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Seemingly Bent Category


I’ve ran surveys, looked at stats and I’ve found that all of you absolutely love looking at the brain teaser optical illusions that are posted up on the site, which is one reason we have so many of them. However, new brain teasers don’t come out every single day and good ones are hard to […]

3-d candle

How many times have you seen those enormous street paintings that look entirely different when viewed from the right angle?  Have you ever gazed upon a painting to see a large dolphin jumping from out of a pool or an airplane soaring through the clouds?  Now, your candlesticks can appear as if they are three […]

What may seem as a crooked cotton band, actually isn’t. I found it very amusing how the pattern in use distorts reality, fooling our brains into thinking that right part of the material is larger than it actually is. It is as if the band is “growing” from its tail onwards! Perhaps this illusion is […]

This is what you get when you combine LEGO and optical illusions. Main effect – the circle made of the studs, produces the appearance of curved pieces. However, the design can appear very different depending on the angle it’s viewed from. I’m still discovering surprising patterns in it. If you still got some LEGO brick […]

Here’s an illusive rug I thought you might find interesting. The company that produces them used a well known pattern that makes perfectly straight and parallel lines seem slanted. It would make a perfect gift for individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder, don’t you think? More “bent” surfaces and floors can be found inside this category.

In order to successfully run highly popular blog such as this one, one has to make early peace with the fact he can’t make everyone happy at all times. There just isn’t that many different old-school illusions to keep your interest (without recycling) – so I have to become creative here and then. Sometimes I […]

Let me tell you a little secret, one I already hinted in my earlier article – I wrote this post on Christmas where I also attached a timer to it, so that it auto-publishes while I’m still away enjoying my vacation. I always considered this similar to cheating, so to ease my guilt let me […]

If you’re an old time visitor to this site, there’s nothing new for you today – move along ;) This is just something I had to share with our newcomers; for them to see how astonishing and effective simplest of colour patterns can be. Not only does this static picture seem to move as your […]