it’s far less likely that someone will see it.

    This article might be a good place to start, even if it does say it’s just for designers:

  4. how is this an illusion, exactly? maybe i’m just stupid. the last pic is pretty great though :]

  5. Looks like the Comedy Channel is something from the Comedy Store in L.A. I think Canada also has a Comedy Channel which is like Comedy Central and yes, all the funny Canadians are already in the U.S.

  6. Love these! The Comedy Channel is a pay-tv channel on Australia’s ‘Foxtel’ (subscription tv), and probably in some other countries as well. It shows quite a few of Comedy Central’s productions though.
    Agree totally with your comments on helping people also, some people just can’t take good advice.
    Keep up the good work on the site, it just keeps getting better and better!

  7. Dude… sorry to hear the bollox about the landlord… hope everything is ok…

    This is my favourite page to check and is on my igoogle page…

  8. Nice blog, I really like this page and your google widget is great.

    In regards to the links on the page diluting your keywords is rubbish. The anchor text in links embedded into the page copy give relevence to the page the link directs to. This makes sence when you think about it as the link text just should be about the page it’s pointing to, not the page it’s on.

    Having strong internal linking is key, as long as you are hot on the anchor text then it’s fine. Just make sure they are internal links to within your site otherwise you are giving other people your link juice.

    Also all this talk about keywords and the idea you are diluting them is rubbish, Google uses something called latent semantic indexing. This is a posh way of saying it looks at the overall content and how the words on your page relate to each other as a group. So just having the same 5 odd keywords repeated to be at some magical keyword density (which i’ve seen stated as anywhere between 3 – 15%) is a very outdated and innefective technique. Just remeber content is king, there is no magic formula to it!

  9. The Comedy Channel is an Australian cable channel which is very simular to Comedy Central.

    Great illusion, I can’t wait to see it for real.

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