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Wanna see somethin’ trippy? Today’s trippy moving illusion will really blow your mind! If the bright undulating colors don’t get you, the impossible object in the middle will surely have you taking a second look. This trippy moving illusion has cleverly combined a classic optical illusion with some pretty groovy color effects! Don’t look at […]

cat face illusion

I think it’s time for a fun illusion today. It’s been a long week! I think today’s illusion is pretty cool and definitely fun! What do you think of this cat face illusion? This cat face illusion is a great example of a perfectly timed photo. I love that the sock almost perfectly matches the […]

fork illusion

I know that the devil’s fork illusion and different variations of it have been posted on the site before, but it’s such an awesome classic illusion that sometime I just can’t help myself. You’ve got to admit that no matter how many times you stare at it, you can’t help but feel a little befuddled! […]

impossible object optical illusion

It’s the first new work week of the New Year, and I’ll bet everyone is just raring to go! I mean, after a long weekend of champagne and celebration, who wouldn’t be ready to get right back down to business? I know, I know—I’m nuts. To get your brains in gear this morning, I have […]

Greek runner optical illusion

I think the illusion for how to draw an impossible square went over well yesterday, so I’ll definitely be making an illusion on how to draw an impossible triangle soon. It’s a busy, bust time right now for me, though, so it may be a few days. In the meantime, I can at least keep […]


It is amazing how technology changed the way we live in. Especially in terms of entertainment. A lot of exciting and extremely fun activities are now just one click away. Software developers and computer engineers are the ones that we should thank for this. There are, in fact, so many entertainment opportunities online that we […]


I think we need a fun illusion, don’t you? Today’s optical illusion reminds me of my own big fat cat, the little piggy that she is! This image really looks like one enormous fat cat that really needs to go on a diet. Apparently, this unusual cat’s obesity “issue” has also caused its head to […]

A sleight of hand or a puff of smoke can go a long way when trying to wow an audience with magic. Not many moments can astound the mind like a magic trick, unless you play a slot machine and win, which is probably why magic is so interesting to people. It may be surprising […]