52 Replies to “Circles Or Spiral ?”

  1. The eye tends to follow straight lines. Since the boxes are slightly twisted, your eye follows the edge of the box inward from the circle, making your mind think “spiral”.

  2. Now that is a cool illusion.

    Also, if you scroll the page up and down over the image, you can sort of see a rotation effect happening.

  3. That’s pretty sweet. Saw the spiral first, and it looked normal… now, it just hurts my eyes, but I can tell it’s circles.

  4. i think summits wrong with my eyes coz i saw the circles first……anywho if my eyes worked then i’m sure it would have been a good un :)

  5. Wow, that’s cool…confusing, though. I actually had to trace the circles with my finger to make myself believe it wasn’t a spiral! Haha.

  6. I never saw a spiral. It always looked like circles to me. Now that I’m trying, I can kind of make myself see a spiral…

  7. hi, i was looking at this optical illusion, and then i scrolled the screen and noticed that while the image is moving up or down, the spiral seems to be spinning, is it just me?

  8. when you scroll the page using the mouse-wheel (especially one with choppy movements), the circles give the illusion of spinning

  9. Strangely I didn’t see the spiral first I saw circles, but when I looked at the picture the first thing I saw was the center circle and then went straight down the picture and realized it was only circles…

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  11. I thought it was a “Spiral” too! If people would not have pointed out the fact that it was “Circles”, I probably would NEVER have noticed that it was not a “Spiral”! LOL!!!! Nice One!!!

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