Color Blindness Test – Ultimate Edition

Sometimes, optical illusions can serve a purpose. These images might seem familiar to you; look closely. Do they remind you of anything? If you have a driving license, or attended a medical exam at some point in your life, there is a big chance you encountered these during the process. Attached on your left, and below you may find some examples of color blindness test used for testing if person is partially of fully color blind.

If the numbers don’t jump out at you immediately, if you have hard time distinguishing the colors apart, or if you aren’t able to easily distinguish at least a vague guess as to what the number is, then you my friend are unfortunately – color blind.

A version of this test can be seen used in the film Little Miss Sunshine, in which a small girl is playing with the vision test chart with her brother. He is not able to see the numbers, or tell the different colors apart well enough to distinguish the numbers. The boy’s goal was to be a pilot, so when he is made aware that he’s colorblind, the poor kid has a small nervous breakdown. As we already stated, color blindness, or color vision deficiency, is the inability to perceive differences between some of the colors that others can distinguish. It is most often of genetic nature, but may also occur because of the eye, nerve, or brain damage, or due to exposure to certain chemicals.

Before we proceed onto our next example, here is a little history lesson: The English chemist John Dalton published the first scientific paper on the subject in 1798, “Extraordinary facts relating to the vision of colors” after the realization of his own color blindness. Because of Dalton’s work, the condition is sometimes called daltonism, although this term is now used for a specific type of color blindness, called deuteranopia. Below you may see the example how one that is colorblind can’t distinguish the numbers on the card. Don’t be mistaken, color blind people don’t see everything in black and white, I just gave this as a guideline so you can understand their inability.

Color blindness is not the swapping of colors in the observer’s eyes. Grass is never red, and stop signs are never green. The color impaired do not learn to call red “green” and vice versa. However, dichromats often confuse red and green items. For example, they may find it difficult to distinguish a Braeburn from a Granny Smith and in some cases, the red and green of a traffic light without other clues (e.g., shape or location). This is demonstrated in this simulation of the two types of apple as viewed by a trichromat or by a dichromat.

In certain situations, color blindness is classed as a disability. However, color blind people have some advantages over people with normal color vision as well! There are some studies which conclude that color blind individuals are better at penetrating certain camouflages.

On your left, you may see another color vision test card. This one is pretty hard, as some individuals with perfect vision may have problems seeing the number inside it – it is 56 if I’m not mistaken.

Hope we learned something useful today. Before I conclude this article, there are some more vision test examples for you to enjoy:

And then some more… Examples below are much bigger in size. If you had no problem recognizing previous numbers, but have more problem distinguishing these, don’t be afraid – it has nothing to do with color blindness. Probably its just that your eyes can’t capture the whole image at once.

This post was written by Vurdlak, with additional help from Vernon Southward of Macro Photography. If you would like to have your article appear on Mighty Optical Illusions as well, feel free to contact us.

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  1. Nice movie. I found it pretty funny when the guy realize he can’t see colors XD though a little bit sad for him ! Nice site

  2. Interesting article! Just so people know, the first large image is not a number, you have to follow the line to the other side.

  3. Interesting! but this is sort of leaving the color blind in your audience hanging… what are they supposed to say? :) – I actually had a doctor tell me that I wasn’t color blind, but that I was color ignorant! I don’t go to him anymore.

  4. I am completely green/red colorblind, can’t see a lot of numbers and the Apples are exactly the same for me.

  5. very cool illusions!i!i!i!i!I!I! =)

    little overboard on all the illusions don’t ya think??????

    watever still very cool

  6. as someone who is colour bind… it’s so unfair I can’t see any of these… well except the last one is 12…

    also if you meet someone who is colour blind don’t ask what colour something is it very annoying

  7. My Dad was color blind with blue and green. Thought he bought a blue car until he got home and my Mom told him it was green. That one that you said was hard, I can’t see. All the rest I can see fine.

  8. Ken I am color blind also, but unlike you I am patient with people and just tell them I dont know what color it is. Don’t act you have been afflicted with some kind of disease. You will never know what you are missing, so no need to cry about it. Just suck it up and enjoy the benefits of seeing the way we do. I can tell people’s eye color or clothes color even in a BW film. I enjoy not being about to the be annoyed becuase a film is in BW. I normally can’t tell until someone says something about a flick being in BW. But it gives me alot better vision, night especially.

  9. All right, maybe I am just ignorant, but I’m confused about what Ellen said.
    If her dad is color blind with blue and green, and he bought a green car, even if it looked blue to him, wouldn’t he still know the color as green? Because he’s seen blue as green his entire life, wouldn’t he look at the car that looks blue and think, “That car is green”?
    I don’t know if I’m getting my point across. And I don’t know anyone that is color blind, so I really can’t say I know what I’m talking about, I’m just confused by that. Someone let me know if I’m making any sense!
    And great site, I love it, these are fun!

  10. Well I’m actually color blind, but its kinda strange, cuz I can see color, and I can tell the apples apart, but I can’t see the stupid circles. Except for the first one which everyone tells me is a 5 while I see a 2. Its actually pretty funny. Anyway, cool stuff.

  11. I know exactly what you’re asking, I’ve wondered the same thing too, like if they see something as blue but their whole life they were told that color was green, then wouldnt they perceive all things that non-color blind people see as blue to be green?

  12. Vanessa, being color blind means that it is either very difficult to near impossible to distinguish between different colors. It is not that he think one is the other and vice versa but that they both register in his mind as the same thing. I guess (because I am not color blind) it would be like looking at two objects thinking they are red and then someone tells you that one of them is green.

  13. Nice, but wouldnt all te color blind readers who dont kno that they are cb be all “Whaa….”

    Anyways, nice so-called illusin

  14. I’d forgotten about these tests, they’re always fascinating. Apparently I have perfect colour vision so I find it difficult to recognise that many people just cannot see the ‘hidden’ symbols. Never try to play ‘Mastermind’ with a colour-blind peron – it’s quite frustrating!!!

  15. Great. Actually, I am colour blind but have no real problems to see the 56 while you say it should be hard. On teh other hand, I can just see about 2 or 3 of ll the other numbers,

    If you are interested by the way, I might have some links to inverse colour blindness tests (only visible if you actually are colour blind) somewhere.

  16. Vanessa:
    Your question was partially answered. If you see green as blue, that means that you see green as blue AND that you see blue as blue. Calling all blue things “green” would not make sense because you would probably make the same mistake the other way around…

    The author is referring to colour blindness tests for drivers licenses. I totally miss why that would be done (it is not done over here)…

  17. Finally, something worth celebrating over. I’ve been colorblind all my life, since i was a kid. Im 26 now, and I’ve tried out for many “goverment” position, and have been denied because Im unable to see red and green. It feels good to know, “we’re” able to see things “normal” color vision people can’t.

  18. I have heard somewhere that only men are color blind, women don’t usffer this, and that the rate of color blindness in men is 1 in 12. Never looked it up to see whether it was actually true or not.

  19. If you see a 5 in the first circle you probably won’t have a problem in seeing colors. If you want to see the 2 like Bnwchbammer, copy the picture into a photo editing program or Word and change the colors into grayscale and you will see the 2 appear.

    The other circles don’t have this hidden feature. The first circle gives always an answer to the question: what do you see?. By doing this you can avoid wrong out comings in a colorblindness test, if somebody does not recognizing the picture (like the bigger circles).

  20. First thing, I really love this site!

    Both my father and my son are color blind, primarily red-green. It’s not that the colors are “switched”, but that they both look the same. My son told me that the biggest problem that he has is driving through residential neighborhoods. The red of the stop signs blends in with the green of the grass and other landscaping. He has to look for the white letters and outline of the stop sign instead. Its kind of like when you put on tinted sunglasses. The colors get distorted, and don’t look the same as what you’re used to seeing.

  21. About 20 years ago, I took my young son to our opthlomologist for a routine exam, since his teacher thought he was having trouble seeing in school. I asked for a color blindness test, which the doctor was reluctant to perform, saying “Why? If he has color blindness, there’s nothing you can do about it.” I insisted, and while Joey passed the test, I was looking over his shoulder and had difficulty with a number of the images. In my case, I have trouble differentiating different shades of dark red.

  22. Wow. Outstanding article and comments.

    I am very impressed by how personal this was. I can see full color but i wear glasses, so I take this colorblind test every yr (its common practice at my annual eye doctor checkup).

    They also have a couple circles that look like they should be a number, but are actually gibberish (i.e. random specks of diff colors, assorted to simply “throw off” the viewer).

    Another test is a sort of 3d looking fly or insect. Im not sure what it tests but they make me look at it every year.

    I would absolutely LOVE to see the inverse pictures, so I could maybe widen my perspective as to what colorblindness is like (obviously I am NOT saying that I could ever fully understand”).

    I really like the black and white versions of the 10 and 37 bc at least we can experience the inability to differentiat colors. its very strange actually, but my mind almost “outlines” the number that i see in my periphery (from the colored copy sitting adjacent)

  23. OH WOW, i just posted that anon post…

    I found the coolest “inverse color-blind” pic. I cant see the pattern!!!!! HAHAHA

    its crazy wierd. But they explain as you look at one corner or the other, your periphery may be able to decipher something.

    I def think i see a circle pattern of some sort in the middle of the pic with red and pink gradient….

    HERES THE LINK-I found it off of some I-am-bored page or something…check it out, very cool

  24. ok so theres also a link at the bottom that shows the “answers” to what the colorblind people CAN see and what the full-color people CANNOT see.

    I think I faintly saw the curved top of the number in the top pic, bc it is almost entirely in the RED portion. But i was wrong…and i couldnt see anything in the bottom pic…very wierd stuff

  25. is i just me or is the first hard to see i don’t think im color blind but i had to see the others before i realized it was a number

  26. ok… thats weird. i see all of them except the “56”, i see the first one as a 2 not a five.. and i dont have a clue how it could be a five.

    in the link that an anonymous gave for colour blind pics i can see the 6 in the first one.. and something like a circle with maybe som more stuff in it in the second.

    am i both color blind and normal colour vision?

    and i am color ingnorant. i dont know any names i just see what i can see :P

  27. I find the first one tough. At normal distnce from my monitor it looks like a 5 but maybe not… I back away and it is clearly (at least to me) a 2.

    Great post.

  28. I’m not color-blind. In fact I’m exactly the opposite! I’m a child genius! Back when I was four years old, I took an I.Q. test and beat Ole-Mr.-Emc2! Before I moved to Michigan, I was in Florida, and whenever a space shuttle was launched, I could actually make out the wings and other partss of the space shuttle. The numbers just pop right out at me!

    1. Colorblindness has nothing to do with stupidity or intelligence!!!
      I’m a woman and I’m colorblind but I’m not stupid.
      My colorblindness is inherited. I can see a few colors. Most colors I can never see….

  29. @28 / Anonymous

    The 3d fly test (where they have you try to grab the wings, etc.) is actually testing depth-perception.

  30. I'm partially colorblind. Still not clear on the all the colors yet. Reading some of the comments I noticed a few people aren't exactly clear as to what a (partially) colorblind person sees. For me almost all reds and oranges look exactly the same to me. Not all shades but most. the same goes for some greens and blues, and even black, dark green & blue look the same. It's also not always the same, meaning when I get my reds and oranges mixed up it doesn't mean I always see orange as red sometimes I see red as orange as well. For example I can look at 1 red & 1 orange object and see them both as red, but looking at a different pair of objects (still 1 red & 1 orange) I'll see them both as orange. It's also impossible to know when your right or wrong without someone elses help. I've been colorblind my entire life and didn't know it at all until I was about 19yrs old.

  31. ummmm… it weird that instead of a 5 or a 2 I saw an 8 in the first one?I can see colors perfect but, I can’t see a five…If I try I can see a 2 but not the five.How weird is that?

  32. I am color blind, cant see 90% of any of the colored dot test numbers. didn’t stop me at all. I went on and got my commercial helicopters licence. I find the movie kinda depicts that its the end of the road since he failed the color blind test. i fail mine each year… have to take it each year when i do an eye and medical exam for the heli licence. after i fail the colored dots tests i take a color blind test called a D15 farnsworth test. basically you have a line up of a dozen colored circles that vary in shades. all you have to do is line them up in order from one transgressing to the last. its a pain that i have to pay for it each year but i can fly by doing it. :)

  33. I’m partially color blind and you know what …. I’m a very successful Graphic Designer… no I’m not gonna run around telling the world and this could be the first time admitting it !! woooow its out LOL

  34. I can see all the numbers fine. At first I saw only the 5 in the first picture, but when someone pointed out that colorblind people see a 2, I looked back at the picture and now i can see both clearly. At the same time. It’s kind of weird.

  35. And also, to the person who sees an 8, I think what you are seeing is the combined shapes of the 5 and the 2. I can see it too.

  36. Well as I always say, the other mans grass is always a little more orangey-greeny-browny sort of, well it’s hard to say, but sure as hell isn’t green.

    Plus, put the answers up, drives me mad not knowing what the answers are.

  37. What an interesting test, the test will help you to find out if you are a blindness or not.

    But I have an idea, how if you are adding the answer for every picture so they will know if their answered is correct or not.

  38. I’m not colourblind at all, but I have myopia coupled with astigmatism.

    I noticed the first image too because somebody pointed it out. It is a 5 for me at first glance, but if you really look at it the yellow dots seem to form a two if you take out the 5. Combine both you get 8. :) And I spotted another 2 at the upper right tip of the 5…it’s vague though. I don’t know for the first large image. My eyes easily defocus. I can’t handle stereograms. But try out the FM Hue 100 Test at X-Rite. It gives you your color IQ. Believe it or not I got 0. (Zero is the highest)


  39. I’m a pure deuteranomalous (type 2) dichromatic (seeing only 2 of 3 primary colors), medical jargon for green blind person. The “go” part of a traffic light (and any other pure green light) looks like its dead center white. Its position on a traffic light is just as good a cue as color, but I’ve met a small plane pilot who had the same condition, a disaster waiting to happen!

  40. this test was horrible… most of the colors in certain lines looked the same. there was almost no hue change. my score was this

    Based on your information, below is how your score compares to those of others with similar demographic information.

    * Your score: 135
    * Gender: Male
    * Age range: 16-19
    * Best score for your gender and age range: 0
    * Highest score for your gender and age range: 1336

    i guess i am colorblind

  41. I got 21 on the xrite test for a female in the 30-39 age range.

    Women can suffer from colour blindness too, I went to collage with a girl who was red-green colour blind. Because many people believe women can’t get it she suffered a great deal.

    It is much rarer in women the in men. As I understand it the gene for the most common type is on the X-chromosome. This will mean that a man will either have a normal copy and be unaffected or he will have a defective copy and be colourblind. A woman has to have two defective copies before she can be colourblind, if she has one bad and one good copy she will have normal vision but will pass the defective gene on to the next generation.

    Sorry for the long windedness

    1. Yes, that’s right. I’m a woman and colorblind.
      I can see almost no colors….

      I’ve had a lot of problems in my childhood. people made fun of me ’cause I painted a tree in my book green at the trunk and brown in the leaves or many many more mistakes.
      Once the teacher asked us what color a potato is, everybody yelled together brown. I yelled green. I was so embarrassed……

      At the age of 7 or 8, I knew completely well that I was colorblind.

      It was a painful fact for a little girl. I had to cry in my loneliness….

      Now, I’m fine. Get used to it :)

  42. i can read all numbers but I’ve experimented a color loss perception when you try to stare at too many hi-resolution colored patches, wich are a result of compounding thousands of nanopixels releasing a unique coloured surface. Those in a great number could drive your brain in color blindness, because i think it’s unable to concentrate on many details and thus our sight is not always trustworthy.

  43. THE eye has rods and cones, one for color perception and the other for black & white. Your brain really does not make a decision, it only processes data it receives from organs. Its these that are deficient or inferior, not the physical organ, the brain itself

  44. I appreciate this information, however, like every other site that’s come up in a search for colorblindness, there is no key for us that says if you can’t see this, then you’re “this color”-blind, if you can’t see that, then you’re “that color”-blind. I know I fail most of these tests, but when people as what I can and can’t see, I don’t have an answer for them.

  45. I totally agree Tony. I am looking for an interactive test/article that will tell you what you should see and what it means if you don’t. These kind of seem like a trick or something.. I usually can see one number out of several, but when i look at the pictures used in other articles, I can tell a difference in the color if the item is large enough to substanciate it, but in text or smaller objects I can see no difference. HOW confusing! If I can’t understand what exactly it is that I’m not seeing, how can I explain that!??! & I really hate the “what color is his hat, what color is her shirt game!!!”

    1. Hey Tony!
      Hey Deb Mallard!

      I know of an app for ipod/iphone that has some pictures like these, but for “normal” people they see another number than I do (I have a severe red/green-weakness so called “red-blindness”)
      all I can tell you, I know the “what color is this? what color is that?”-game as well and it’s the most annoying thing in my life….
      I can only repeat myself to anyone “I can see red as you see red and I can see green as you see green, I just can’t tell the difference in slightly “more greenish” or slightly “more reddish” colours – like different shades of violet – and I cannot see shapes in things that are mixed green/red…”

      funny thing: I thought for a hole year a friend of mine had a green t-shirt saying “things become more these days”, but one day I talked to him about it and he told me it actually said “things become more RED these days” (the letters RED were colored red of course) and we started laughing our asses off….
      true story! (as Barney would say)

      I just handle it with some good portion of humour!

  46. Okay so my friends sometimes make fun of me because I have poor distinction between colors at times, and now I finally find out that I’m colorblind. Okay, well they can see some of what I can’t, but according to this I can see some of what they can’t. =]

  47. Is the one before the last supposed to resemble something? It’s just random lines of color drawn through the picture without actually creating a figurine (naturally i could see all the others perfectly, just asking :P)

  48. ivan: i dont know for sure, im only 13, but id say youre red-green color blind. i learned about that kind of color blindness in 6th grade. people who are red-green color blind may confuse the two colors because theyre both somewhat brown.

  49. Ang, what I see two above the red apples is a green number 10 on the left.

    The gray circle on the right demonstrates how some people see the varying shades but don’t differenciate the number.

    It, the gray circle, has no number; the paragraph above the circles explains.

  50. It would be helpful if there was a key. I noticed a couple that appear to be to distinguish between different types of colorblindness … or possibly to remove some frustration from the testee, since people who are colorblind might see a figure, but not the same figure that non-colorblind people would see. The lower left one in the square of four figures near the top, for example, might appear to be an L if you have a particular type of colorblindness, but an E if you do not. Also, the lower left one in the set of six circular figures (just above the two large circular ones at the bottom) has a pretty obvious (to me) 71, but on closer inspection that 1 is really a 4.

    Finally, if that second-from-the-bottom one is supposed to be a letter or number, I must be colorblind in some way. What I do see is a kind of serpentine reddish-orange path, with some blue-green “shortcuts” across a couple of the loops. (Also, the serpentine path appears to have a small interruption at the top center.)

  51. I am very colorblind and it has always been an interesting thing to people who discover it. First question (always) “What color is this?” and then point at an article of clothing. Most people assume it means I see black and white…not so. Here is a website that explains deeper and helps people with full color vission “see” with color defect.
    I am an artistic person and it often hinders me and I need the assistance of another person; also when I learned to drive I had to memorize the order of the stop lights. My brother is also colorblind and could not be a pilot as he wished, however, he was a top Master Sgt. in the Air force. By no means is it a handicap…it just makes things interesting.

  52. Confusing red and green of traffic lights? Whoever wrote this must not have a color DEFICIENCY. Color BLINDNESS means you see the world in Black and White, which is extremely rare.

    Anybody who is red/green colorblind will tell you that it’s not the position of the stoplights that tells them they are red green or yellow. It’s the color of the light being vivid red, vivid green, and yellow.

    My source? I’ve had a red/green color deficit for 24 years… aka my entire life.

    People who do not have a color deficiency shouldn’t try to explain it to people who do not, because you will NEVER see the world as a color deficient person sees it, therefore you will never be able to explain to somebody your crappy crackpot information.

    1. Actually, people with normal vision can have a pretty good idea how colour-blind people see the world. Cameras work on the same principle as human eye, so if we use the red filter, we will see photos similarly to how red-blind people see them. Likewise for green and blue. It might not look exactly the same, but it gives you a pretty good idea. However, a colour-blind person can’t even imagine what the world looks like for a person with normal vision, because your eyes simply don’t have the ability to perceive a certain wavelength of light. So, your colour vision has 2 dimensions, not 3. All your colours are mixed by only 2 primary colours instead of 3, so you can’t see a big part of the spectrum correctly. There are some colours you have never seen and will never see and you can’t even imagine what they look like. They look totally different to you.

  53. And it is a physical problem of the eyes. It is not a psychological problem or it would be treatable. It is a physiological problem.

  54. It is hard to not be able to see the world like everyone else, i just wish i could be normal like most people but i cant, because i am colorblind, i need help but no one can help because i am colorblind, it is very hard to cope with my disorder, i cant even tell what the color of these words i am writing, if you dont have this disorder YOU have no idea how hard it is, so stop crying about your life and start crying about mine because i am colorblind.

  55. You should be aware that those “color blindness” tests were done away with.
    I used to drive school buses and those “tests” were part of a D.O.T. (dept. of transportation) required physical.
    The problem that was discovered is that they were not a true test of color blindness and much as they were a pattern recognition test. It came out that there wasn’t a problem seeing the colors or determining what the colors were.
    The problem was one of perceiving and distinguishing the numbers within the patterns.
    So even non-color blind people (such as myself) could not clearly see the number patterns.

  56. i am so color blind, it ain’t right. i hate it, i argue with people nonstop about what color it really is. i’m a female with colorblindness, rare and usually unhead of. people look at me different and ask can you see this color and point to something, i have to say i can see it, what color is it to you though? cuz i don’t wanna make a fool of myself… like usual.

  57. I found out that I was clrblind when I was about 4, I’m only 11 now but every test I have taken I failed, onclding this one. My dream was to becke a pilot but it appears that that will nevr happen.

  58. Hey! At the first example (“color blind test 4 optical illusion” is how the image is named, if you place the mouse cursor over it), is there an “E”?? Right below “58”, I mean!

  59. Hey! At the first example (“color blind test 4 optical illusion” is how the image is named, if you place the mouse cursor over it), is there an “E”?? Right below “58″, I mean!

  60. FYI, that second one from bottom is indeed supposed to look serpentine. We ask people to trace the line with their finger. This helps control for people who don’t know numbers well for whatever reason and therefore appear to have perceptual deficiencies when they really don’t.

  61. You what is worst then daltonism? It’s Albinism. Those who have that aren’t very lucky…
    Hopefully I’ve got no vision problem….exept some myope (not anought to wear glasses).

    At my college,in the tech. am studying in (multimedia), there is a color-blind guy(for him, he has problems with brun-like colors). It’s does make him unable to do the works, it only makes his work have intresting colors.

  62. Oh, and by the way, for those who are colorblind, the first enlarge picture’s image isn’t a number… It’s like an reversed S with both ends going at an extremity of the cercle…

  63. let’s see…. in reading order we have –
    58 18
    L 12
    10 (not suposed to be anything)
    57 (not suposed to be anything)

    7 6
    26 73
    74 45

    a badly formed “8”


  64. hey frnds,
    i want to join army and i trying my to do my best. my preparation is also going on but i am Deuteronomy colorblind .
    plz give me suggestion if any one have to make my dream true.

  65. isshi36 optical illusion is a PATH to trace.

    Can you trace a line from one “X” to the other? Someone with normal color vision will trace a orange/brown purple line and those with a slight deficiency will follow a different path.

    The “X”s are located outside the circle at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions.

  66. I am red/green colour blind which I understand is quite common particularily in males.
    I also understand that blue /yellow colour blindness is very rare.
    Can any body then explain to me why phone chargers etc. turn from red to green when charged or why on TV quiz the correct answer to a question is highlighted green and the incorrect answer is highlighted red.
    I understand the logic that we all know red means danger therefore “stop” and green means all clear therefore “go” but why can’t the colours yellow and blue be used in the examples given above, so that life is made a little easier for us.

    1. You’re right about that. Actually, they usually use red vs. green because those two colours appear very different, in fact even the opposite, to a person with normal colour vision. Since colour-blind people are still a minority, nobody really takes that into consideration, which is wrong. However, red is the most intense and the most noticable colour to a person with normal vision, hence why it’s always used for danger etc., since it really sticks out and catches our eyes right away. That is not particularly true for blue or yellow. I have to admit that the world would look very poor without red and it’s hard to imagine what it’s like to be colour-blind.

  67. I can see them all normally, though some are harder to distinguish than others. However, I find the numbers easier to distinguish when I slightly unfocus my eyes, anyone know the reason for this? I could take a guess, something about focusing on the whole thing, rather than on just the details? But does anyone actually KNOW?
    Also, if you unfocus your eyes slightly and stare at the black and white image of the number 10, you can just about make it out, or maybe I’m hallucinating. Does anyone else see it?

  68. I can only see 3 of them, from which one of them almost vaguely. For the rest,I can distinguish no number, nothing in the circles.

    I’m colorblind and I’ve known this sinnce my childhood. The sad thing is that I’m a female and colorblindness is rare in females!!!

  69. a better way is holding up cards of all colors and if they see less than there really is then they are color blind if they see all the colors there not color blind

  70. I am definitely color blind I was once diagnosed when I was little, I plan on joining the military and as I understand there are many jobs in the military that require people to not be color blind. I was wondering if there is anyway I could train myself to make my eyes adjust to the colors I have troubles with. Please respond I really want to know if there’s a way to help with it.

    1. There are lenses and spectacles for colourblindness, I have them both, necessary for my work… With the Ishihara test I got all 24 pics good, instead of only 2. Try searching “chromagen”
      Email me if you want more info….

  71. This is really crazy. Garret Shearen sais Helllloooo. Tanner also sais hi. I am in Mrs. Sivillo 5th peiod biology class @ Hempfield High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanaia.Kendle also sais hi. So does Gabby Lonzo

  72. My doctor showed me a booklet with numbers under colour but I couldn’t determine what the numbers were. I did however pass the test for my driving licence. He said it could possibly be colour blindness although I can see the traffic lights perfectly.

    Could you please help?


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