Christopher Walken Illusion

This ubercool Illusion of Christopher Walken flying through space is our newest submission. Believe it or not, this magical “animated” illusion is a composition of only four frames. The second two are just color-inverted originals (with small modification in shiftment from the original). It gives you opinion Chris is drifting through galaxy, while in fact he’s just leaning millimeter back and fourth for our photo-session ;) Another awesome example is “Flying Through City” illusion, as well as “3D Dino” illusion and “Scary Spider” illusion. Check “Optical illusion of the day” widgets to get these illusions on your desktop each day!

Many more similar illusions can be found inside Stereograms category and Animations category. Enjoy! Ah, almost forgot to mention – we now officially have over 5000 optical illusions precisely categorized in our sections in sidebar. Browse them, and share your experience in comments!

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    1. Wrong. As proof, put your cursor over the star that the man’s left pinky finger is pointed at. The star DOES NOT move, indicating that there are no frames. It’s only an inverted color shift.

  1. I don’t believe!
    Though, a fellow of mine didn’t, and dragged the image into Preview (Mac OS X Image Viewer).
    It shows 4 pictures and that they are shifted!

  2. Just drag the above gif into any suitable tool to display the single frames of an animated gif.
    It will show 4 Frames, every 2nd shifted.

    (Thanks to my fellow Jan)

  3. Actually, it’s four(4) images, I just opened it in a gif animation program. The positive gets two frames, and the negative gets two frames. There is an illusion of constant motion because of the flip from + to -, but there is also actual animation of the Walken happening.

  4. This time you are all right, I appologize for lack of information. Description will be fixed in a second. Still, this is wonderfull optical illusion in my opinnion.

  5. Actually, once loaded in an animated GIF editor, the picture is revealed to be FOUR images:

    The first and second images are normal black and white, the second image shifted from the first.

    The third and fourth images are inverted, and the fourth image is shifted from the third. This shifting is in the opposite direction from the first two frames.

    The illusion isn’t in the fact that it’s ony two frames. The illusion is in the fact that it appears to be continuous motion in only one direction.

  6. This is old – posted lot’s of sites already – certainly not original if that’s what you’re implying.

  7. If you guys are looking for a great Christopher Walken, check out this short film on You Tube. It’s from a series of shorts featuring actors playing Christopher Walken and Al Pacino Interpreting Important Moments in History. This films chronicles TOM AND KATIE’S SILENT BIRTH, with Walken as Cruise, and Pacino as Holmes (as if it could be the other way around…) Hope you enjoy it.

  8. To those ‘debunking’ the image by claiming it has 4 frames and movement, this is specified in the post.

    The illusion is in the fact that those four frames create the effect that he is constantly moving in one direction, rather than flicking back and forth on the spot.

  9. Dudes, it’s shifted pics allright, that’s why it’s a STEREOGRAM!!!!!!
    Anyway, really cool, as always.

  10. DONT focus on the guy. just look a little on the outside edge of the picture. HE APPEARS TO MOVE LEFT!!!

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