Changing Shade Flowers Illusion

I just created this optical illusion using online gif animation creator. I combined two photos from Akiyoshi Kitaoka – the master of optical illusions, and fused them into one perpetual animation. If you stare at the animation below, you will notice it automatically switches among two different photos each 10 seconds. Your assignment is to stare at the center of it when the first picture loads (the one that is lighter at the left end, and darker at the right). Now concentrate and don’t move your head. After 10 seconds, new photo will appear – this time normal (not shaded) one. But wait! Your eyes got burned by the previous photo, so the new one will appear darker on the left side, while actually it is quite the same on both sides. I hope you understood what I was trying to explain! This is something new in the world of illusions. The best similarity I can think of, is Black and White Spanish castle illusion. Please spread this on Digg, Stumbleupon and other social websites, so we can show others this strange, new phenomenon!

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  1. i think you hyped the exposure in the first set (with the shaded part) because when you separate the two slides, you can dramatically see a difference even though they should be “quite the same”

    it makes sense to. the illusion is more prevalent when you do that. it was a sneaky way to make your illusion all the more grandeur. what site did you do this on?
    im interested
    keep up the good work!

  2. okay, when the pic switches from the darkened one to the normal one, is the “darker” side supposed to be on the left? maybe? or are my eyes just weird…

  3. The two slides do not show the same brightness on the left side both times–the second image is considerably darker on the left side than is the first. But the illusion still stands, because your eyes tell you that the image on the left is darker than the one on the right the second time around, which it isn’t. Well-made.

  4. nahh, it’s fake. i would believe it if it’s in .jpeg format. it’s in GIF, therefore you can just change the color by inserting frames(animation thing). not illusion. im not even looking at it but it changes color. grr, wasted 20 secs.

  5. Hey, nice illusion and all, but what I really wanted to say is I LOVE this new random illusion button. So handy!!!

    so, thanks Vurdlak!


    Wait a second, you dirty sneak!
    What’s with the big NO GOOGLE ACCOUNT? SIGN UP NOW! thing? I nearly signed up because I thought there was no choice, but luckily I saw the ‘nickname’ space just in time and was saved- is google paying for that? Low, very low >:(

    tut tut…

    but yeah the new button is great!

  6. Very nice, your illusion works really well.
    And i got your explanation, but i wouldn’t be suprised if a few people don’t understand. Some people don’t bother to read properly, they’re just in too much of a rush to criticise.

  7. wow, and actual GOOD illusion this time!!! nice work!!!

    and courtney, when it changes the darkside goes to the left, so your seeing it fine

  8. I think I see the trick. The original left side gets just as light as the right side gets dark, until the second frame when they become even. The trick is in the balance!

  9. The way this work, is the first slide the right side is under exposed and the left side is over exposed. Now when the normal photo comes back in the left side looks darker because it was darker then what you were previously looking at. A nice trick. It is almost hard to tell that the first photo is over and under exposed.

  10. ok.
    this is stupid.
    even if you dont stare at the picture
    itll turn dark on the right side after 10 seconds anyways

    so theres no point in staring.

  11. wow so u simply made a gif (a moving picture) and made three different slide…..1 where right is brighter than left, 2 they both are the same brightness, 3 right is brither than left….then u set them to interchange every 10 seconds!!!!

    this is not an opptical illusion at all…u can look at the text above the picture and it will still change…hmmm i wonder why?!!! and plus ur eyes dont respond to anything in 10 second intervals so this is impossible!!!

  12. For all the people who dont get it:
    look at the center of the whole image when the darker side is on the right and after 10 seconds, if you see the darker side change to to the left, then you saw the illusion because the left side is the same as the right side.

  13. i agree with screaming doubles. if you cover up the right side and look at the left side( the side that isn’t supposed to change) you can see that it gets lighter. its not the right side changing that is screwing with your vision, it’s that the left side gets darker.

  14. Haha! It’s nice, but there’s no eye-burning going on there!
    Just the receptor cells that pick up the lighter shade of blue on the left have to do more work, so they get tired, and when the light balances out, they are unable to fire as much as their equivalent receptors in the right visual field. There’s a way better one with a square of four colours… If I can find it, I’ll send it to you

  15. The first picture is darker on the right. You stare at it until it switches to the second picture, which is the same on both sides, only since you stared at the first picture, it looks darker on the left. It’s the same sort of effect that you get when you put your hand over one eye for a minute and then it looks like you’re seeing different colors out of each eye. Neat!

  16. Principito

    Just stare at the image when the right side is dark.[stare at one point dont look around or move ur eyes] keep on staring at it dont even look away until the picture changes then the left side of the picture is dark instead. but if you dont stare at the picture and look at the picture when it changes. the color doesnt change. its just the same color on both sides. Pretty cool

  17. Number 25 is so right. it’s a fake, sorry people, you may be tricked and confused O_0, but don’t let it fool you, VURDLAK IS TRYING TO MESS WITH OUR MINDS!!!!! lol :P

  18. I made another one for myself.. I took just two colors, white on one side and grey on another, stared at this for some 10 sec-s, then went back to the original (all white) page, and it worked just the same way as this flowered illusion… and by the way, the darker you take the right side from the left side, the more obviously it works!

  19. this is kinds fake even if you dont stare into the center you still see the shadow jump to the other side no illusion here buddy

  20. I like this one, though there are better “afterimage” illusions than this one on here, look in the Optical Illusion Categories list. Don’t know why so many people can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks for the eye receptor explanation Tristan, makes sense.

  21. does anyone else see a fish in the bottom center of the picture??? it looks like a fish with two eyes and puckered lips!!! am i going crazy

  22. awsome it looked like the darkerside turned light,and the lighter side turned dark, but it just was the same on both sides

  23. Are those of you who do not see the illusion reading the explanation? It’s obviously computerized, but the illusion comes when the image goes back to normal because of the eye being burnt by the apparent brightness of the left side of the picture.
    Read the explanation first please!

  24. When the shadow on the right goes away… there is no longer a shade, however after staring at the middle, when the shade goes away on the right, it appears to be on the left.

  25. just push the stop button on the top of your page next to your refresh button and youll notice the picture stops changing. its fake. animated.

  26. Thats acually confusing and fake. Its all animated but it doesnt really msatter aboutj the picture itts self its got to do with what you see in the picture.

  27. Cover the right side the whole time, and you’ll see the left does indeed switch darker and lighter. No illusion here.

  28. It goes from Left being brighter than right. It’s suppose to do that, and this is what you needed to stare at first. Stare at the center of this bright/dark image, then, it’ll suddenly change to the same image, but both contrast will be the same. Although it’s the same, you eyes were already accustomed to left being bright, so then when it gets normal, the left gets darker.

  29. The image goes from left side light/right side dark to the whole thing being dark/same contrast. The illusion is that if you stare at the center when just the right side is dark, when it switches, the left side will become dark and the right side will become light. When in reality the right side is the same color as the left side. Everyone making comments about it being computer generated is freaking stupid and cannot read.

    “I just created this optical illusion using online gif animation creator. I combined two photos from Akiyoshi Kitaoka – the master of optical illusions, and fused them into one perpetual animation. ”

    The VERY FIRST sentence is “I just created this optical illusion using online gif ANIMATION creator”…

  30. Devon is right!!!

    I had the right side covered with my hand. The left side DID change to a darker shade. FAKE!

  31. you guys are so stupid. read the description, it’s not supposed to be a real illusion and you’re not exactly supposed to see anything. the left side just gets appears to get really bright after staring in the center of the picture. relax.

  32. I find it amusing to see that people say it’s fake.

    The real principle of this is to get the image flip-flop when it is really the same on both sides. Yes, when it does go where the image contrast becomes the same, the right side do get brighter and the left side do get darker. But that’s not where the illusion lies. When it switches when you are concentrating very hard with the different contrast first, the contrast appears to be FLIP-FLOPPED from the first image! It only appears for a split second though, as your eyes is readjusting the contrast very quickly.

  33. if you look at the arch way part of the flowers you can see a woman

  34. I can see both. When the picture switches to the clean unshaded view, I don’t automatically see the shading on the left. I just see the clean color.

  35. XLNT as always! Your illusions are getting better and better and way better by the post…and I should know being here, FB, Twitr, Google+ now for over about 8 to 10 years.

    Gr8 stuff!


  36. I love these types of illusions. In other kinds (such as images drawn on a sidewalk) it’s the ARTIST who creates the illusion. In this one, it’s my own brain doing it.

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