Christmas Tree Color Illusion

Halloween is over and gone for the years, and that means…it’s time to celebrate Christmas! No? Not feeling the Christmas holiday just yet? I’m surprised, since most of the stores have already busted all of the holiday lights and decor.

No matter. Whether you’re geared up for the holiday already (weirdo!) or content to hide your head for another month and a half, you’re still going to appreciate this Christmas tree color illusion. Take a look at the two pine trees below. Does one look darker in this color illusion?

color illusion


If you’re like most people, the tree on the right most likely looks darker than the tree on the left in this color illusion. However, both trees are exactly the same color. Well, the green part is the same color in both trees.┬áDon’t believe me? Open this color illusion in a photo editor and use the color picker tool to check the green color in each tree. You’ll see that the color code for each is exactly the same.

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