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Paris Attacks Tribute Sculpture

Good morning, world! I’m sure everyone now has heard about the terrorist attacks in Paris. Honestly, I don’t even know what to say about them. It’s an insanely senseless and terrifying event. So many innocent lives—just gone. It’s just one of those things that I’ll probably never forget. I’m not in Paris, nor do I […]

Baby Elephant Hidden In the Sand Optical Illusion

Saturday is here, and everyone is doing something fun to celebrate the first day of the weekend.  Some people like to go to the park and walk around enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, but others like to go to the beach and have some fun.  While at the beach, some people like to bury […]

Climbing Stairs on the Beach Optical Illusion

Saturday is here, and now it is time to sleep in late, get up, pack a bag, and head for the soft wet sand, and cool waters of the nearest beach! While on the beach, you all can eat, sleep, swim, read, build sand castles, or even just climb a few stairs! Yes, today’s optical […]

Drawings in the Sand Optical Illusion

I can tell that it’s already going to be a great day. The sun is already beginning to come up and there’s not a single cloud in the sky. After I made myself a nice, hot cup of coffee, I stepped outside for just a little bit to take in the air and it felt […]

What I just noticed when I opened my website, and checked the previous Don Quixote illusion, is that there was a hidden Easter egg for all of us! Check out the shield next to the soldier’s left foot. Can you see a reference to the Vase Faces illusion we already published? I felt really smart […]

Big Foot Optical Illusion

Hi! I’m Luke and i am one of the new co-editors for Mighty Optical Illusions! And because this is my first post, I’m going to start with a very shocking illusion… Yes, it is true. Big foot is real and i have conclusive proof in this photo. No of course not, but it does look […]

What do you think this photo from Mars below represents? Is it a Convex Object or Concave Crater? Many of my friends argued on this one, before I gave them true answer. NASA said it shows “Victoria crater,” an impact crater at Meridiani Planum – near the equator of Mars. The crater is approximately 800 […]

Is the hand-print embossed or extruded (Convex or Concave)? I would like to know how you see it, so please place your opinion in comments, below. Thanks! As a kid I always found optical illusions to be fascinating. Do you know how this effect works?