Chalk Drawing Illusions


Check out this chalk drawing illusion of a Sony Vaio Laptop computer. Looks like the top part of the screen is just jumping off the sidewalk! More Pictures Inside this article! All of these pictures were done by Julian Beever, so be sure to visit his website regullary for more of his wonderfull work!

It’s hard to believe there is no water on the sidewalk below! The hose, drain, puddle… everything is painted on the sidewalk by Julian!

Is that guy spraying chalk fixative onto that fly… or is it another Chalk Drawing Illusion? That’s pretty incredible, but I think you’ll find that some of the other artists captured the optical illusion even more realistic!

This could certainly be the best self portrait I have ever seen.Imagine how long it took the artist to figure out exactly how to do this in perspective. It would surely have been great to see this art exibit in person!

This is an amazing optical illusion picture of a woman swimming in the pool, sipping her coke. Check out the artist as he is just about to jump right into the painting! Yet another Magic Trick

Although the seal doesn’t look incredibly realistic, it sure looks like it is popping up out of the water handing the artist a fresh cola after days of hard work.

How would you like to be walking down the sidewalk and then suddenly fall into a hole like these guys? Take a little closer look at who has fallen into the hole. It’s tough to tell but it looks like George W. Bush and John Major, the former British Prime Minister have fallen into the hole…. and is that Tony Blair looking into the camera? Regardless, this sidewalk optical illusion is just downright incredible!

  • Pat

    These were just to awesome!!! Really enjoyed seeing them.

  • Niki

    Super impressive..the last one is freaky

  • sara

    what is the artists name??

  • Nick

    Those are so AWSOME!!!!!

  • Ms Elaneous

    The last one is so realistic. It would be creepy if you weren’t expecting it.

  • james


  • jess

    unreal…truley amazing

  • Alberto


  • blyax


  • Sersch

    I love these sidewalk art pictures! As a google fanatic, I felt it my responsibility to find more! So here & here & here & here

  • hippie

    whow thats mondo groovey dude! awesome!

  • mindbullets

    julian beever

  • Julz


  • me


  • Dani

    holy crap is right, how the heck did he do that?!!

  • Farted

    On the last one, is Tony Blair real?

  • I love it

    SOOOO NICE! But the seal one looks as if the coke seems deflated.

    But the last one rocks! VERY REAL!

  • Deepak Menon

    After seeing this I feel like living on the pavement with the people who made these incredible paintings

  • Deepak Menon

    The entire site is incredible – and thank goodness there are people who create such wonderful things and there are people who can bring these to all the world
    Thank you very very much

  • bec

    absoloutley incredible i would love to be that talented! :)

  • Guy

    The last one is John Major and Paddy Ashdown falling down a hole, overlooked by Tony Blair. You say it might be tough to tell, but 2 minutes research, and any knowledge outside your own country would make it clear. If you don’t know, don’t just make bad guesses.

  • dude

    thats a lot a perspective

  • MINA

    man, these things look real!

  • 3-D fan

    these kick butt!!! MG, its almost as if you can take hold of them.

  • Yo momma!

    those are sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! those are good artists. okay peace!

  • Lulu

    If I was there, I would walk around the last one!

  • xx emma xx

    A M A Z I N G

  • photo editor – DC

    I am trying to track down the owner of these photographs, specifically the photographer of the SEAL drawing. I would love to use within a national magazine. Or, does anyone know who the artist is???

  • vurdlak

    The Artists Name Is Julian Beever and his website is first if you google for him…

    if possible include my website in your magazine :)



  • isaac robles

    i think your art work is awsome.
    it seems like if you walked on top of the well you would fall.
    p.s. your chalk work is awsome.

  • web design uk

    Those are truley amazing!!!!

  • laura

    i think its truly amzing how they do this

  • Dayvee

    That’s art! Real art is a work that few can do well but many can enjoy.

  • Caspester

    how do u even comprehend what to draw and where to draw it and how to draw it, thats just crazy, my favorite is the puddle and the drain. AAAHHHH its too crazy

  • Caspester

    i even thoght that the hose reel thing and the hose, in the puddle and drain drawing, was real ahhhhh crazy

  • Julia Page

    The impermanence and effervacent quality of the work makes it that much more special.When the rains come it will all be washed away. Nothing lasts forever hence the beauty is in the moment..

  • Cakeman

    this man is a VanGough with chack painting

  • Melainie

    I have so seen all of these!

  • Kaylea

    These look soo real. It looks like i will actually fall into the well one.I wish i could draw those!

  • lilskyriderr

    i like the last one the one where the people in the hole that takes true talent!

  • lilianna

    that is very good



  • MMM

    amazing, this photos the first one i still cant figure out and the last one…

  • artist

    im better then him

  • Loz

    Those are great. That guys got talent!

  • zach corson

    It’s so great, but some illusions are not realistic.
    If they put more effort on it, it would be a great
    illusions. But everybody will surprise!!:p

  • Chalklover

    These are so cool!!! I love to see things like this.

  • teh geogre

    these were mostly done by a proffesional artist that is hired by big company’s for advertising his name is Julian Beever.
    and he especiales in Pavement chalk trompe l’oeil.

  • tracy

    thats crazy but, WOW!

  • Mike Jones

    They aight, if you know what i mean

  • oxyd

    damn, he was really born with the pencil :D

  • dario

    you are crazy……good graphics :D and good designer

  • Luva_GIrl

    Cool ! Awesome ! ANd Smexy!

  • KevinL.

    Awesome Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jr


  • CACa FAce

    hello kevin

  • rosie metzner farted

    well gd but i spose every webby has them including me!!!

  • __dace


  • olivia

    omg the one w/ the pool is so kool!!!

  • confused

    i got this in an email from my mom i love these they r just like really awesome!!! i love the last 1 gosh ppl are so creative!!!

  • Anonymous

    wow… those are really great… I would love to be able to do something like that… but then again there art gets stepped all over when they leave…

  • Anonymous

    this is so AWESOME!!! Great job!

  • Anonymous

    I love them !!!!!!!!!:) I loved makeing pee!!!
    I shove cheeze up my nose!!!

  • Anonymous

    they are ok but mt dad can do better

  • Brittany

    this is way cool

  • Anonymous

    One word: INCREDIBLE

  • RoZs

    i love the art that these people do !!!! it iz absalutly incredable !!!! if any body wants 2 know the name it is Julian Beever!!!! search his name on google :D :D :D :D plzzzz!!!!

  • Anonymous

    wow!! this dude is pretty talented…got quite an imagination…what an awsome artist…

  • Anonymous
    thats the website for julien beever he’s the best 3d chalk painter around i think and there are some really cool pictures on there hope you enjoy them

  • Anonymous

    omg these pictures are so cool!! its amazing!!

  • Wilton


    If that’s not TOTALLY AWESOME, then WHAT IS???

    The artist is SO AWESOME!!!

  • SmileyMiley

    I’ve seen some other chalk drawings in person! During the Omaha Art Festival, they have someone come and do them every year. They’re so cool!

  • Anonymous

    Jue……….Excellent work….

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!!

    i agree with u all – truely impressive. Anonymous, i bet your dad CANT do better.

    i checked out his website which is also super kl!!!!

  • 30stmLovr

    haha, knowing me i would walk around the “hole” in the last one XD

  • SVEN


  • illini_usa

    The sidewalk drawings are really works of art.WHOA

  • chalkworkman

    Love the hosepipe one. In my eyes, these are great examples of what modern art is all about. Mind you, I suppose most of the wonderful stuff on this website is.

  • Bo

    cool art i wish i was that talented. i like tha 3-d

  • Anonymous

    they r relli cool! id like 2 watch u draw 1

  • Anonymous

    Oh my gosh that is by far the coolest thing I have ever seen! I love checking out art and especially that kind! AWESOME!!!!

  • Anonymous

    this is really cool i wish i could do this but i have no artistic power at all errg jk

  • 1,2,3,4, Go! Teen Titans!

    i like 3 4 & 5

  • Anonymous

    these are amazing:)
    i love them

  • Anonymous

    these were really amazing to look at

  • Anonymous

    these were really amazing to look at

  • Melissa

    thess were amazing. its hard to believe that all of this was drawn

  • KaylaAlexa

    Me and my sister think these are sooo cool! Keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    Impressive art, but weirder is the long comment list.

    Why do people feel compelled to leave an 88th comment to the effect of “neat – well done”

    Particularly when the artists don’t see the comments, but rather some guy who posted them does.

    We’ve created a strange place in the web.

  • Sagar

    Such a paintings from chalks?
    I’m shocked by the fascinating artwork.
    Best luck to artists.

  • volleyballgal#2

    that was pretty sweet

  • yo mom

    i can’t help but sit here at work ‘
    and get lost in the pictures !


    beautiful ! !

  • LâÜ

    I’m doing exactly the same as yo mom… This blog is amazing… and this painting… I just hope can see one of this “face2face” someday…

  • Anonymous

    truly impressing

  • Anonymous

    omg, these are truly amazing! i hope u do more in the future and post them, beccause i cant wait to see more!!! WOW!

  • Anonymous

    The last one is a drawing of people falling into the hole

  • Anonymous

    those are some kool drawings!!!!

  • U2freak

    the last one is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lit

    These were just to awesome!!! Really enjoyed seeing them.

  • Anonymous

    They’re all so awesome! My grandpa has a Vaio, heh.

  • moost146

    reali cool, luv the last 1 ha it looks like their fallin down a hole!

  • shine

    he is a modern day Van Gough, my favorite one is all of them, i am your loyal fan.

  • ME!

    We’d all be happy if Bush fell into a hole to drown…

    Anyway, AWESOME work!

  • Barv

    Amazing stuff! I reckon it’s Charles Kennedy and John Major (the 2 guys Blair beat to become Prime Minister in 1997) falling down the hole. It would be great to have a Blair/Bush hole, though!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing. Really impressive. These all look real. Wow!

  • izzy

    hey these are really cool but dont you think the “chalk fixative” is fly spray????

  • A person in the Universe

    wow, they all look so real and cool! Espessially the last pic., it’s really realistic! Two thumbs up!

  • Anonymous

    This is the most awesome art work I have ever seen. AMAZING!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    That sht is DOPE!!!!

  • Suki

    Hmm…not half bad. Though, I must admit, I can do better than some of these guys. What am I saying? I HAVE done better than some of them. Though, each time I get done my best ones, it rains. Must be bad karma…

  • sameer

    oh man are these are real!
    they just freak me out,how an
    artist can creat such a wonderful work.
    i just want to salute this man.
    really unbelievable work

  • the technogirl

    you have to see the last one in a perspective so that (the guy self portrait- it is painted in halves. part on the fountain, and part on the ground) to see the illusion. It is like the one where the ripples are paintes on a building.

  • gibran

    Really amazing!!

    literally i never seen such a wonderful illusions… i wish to b artist one of them

  • Deepu

    The creativity is too good

  • Deepu

    Great Work…….

  • Stalmaster

    This is awesome! I sent this site an idea for a post and he actually posted it! This site rocks! And it kills down time at work!
    As a graphic designer I run across a lot of this stuff. I found this guy a few years ago and always remember him every time I see an optical illusion.
    Good stuff, glad you guys like it!

  • Miztay

    DAMN! thats fricken kool!

  • robbyemmy

    WOW!! this is scetchy
    this would be an amazing way to ask someone somthing lmao
    you should come to Ontario and draw one of these
    your idels
    robby and emmy
    robby emmy out!

  • Catgirl ( Liv )

    I’M A HUGE fan of him, my mom knows he is the best opticial illusion painters ever!!!

  • alana

    this guy is doing uniqe stuff

  • Jean Davis

    Ben Glenn is an awesome artist…negative comments are from those who aren’t kind, nor do they know talent…His is definitely given to him from God..May he continue his ministry…Way to go Ben…God Bless you. Jean

  • rosa guadalupe ortiz

    omgee that is so damm KEWL
    i wanna noe how to do that like omgosh
    like wowsz haha !!!!!

  • BenG

    When first looked at the one with him “Holding” the hose and spraying water honestly thought that was real.

  • Autumn thomas

    you rock i love you chalk drawings i love 3d you realy rock when i frist saw it i thought wow thanks for your time.

  • tacos

    i know they are all fake but if i were to see the last one i would be scare to death to walk over it. i would think i might fall in to the abbise hahahahahaha

  • maria

    It is fantastic how they make does pictures!

  • ashly

    that is a kool picture it looks real

  • kimberleycook

    i luv these illusions x

  • Hello

    coool it looks like it’s real i didn’t get it first though

  • sanjeev jadhav

    first class art

  • These artists are AMAZING!!! I saw this once in Toronto Canada. This guy does GREAT work as well. H’es called the “Chalkmaster” Look him up,and tell him Bootsie sent you!
    Entertainment Only.

  • WOW… nice artworks.

    Soendoro Soetanto

  • delia Rogers

    These are so crazy! i could never ever draw something like that! these people are so talented… can’t even describe how beutiful and unique they are either!

  • person

    that is totlally cool. i wont it

  • What’s with his place on a last pic?

  • ddog

    how does he make the top of the the laptop appear to rise and the pool sink?

  • Someone

    Lol, the last one was kinda funny, they’re like screaming for help, and that dude is just smiling lol.

  • someone

    AWSOME…hey that looks like my laptop >.<

  • moooo coooowww

    hahaha cool but they probably look bad from the wrong angle…

  • Your Mom

    OMG ALL OF IT IS HELLA GOOD! That sure bets my stick figure chalk drawings.. =p

  • Ari

    i love drawings on sidewalks like this 1 cuz it makes everyone whose not paying attention want 2 naturally go around it (which makes me laugh) but then when some stands in the middle everyone notices the drawing & how well done it is p.s. i became i fan in 5th grade cuz my art teacher showed some pics & EVERYONE was awe struck

  • Judy

    I like them all, but the fly is just AWSOME !!!

  • Anastasia

    I think these are amazing at there work.

  • Anastasia

    I think these artists are amazing at there work.

  • Hannah

    That is AMAZING! It wouldn’t look so good if you were at the wrong perspective.



  • maria

    incredible……. wow

  • These are extraordinary – I never get tired of looking at them – I would love to see them being drawn – I have always seen the finished work of art – in my opinion – this is the most incredible art form out! I wouldn’t know where to start and I am fairly creative! Congratulations to all the artists – keep up this Divine occupation!

  • hannah

    Do you know what site I can go on to find out how I can draw these ground illusions? I really want to find out how to draw them! Please reply back to me! Thanks

  • boggy

    how did they do that
    spend way to much of their lives painting

  • madison ma

    oml who is the guy crouching and smiling in the last picture he is terrifying

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