Closer Than You Think…

What surprised me the most while staying in NYC, is how liberal people behave there. It’s probably the only place where you can see a heavily bearded/mustached man wearing a skirt, top and female boots – while nobody even blinks! Another thing that surprised me was how normal it is for people there to drive their pets in a stroller. Is it that others just don’t care, have too much of their own problems, or simply encounter these kind of oddities daily? I would need much more than 10 days to figure that out… Perhaps some New Yorker will give us a clue.

While we’re in the Moon illusion atmosphere (or even better – lack of it), Xavier Kreiss sent me another related one. This is what Xavier wrote: “It’s been a long time since I last contacted you! Your blog is as fascinating as it always was. This evening I was looking at some French blog, when I saw this photo of a plane going behind the moon. Of course, the illusion is due to the fact that the vapor trail, which is white, can’t be seen when it goes past the moon, which is also white – so you get the impression that the vapor is behind it. I thought it might amuse you!

Could this plane really have passed behind the Moon?
Could this plane really have passed behind the Moon?

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  1. Hi, I really enjoy your optical illusions everyday! They keep me entertained at work, especially with your igoogle widget! However, I am slightly disappointed with this one :( Keep up the good work though

  2. The vapor trail does blend nicely with the edge of the moon. It’s fun to play “what if”, though. Keep ’em coming.

  3. I dislike every person that has enough time on their hands to type “First” at the beginning of every comment section. Apparently they have nothing better to do. I think these people are the reason society is the way it is. Lazy people with nothing better to do. GET OUT AND GET A JOB AND DO SOMETHING MEANINGFUL WITH YOUR LIFE. That’s my opinion, and i’m sticking to it !!!

  4. Hello everyone!! To help you out with the question about the New Yorkers. It’s not that they don’t care but that they have enough problem’s of their own and that they don’t want to add any more. LOL, that’s about the best excuse I could make up. Keep up the good work on the site, this is the BEST site on the web. From upstate New York.
    Sincerely, Tom

  5. That’s not bad. There seems to be a dark ring around the moon as well, that adds to this illusion. I think this is probably from the digital camera or the jpeg compression of putting it online.

    About NYC, I lived there for 5 years and know what your talking about. I loved it. Finally a place where people didn’t judge – they just let other people be other people.

  6. Funny that “Pablo” is bitching about someone having enough time to write “first”, yet he has enough time to bitch about it, and write a paragraph about it… Hmmmmm. I think that people that have nothing better to do and spend all their time bitching about stupid, pointless stuff is the reason society is the way it is.

    Wait… Thats what im doing. OH NOOOO! We are all DOOOOOOOMED!!!

  7. to anyone who doesn’t get it the trail of the plane makes it look like the plane was behind the moon….which is impossible…for a plane…
    I actually find this kind of boring to be honest…it’s not to the usual calibar of your illusions…

  8. As a New Yorker I find don’t find your examples (bearded cross-dresser, dog in stroller) to be that abnormal. That kind of thing is everyday stuff.

    The illusion is not the best, but it is pretty cool. Thanks anyway!

  9. btw relax about people saying first for the first comment. It’s not as if it’s a crime. Stop being so hard on them for just wanting to have the first comment. It’s just a bit of fun

  10. this is not a “vapour trail” it is a chemical trail you can tell the difference by the time it stays in the sky…if it were the normal vapour trail it would only stay in the sky for seconds…as you can see in this picture the exhaust is spreading out like a blanket

  11. Must have been that trip to NYC that threw Vurdlak for his (jet lag?) loop. Maybe we, his adoring fans, can forgive him this one clinker after all the great ones that have preceded it. I do~
    Get some rest Vurd, and try again tomorrow.

    …And you kiddies that get the thrill out of being first are just proving to the rest of the readers your real ignorance of how this whole thing works.
    These comments are “moderated” (look it up if you have to), so they are posted as a group. Think before you hit that “submit” button.

  12. I like the illusion :)
    Yeah, the USA in general has some strange sights. I’m not from NYC (KY actually), but I’m going to say it’s probably a mix of all 3 factors you mentioned.

  13. I have one thing to say, if you don’t like the site stop coming here and if ya think you can do better make a site of your own.

    as far as todays pic nice work

  14. first…second…last…who cares !!!
    I love this site but this has to be the worst attempt at passing a photo off as an illusion.
    Try Try Again. I’ll be waiting for the quality of which you are used to giving us.

  15. OK, so this is not the most amazing photo we have ever seen, but it is interesting, and was worth posting. Give Verdlak a break!
    I love this site, and the fact that I never know from one day to the next the sort of illusion that will be posted.
    Keep up the excellent work!
    Not first – not last – and not sad enough to care!

  16. not the best illusion but ok, i also had a laugh at the dog strollers when i went to new york so your not the only person that finds it odd

  17. I just have to comment on NYC, as “probably the only place where you can see a heavily bearded/mustached man wearing a skirt, top and female boots – while nobody even blinks!”

    You need to visit Seattle… ;->

  18. guys dont say this optical illusion is sucky… it makes who was it? anyways it makes the person who made this optical illusion sad… nd i like this one. :P maybe its a UFO… dundundun

  19. first question:how can the moon get there if it is still sun up? second an airplane doesn’t have that much fuel for a trip after the moon!! third
    you people are retarted if you think that is real!!! com on are you guys that dumb i am 9
    and i am smarter!

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