Color Blindness Test


After succesfull “Find your Blind Spot Illusion”, Mighty Optical Illusions brings you another cool test. Color blindness, also known as daltonism, is a deficiency in the view of certain colors. Red/green color distortion is the most common type of color vision impairment. In a few very rare cases, some people can only see in black and white shades. Color blindness is almost always an inherited condition although males are more likely than females to get it. Symptoms are inability to distinguish colors (usually red/green and sometimes yellow/blue).Click on the image below to open it in full size. You should see numbers inside the circles. If you aren’t color blind, you will see correct numbers (results are written next to circles so you can check them).

The photo below to the right shows an example of someone who confuses red and green. To such a person, reds and greens are indistinguishable and may appear the same.

Normal Vision
A Person Who Confuses Red and Green

Also be sure to take online Eye Examination Test !

  • Bill

    I was trying to NOT look at the “answers”. I had a hard time seeing the one on the bottom left, but when I looked at the answer, it popped right up. Maybe you should have the image without the answers.

  • bigstusexy

    Remember to realy do this you are gonna need the correct printed sheets.

    My question with these is are they all suppsoed to be the same strength?

    Like for example:

    Strength goes for me (even in the doctors office)


    Everything 45 an after requires a little thinking, like I can’t just glance at it and tell. How about you other people that are also not color blind?

  • Mutz

    Sim Daltonism is a color blindness simulator for Mac OS X. It filters in real-time the area around the mouse pointer and displays the result — as seen by a color blind person — in a floating palette

  • Sean

    So the 25 is easy and I can get the 29 if I really follow the dots…the rest are completely impenetrable to my vision…but yet I can see a distinct difference between the vegetable pictures. My family has a history of color blindness, my maternal grandfather and also one of my two brothers. I just think those pictures are misleading. That would be an example of very strong red green color blindness.

  • Patrick

    45, 6, and 8, i could not see for the life of me and 29, 56 i need to see the anser to see. I knew that i was color blind but wow thats like super color blind.

  • Dave

    No problems excpet for #6 (lower left), it took me a little longer to make it out.

  • UHF

    25, 25ish, nothing, 56, nothing, nothing

    And I’m not allowed to be a private pilot.

  • Farted

    I had no problems…. not to brag… sorry…. The hardest one for me would be 6 but I got it right away.

  • Tim

    I can only see the top left (25) disc. Even with the answer at the side i still couldn’t see the number in the disc, but i am monochromic colourblind so i didn’t really expect to


  • n!ck

    im with tim i can only see the “25” disc. i never knew i was colour blind. i should go to the optometrist and get my eyes checked out…im long over due.

  • Me

    That was so easy i got that done in 5 seconds

  • Elaine

    ok…the yellow in the bottom-left one made it a little confusing but not implossible to see. I prefer the ones that make colour-blind people see a different number. then you really can tell if you are colour-blind, or, if you’re like mee, being awkward, you can see both of them. oh confuddlementations – (i think that’s a word…maybe)

  • claire

    i saw all of them the bottom ones were harder but it was kind of the same.

  • mina

    yeah the six was hard for me too and im not color blind but i found that(if your not color blind) if you cross your eyes and look at one of the images with the six, it looks clearer

  • Azhure

    45, 6 and 8 are the ones I can’t make out no matter how hard I tried.

    25 was easy and 56 and 29 didn’t take too long.

    I’m told I’m color-blind to red groups.

  • holynarf

    There is actually more to these than (normally) meets the eye. My meteorology teacher in college did this test to the class and there were a few people who saw different or multiple numbers in each circle. The reason for this is because some people can see further into the ultra violet or the infrared end of the electromagnetic spectrum. This is a small portion of the population, but it is kind of neat if you realize you are one of these people. So if you happen to see multiple or just different numbers than normal people, don’t feel bad.

  • Mike

    No problem seeing any of them. All the numbers stick out like a sore thumb.

  • Matt

    I am color blind and the only one I can see is the 25. However the example the show with the fruit is way off.

  • kitty

    i got the same results as Me.

  • bobo

    the 6 gave me troubles but once i stopped to focus it came clear

  • Ferdy

    ? wow I didnt know that peeps here having trouble about seeing the number inside.

  • M 2 the H O

    6 is the hardest 4 me but not 2 hard,
    i love colour so thank god im not colourblind ;P

  • andi

    I can see clearly 25 and 56. The other numbers require some effort from me – around 5 sec/number, because I need to recognize every circle from the contour in order to indetify them. This is a sort of mystery for me: How come I could recognize all colors, but I have some troubles with the tests? When I draw 2 rectangles in Photoshop with the “difficult” colors, extracted from the test with “6”, they are definetly different. Who could explain me what is wrong in my case? 10x:)

  • SteakKnife04

    i can see all

  • Kevin

    Uhhh Matt… that 2nd picture only looks way off to you (and others colorblind). It shows the rest of us an example about what it’s like being colorblind.

  • laim

    i could only see 25 help me!!!!

  • Pandas

    ouch. only 25? Well that sucks

  • matthew

    25…… Just confirming what i already know really.

  • no likey name

    i have done this before, you also have to line up colors by shades wich is harder, also there are some where color blind people see numbers that are not there

  • paul

    Is there software available to create more colour-blindness test images?

  • cool cat

    it took me some time to figure out 29, 8 and 6.
    and beleve me i sooo DID NOT look at the answer.
    my eye is fine and i do not confus red and green

  • Calais

    I’m colour blind with blue and yellow, but I already knew that

  • Tori

    To me they were pretty easy, well i looked at the awnser for six then it jumped out at me, but then again I have thirteen year old eyes so…

  • Oli O from WV

    none of these were hard at all for me and i didnt realize there were answer till i read the comments

  • Anonymous

    it is actually not possible for women to be colour blind. But they can pass the condition. i know because my cousin is blind,my aunty has the gene but doesn’t have it,and my cousins opa has it as well. This is what the doctor told them anyway

  • Anonymous

    In regards to comment #18, I am truly colorblind, i can only see the 25 in the 1st disc. I also have to agree, the fruit and vegetable picture is totally inaccurate the top picture looks normal to me and I’m colorblind. The bottom picture looks way off from what I see. FYI it is possible for women to be colorblind. It is extremely rare but it is possible, through enough genetics and generations of a family. Albeit the woman is the only one able to pass the gene, it is absolutely possible for women to be deficient in color vision.

  • Anonymous

    for the numbers it helps if you blur your eyes

  • Anonymous

    that is weird

  • RdeLau

    The tests are indeed used to determin colorblindnes and give a good indication.
    The pictures of the fruits are nonsense. It is not possible to show people what colorblind people “see”.
    To me the second picture is completely wrong and I am red-green collorblind.


  • Anonymous

    I am NOT color blind at all, I won without noticing the answers! ALL BOYS are a little color blind, not girls. Some may be, but not me!!!! I am a huge fan of illusions, I beat all of them. Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    Holynarf (16) explaination is bang on! the spectrum of visible light is a very narrow part of the overall spectrum of radiation, starting from low freq radio waves up to high freq gamma rays, humans have adapted their eyes to actually see a vary small potion of the spectrum that we call visible light. Everyone sees the visible potion a little bit different than others, some more, some less, and for color blind people…a lot less than average. Other animals, such as dogs, have an even narrower view of the visible portion of the spectrum.

    STNG fans will remember that gordie was completely blind but had his visor. He still couldn’t see the visible spectrum, but he could see the higher freq parts of the spectrum that other humans couldn’t! remember he was always looking into the reactor, rather than relying on his computers to diagnose potential problems.

    Use Google Images and search “radio waves to gamma rays spectrum” lots of nice charts that explain the spectrum.

  • Anonymous

    im very badly color blind and have know for decades. the pictures of fruit is typicall explanation of color blindness from someone who is not color blind. i dont think there is a CB person out there that would agree that those images are a good example. sometimes people say to me “i wonder what it would be like to see through your eyes” i always throw that question right back at them.

  • peter

    a good color blind test:

  • Anonymous

    I’m colour blind, but I already knew that… Strange thing is that picture, I can see the difference…hmmm…confusing. I usually have problems with purple.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my….every single one looks like 25 to me….

  • Anonymous

    I knew that I am color blind in fact I can only see 25, 56 and maybe 29. Although the two fruit pics are obviously different to me. I can see them in two distinct shades of color……so….? perhaps my color blindness is not too severe; it it possible?

  • Anonymous


    It is possible for women to be color blind, it is just less likely. The trait for being colorblind is on the x chromosone. Men have an x and a y chromosone. Women have 2 x chromosones. If a women has the colorblind trait on just 1 x chromosone she will not be colorblind, but can pass the trait to her offspring, she needs to have the trait on both x chromosones for her to be colorblind

  • bamgirl360

    Color blind tests always remind me of the older brother from Little Miss Sunshine. Sad.

  • Tory

    aynonomus 6 hi 5 fellow trekkie!

  • Anonymous

    I can see 25, and those other five are random circles with little dots in them. I’m absolutely color blinded bigtime. Sometimes, I can’t even distinguish the red stopping light from a normal lamppost!.

  • Anonymous

    I’m colourblinded
    I can see:
    25, easy!
    The letter “S”?

    I can impossibly understand some people cant see the difference of blue and yellow :P

  • Anonymous

    I passed this test with flying colours. Though my father was colour blind,and I have been told that I am colour blind in the past.

  • Kaoru Matsubara

    I feel stupid. Does the eye examination test do full screen?

  • Anonymous

    Everything is OK with me! :D

  • giacomo

    I could only see the first one… :/

    I knew I’m colorblind already so no surprises tough

  • i think im in trouble lol
    i can only see half of this.
    but i see colour perfectly?

    • steve

      at least you think you see colour perfectly ;) haha

  • Den of Earth

    Colorblindness is not an illusion…

  • Bob Elliot

    I am colorblind. However, this article does a poor job of describing what colorblind actually is and how it affects most (me, at least). I cannot see the numbers in most of the above circles. This is because I see brownish red and brownish green as the same colors. I can tell the difference when they are apart or if they are less brown, so the last comparison seems completely ridiculous to me. A more accurate of the colorblind that this test is for is red-green deficiency. I can see read and green, just not as well as the next person.

  • PaperMoon

    Cool I saw all of the numbers so I know I’m not color blind. Some people can be colorblind and not know it. They think what they see is normal.

  • PaperMoon

    LOL! I remember when my nephew was a kid my mom had a hard time teaching him his colors till she finally had him tested for colorblindness. LOL! He wasn’t color blind and he finally caught on to what the colors were. That was too funny she couldn’t understand why he couldn’t remember which color was which. He was probably just being difficult. LOL!

  • lolipop101

    25, 45, 6, 29, 56, 8 im GOOD!!!!

  • n00b luzer cried well


    • Skyler

      your mom is.

  • wvsn

    i’ve come across a version of this where the bottom left circle has been altered

  • Spinach1948

    I can only see 25, 56, 8.

    I know I am Red Green Color blind.

  • The one with the 6 is really hard to spot!

  • me123987645

    i am not color blind although if you were to put 5 vertical lines beside each other i would not be able to distinguish how many lines are there. does anyone know if there is a specific name for this or something similar.

  • jenny LOL!

    this is easy but why is the other cant see any thing?????

  • mayoori

    My boyfriend Jamie is colourblind

  • Tim

    I’ve seen these and even an expanded version… of these six, the number six gives me the most trouble. The expanded version has several that are even harder to see, including one I can still not make out, even when given the answer.

  • Grace

    25 20 45 50 6 8

  • honey

    sir pls tell me how to out colour blindness

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