Cleverest Stupid-Girl Arround

Update – I just learned that the artist behind this is Nagfa, you can find another interesting photo on his blog that works in a simmilar fashion.

Wait a minute... What?
Wait a minute... What?

I forgot to post the newest optical illusion yesterday, which I hope you shall forgive me. What I was doing instead, I was playing with some universal widget creating tools. I’ve added my result at the bottom of my sidebar, so you may check what I managed to compile. Nothing revolutionary really, just something you can easily add to your website, blog, etc. If you wish, you may try it. You can see the separate page here. Now let me dig up something illusionary for today. Ah! Found it. The idea behind today’s optical illusion is very similar to the Love & Hate illusion from 2006. The shirt this girl is wearing has the ambigram printed, which can be understood in two different ways. I’m still not exactly sure whether ambigram shows the different meanings, or an anagram does this (one of them shows the same word from each direction). Still, the result is cute. But the question remains: would you ever wear a t-shirt that claims you are stupid?

Want this universal widget? Get it!
Want this universal widget? Get it!

As I explained before, this new widget brings nothing revolutionary to this site. Still, it may serve as a nice addition to your website or blog. It will serve newest optical illusions to your visitors. Even if you have no inspiration on a particular day, and miss posting new content – your readers will remain occupied with some fresh content on our your site. Use it freely as you wish, its free.

I would also like to inform you that I’ll be leaving for my summer vacation at the beginning of July. Rest assured though, I will continue to publish new stuff daily, only from different location (same each summer). In times when broadband internet is available in almost each corner of the world, running a website remotely is becoming pretty easy.

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  1. lol i didn’t realize it said clever because the first thing that was noticeable was stupid…so the shirt isn’t really calling yourself stupid it’s secretly calling the person beisde you stupid because they think the shirt says clever…wow that was quite a longated explanation.

  2. cool illusion, i really like ambigrams, and the widget is cool. Thanks! (and who cares about the first comment?) Not me!

  3. I actually think the picture is taking from the wrong angle… there is this arrow on the t-shirt that points towards ‘the next person’ which is not present in this picture… had the mirror been on the other side of the girl however, then the arrow on the ‘clever’ real girl would have pointed towards the ‘stupid’ mirror girl and vice versa…. which I suspect was part of the joke by whomever made it.

    Do love it though, and yeah I might wear that t-shirt ;)

  4. anagram = a word jumbled up (eg ganraam is an anagram of anagram) an ambigram is a design that may be read as the same word or phrase (or sometimes two different words or phrases) when oriented in two different ways, usually when reflected in a vertical axis or when rotated through 180 degrees (like the love/amour ambiagram on this site).

  5. I don’t know if anyone has seen this but, there’s a welcome mat in this one catalog that has an ambigram-or anagram, or anything you want to call it. Anyway, it has a ambigram on it that says of course, WELCOME, on it. But, when you turn it around, it says, GET OUT. I’ll see if I can find it.

  6. The shirt is not calling the wearer “stupid”, it’s calling that way to whoever stands next to the wearer, see the arrow? ;)

  7. What your site really needs is a link to quickly get back to the previous illusion. Often, I’m interested to check comments that were posted after I looked the previous day–especially when I need clues to figure out the illusion!

  8. Would that be a palin-gram or palin-graph as in palindrome?

    Agree with “liw” , arrow direction should have been toward the mirror. Great shirt, lovely smile, wrong camera angle.

  9. Heh, thats great! at first i only noticed the arrow was pointign the opposite way and that her shirt says clever when it isn’t mirrored so i was like “LoL” because she took a picture in front of a mirror trying to make it say she was clever (ie. pointing at her because of the reflection), but the arrow was the wrong way – THEN i noticed that it also said stupid when it was mirrored, an ambigram! =) Really cool shirt, i think i want it! ^_^

  10. Better yet, it should have been two real “mirrored” shirts, worn by models that were twins. In a classic “I always tell lies” paradox with stupid pointing to clever and clever pointing to stupid.

    Love it.

  11. I agree with Lilw, I think the shirt is saying that the person standing next to you is stupid a la “I’m with stupid” but is hiding it in a “clever” ambigram. I would totally wear this shirt.

  12. Yeah, didn’t notice the clever one until Vurdlak mentioned it. And I agree the angle of the shot and mirror placement could be better. But overall it’s a cool illusion.

    A pretty girl in a cool shirt, what more could you possibly want? LOL! Have fun, Vurdlak! Get boozed, get laid and get back here fresh and energetic!

  13. Um…it doesn’t say clever? I thought it says Clues >.<
    If it says Clever, then, where is the R at the end? I don’t see it.

    I’m so confused.

  14. I can only guess she is deliberately taking the photo from the wrong angle in order to appear stupid.

    I think it ruins the effect, though.

  15. I don’t care weather she’s stupid or cleaver… I would plant my face in the crack of this girl’s stupid/clever ass any day of the week.

  16. an anagram is a word that can be spelled using the letters of another word. A palindrome is a word or phrase that is spelled the same forwards or backwards.

  17. isn’t she supposed to be taking the picture from the other side so that the arrow points to the mirror and the mirror points to her?

  18. But who is actually reading the shirt?? What’s important in the photo is the fact that the girl has two BOOBS (small, but boobs at all)

  19. Wow…, you have a sick mind…

    Anyways, you can see that there’s an arrow on the shirt, so REALLY, it’s calling the person to her left clever (or, in the reflection, it’s calling the person on her right stupid.)

  20. The shirt isn’t saying she is stupid that is why there is an arrow! it is pointing at whoever stands next to her smh!

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