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Seemingly Bent Category

trippy crooked illusion

My eyes hurt and my head is swimming a little this morning. The culprit? This funky, trippy crooked illusion! And, I was feeling nice enough to share this gut wrenching, eyeball popping crooked illusion with all of you! Don’t you feel special? There are so many wonky things about this image that I’m not even […]

bent squares illusion

Seemingly bent illusions are always interesting to look at. With the right arrangement and pattern, straight lines can appear to be bent and wavy. For those of you who don’t know what I mean, take a look at this bent squares illusion… It appears as though the white lines that form the squares in this illusion […]

weird staircase

I’ve seen a weird staircase or two in my day. (Remember the weird stairs I posted about the other day?) This morning I ran across another truly weird staircase… I don’t quite know how I’d eel about having this weird staircase in my house. Or in any other building I was trying to go upstairs […]


Ready for a fun and slightly strange optical illusion today? Great! If anyone has one, let me know and I’ll post it. I’ll be over there—napping. I jest, I jest. Of course, I have an optical illusion for you today. This time, it’s a house optical illusion… Look at this house in the desert and […]

Bent Squares Illusion

Ever just have a day where you feel all out of sorts for no particular reason? For me, today is one of those days. First, I overslept, then I tripped coming down the stairs, spilled my coffee, and found that someone had eaten the last bowl of cereal. So, now I’m grumpy, behind in work, […]

simple optical illusion

I’ve been having a bit of trouble lately trying to find new and different illusions to feature on the site. I’ve realized that there are only so many illusions out there, and they aren’t exactly being created at an industrial rate. Today, I have a pretty simple lines optical illusion for you. It’s plain, black […]


True optical illusion fanatics can’t get enough of hidden and impossible objects, and seemingly bent images. Some are such fanatics that they live and breathe optical illusions! They make even incorporate them into their work. Here’s what you might get if an optical illusion fanatic becomes an architect…. This image was sent to us by […]

Moving Tunnel

Holy warp speed, Spock! Have I got a fun optical illusion for you today! When I first saw this tunnel optical illusion, I had to double check that it wasn’t really moving, because it sure looks like it! Don’t believe me? Check it out! Crazy, no? This tunnel optical illusion is absolutely amazing! Well, I think […]