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Buying gifts for your family and friends can sometimes be a tricky task. But if they, like you,are an optical illusion enthusiast, then we have a list just for you! Have a look at these really cool gifts that are optical illusion themed and are guaranteed to be loved by whoever receives them. Optical Illusion […]

rubin vase in shadow illusion

I’m sure most of you are quite familiar with the classic Rubin vase optical illusion. It’s an ambiguous illusion that can be seen as either two faces facing each other or a single vase. It’s one of the most popular and well known optical illusions out there. There are also several variations of the classic […]

earth day optical illusions 1

Happy Earth Day to all! I woke up this morning and thought to myself “Self, you need coffee!” Then, after a little caffeine jolt to the brain, I realized that it was, in fact, Earth Day. What better way to celebrate here at Mighty Optical Illusions headquarters than by rounding up some of Earth’s own natural […]

man dog illusion

Dog is man’s best friend, as they say. Oftentimes, the two are almost inseparable. Wherever man goes, dog goes and wherever dog goes, man isn’t far behind. Today’s illusion is an ode to the amazing bond between man and dog. But, can you find the man in this dog illusion…? It may be a bit […]


A coloring page or two can keep kids busy for quite a while, giving parents a little bit of silence and peace. Some parents prefer to hand their kids a nice coloring book or a fun little coloring page that they printed off of the Internet. Not me, though! No…that’s just not how I roll. […]

Descending Rug Optical Illusion

How’s everyone out there doing today? I’m doing pretty good myself and I hope you’re doing good, as well. I have an optical illusion that I’m going to post today that definitely threw me off the first time I saw it. In other words, I definitely think that all of you are going to like […]

Warning: If the following illusion makes you nauseous or dizzy, please scroll down to the next post. The Purple Nurple, as this illusion is called, is what’s known as an anomalous motion illusion (sometimes grouped in with animation optical illusions), whereby a series of shapes and colors creates the appearance of movement while staying completely […]

I can’t believe we missed this one – Qi Xinghua is a Chinese 3D Chalk artist (first in his country) whose painting entitled Lions Gate Gorge earned him an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest 3D painting in the world! I’m not exactly sure how fresh this information is, as I […]