Color Tiles Illusion

Despite the fundamental difference in the apparent color of the “blue” tiles on top of left cube, and “yellow” tiles on top of the right cube, all the tiles are in fact physically identicalin both cases GRAY. Second image proves what we would see if we covered all other tiles and background with black layer. If you don’t believe me, check the pictures in Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. I’ll be leaving for Greece tomorrow, but you can expect new illusions posted each day. Just hope to find some internet connections there, or at least decent internet cafe… By the way this illusion was created by R. Beau Lotto.

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  1. That is absolutely amazing. Maybe even more mind-boggling than the chess-board illusion (the one used in this site’s title graphic).

  2. nice presentation of the illusion… would be good though if you didn’t have to have photoshop or whatever to test it out :)

  3. I’ve measured it and I see blue and yellow squares, not gray! Perhaps my pc needs some repairing? Or it’s me who needs some repairing?

  4. Great illusion! It’s amazing how our senses can be tricked into seeing things differently than they are. On the yellow tiled block, the blocks that appear to be blue are actually grey, and on the blue tiled block, the blocks that appear to be yellow are actually grey.

  5. That is so cool! I completely did not believe you, so I actually took the trouble of copying the images and cropping the “blue” and “yellow” tiles individually and switching them. I made a little diagram and everything. (I’m such a dork!) But that is way cool the way your eyes play tricks on you like that.

  6. I look at alot of these and this one stunk. Thanks for all of the “GOOD” ones but this one just should have been left in the garbage.

  7. Yes, this beats the checkerboard illusion hands-down. That one is only a matter of shading. This one actually makes you see color where there is none. Very wierd.

  8. The yellow cancels the blue and the blue cancels the yellow. It’s not hard to figure out. This illusion is not as good as others.

  9. Hey you guys have become too demanding! I believe this one is a very good illusion that illustrates how we can see a color that doesn’t exist… And if there was no explanation you would never find out the illusion.

  10. I checked this is photoshop, and sorry to say but it’s WRONG!

    The blue tiles in the left image are very much into the blue scale, and the yellow tiles are, yes, yellow.

    They are low saturation, but nevertheless are quite blue, and quite yellow

    Id take this illusion down or admit it’s been cracked as a phony

    1. I checked this by saving the picture and opening it in paint.exe

      Cut out a ‘blue’ tile from the yellow (left) cube and drag it over to a ‘yellow’ tile from the blue (right) cube.

      They are the same colour.

      You can also check by using the eraser to draw a white cicrcle around one of the ‘suspect’ tiles, and watch it go grey before your very eyes.

      Best colour illusion I’ve ever seen.

  11. cool! Can someone remind me how much Adobe Photoshop costs? I want to start making some of my own illusions and improve my pictures,

  12. Absolutely unbelievable! I didn’t believe it at all until I used a color picker tool. I think it has a similar explanation as the chess board illusion, but the effect is just awesome.

  13. Luis Gerardo “If you have to explain a lot then is not a good illussion.”

    My reply, Is get fucked you lazy twat, the only reasons anyone could have to possibly say that, is that they are either too lazy to bother reading such a brief description of the illusion or you are too fucking moronic to understand ¬.¬ get the fuck out kthx.

    and on topic, Good illusion.

    oh and for the person that claimed to have cracked it, YOU FAIL.

  14. …And this is a cheat, most of the pixels actually have some blue or yellow paint on them, and the gray pixels are from yellow or blue paint area. So technically it is not an illusion.

  15. Unfortunately this is a fake.

    Test with Paint.NET colour picker shows that yellow-gray tiles are truly yellow (almost full in red and green, half blue) and blue-gray tiles are truly blue (slightly above half red and green, full blue).

  16. Of course they look blue and yellow, the whole image has a blue/yellow tint to it, rendering anything that WAS grey yellow/blue. This is NOT an optical illusion.

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