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2 more weeks, and I’ll be back from my summer vacation! This means new illusion each day, again. I have over 500 unanswered emails containing optical illusions in my mailbox, and some of them are pretty awesome. I’m just asking for your patience again – and hope I’ll receive some ;) Today you get another […]

Luciano Passuello made this awesome discovery! I was always a big fan of stereo animated gifs that let you see images in 3D, partially because I never had succes seeing stereograms with hidden messages. These are easy to observe, and the effect is extraordinary! If you remember we had an awesome 3D animation of Jurassic […]

Don’t ask me why, but I noticed many of our visitors really love stereograms. This is why I’ll be posting more of them in the future. I gave up on them long ago, when I lost patience seeing them. This collection of 4 interesting stereograms was submitted by Peter Dodds. Peter forgot to post explanation […]

Stereogram Magic Eye Illusion

If you managed to place Magic Trick of The Day gadget on your Google homepage successfully, like I explained yesterday, then you should see new magic trick appearing in it now. The video where Criss Angel flies over a building block is just unbelievable. You can check it out, when you finish with today’s optical […]

Riju Dasgupta noticed: “Dear Vurdlak, I noticed that your “Stereograms” section didn’t have many entries, and the ones there are just pictures. Well I went surfing to find you one, and I picked one of the better ones. They are also called Magic Eye, as you’ve posted before. I’m sure I don’t need to explain […]


Harvey Layton took these 3D photos around his house. One way to view them properly, is to cross your eyes until the 3rd picture appears, then try and concentrate on this third image, and in the same time trying sharpening it. I had best results when trying to concentrate on the fix imaginary spot few […]

Frans-Jan Wind sends beautiful, yet scary illusion of a city. Wait for the image to load (or open it full size), and you will feel like flying through a city! Just like Christopher Walken did in his very own optical illusion. Be sure to check Scary Spider as well, but I warn you, those of […]

This one will load for a little bit since it’s 200kb big, but still – a great animation! Huge THANK YOU goes to James aka “access-denied” that provided me with free hosting solution on his server! If you like this flick, be sure to thank James in comments ;) As you see, this gif file […]