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Wow! If you manage to overcome the fact how aggressively this illusion plays with your eyes, you just might discover how beautiful and effective it really is! If you further ignore reality, and act like nothing similar was posted on this site before (imagine you saw this type of illusion for the first time in your […]

Today’s optical illusion animation is called “The Mutually Interfering Shapes” and was originally created by Maarten Wijntjes, Robert Volcic and Tomas Knapen in 2008 for Illusion of The Year contest hosted by the Vision Sciences Society. This is how authors themselves described the effect: “A circle’s a circle and a square’s a square, right? Wrong! […]

Here’s a great find by Stephanie! An animated .gif file of a spiral. But wait – as countless times before, our brain has once again been deceived! The spiral actually isn’t spiral at all, but set of mutually concentric circles instead. I’m perfectly aware we had loads and loads of similar optical illusions, yet this […]

Few weeks ago, while still on my vacation, I promised you I would give my best to post new illusion each and every day once I return. It wont be an easy task, but let me try and see for how long I can do it! Previously, there was an update every two or three […]

First of all let me apologize for lack of update yesterday and on the day before. I just hope today’s photo will make up for the gap. Look how the road on your right appears warped! It kind of reminds me of those surreal-melted bridges and roads that can be found all over Google Earth. […]

I’ll admit it, this Sima Pashtun rug illusion, created by Mauricio Lara and Sebastián Lara, took me a little while to see. At first I thought it was just supposed to look like it was melting or stretched out, but once I saw the crazy extra dimension it adds to the floor, I couldn’t unsee […]

The Warping Cushion Effect is yet another optical illusion that proves how selected patterns are able to distort the reality we perceive. Just look at the diagonal lines below! Even though they are perfectly straight and parallel, as well as the rectangles they form intersecting, something obviously doesn’t seem right. The warping effect that makes […]

We all know that women prefer clothes which makes them look thin, emphasize their curves and enhance their figure. Spanx pantyhose, Wonderbras… You name it! But come on, no dress is really gonna take ten inches off your waist, or make you look twenty pounds lighter than you really are… Would it? Well, no ORDINARY dress […]