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crooked building

Building optical illusions always make me feel a bit wonky, but I still love ’em! I have a pretty nifty crooked building illusion for you today too. This building illusion was taken and sent in by Todd, one of our regular readers. Take a look…. Thanks, Todd, for the awesome illusion! I love how the […]

black cat illusion

It’s Friday the 13th, so you knew a superstitious illusion was coming, didn’t you? It also happens to be my birthday today, and I was born on a Friday the 13th many, many moons ago. So, all that bad luck stuff? It doesn’t apply to me! Well, at least I hope not. If this theory is […]


Oh, wow! I can’t believe how late I’m getting today’s illusion out! I woke up this morning with my daughter’s cold and an arm that wouldn’t move because I suspect I may have screwed it up playing football with my son this weekend. Ouch! And, on top of all that, my Internet decided that it […]

books illusion

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mama’s out there! It’s a lazy Sunday for many mama’s, and hopefully most of you even got the whole breakfast in bed bit. Even if it is just some burnt toast, it’s pretty sweet! This Mother’s Day, I actually have to work, but there’s nothing I’d like more than […]

hands illusion

Saturday morning has started with all sorts of hustle and bustle in this house, so I’m a little late posting this morning. But, I think it’s such a cool illusion that it’s worth waiting for. What do you think? Check out this awesome face and hands illusion… Is it a face? Is it a bunch […]

vertical or horizontal building illusion

Another spring morning, another pile of snow outside. This cold weather is really starting to be a pretty big bummer here! I can’t wait for warmer days and fun in the sun to get here permanently! Well, temporarily permanently. Either way, I have a completely unrelated building illusion for you today. You can look at […]

president or penguin illusion

Optical illusions with multiple meanings are some of my favorites! Today’s illusion is just that. Depending on how you look at it, you could see a flightless bird indigenous to cold climates or the 16th resident of the United States. Which do you see first in this president or penguin optical illusion…? I don’t know […]

rabbit or duck

Happy Easter to those of you celebrating this beautiful spring day! It’s the holiday with bunnies, eggs, and baby chicks today. And, of course, we can’t forget the chocolate and hidden baskets full of other goodies! What better day than Easter to posts a fun rabbit or duck illusion…? This is a more realistic version […]