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Before we dive into today’s piece, let me first distance myself a bit, and disclaim how I know nothing about it’s origins, where it is located, nor how it came to be. I’ve received this from an anonymous source claiming it’s an aerial shot of a rock formation that became viral lately. Because of the […]

Had this (so called) “optical illusion” laying around for quite some time now. Originally titled “Even God has a sense of humor”, this photo shows a horrible aftermath of a location devastated by heavy floods. Cynics among you will spot it immediately, while for the rest it will take few moments before they can see […]

These days Hollywood has a bad reputation for being filled with some of the most unpatriotic people in America, but back in World War II, things were a lot different. In fact, between their celebrity-filled war bond rallies and moral-boosting films, Hollywood played a huge role in driving support for the war effort. But while those […]

Google Street View Illusion

Apart from playing with design, I’m obsessed with new internet trends and emerging technologies. As much as I love sharing original illusions with you, I’m even more thrilled when I get the opportunity to introduce you with something you probably never  thought of using when searching for optical illusions. Hope you approve my style, where […]

Check out the USAF logo! What do you see?

By now, you probably realized I’m not the biggest fan of Google Earth illusions. Don’t get me wrong, its mostly because people who submit these satellite screenshots see illusions everywhere – even when there aren’t any. Today’s illusions was almost ditched from the same reason. I became so judgmental of these type of submissions, that […]

What I just noticed when I opened my website, and checked the previous Don Quixote illusion, is that there was a hidden Easter egg for all of us! Check out the shield next to the soldier’s left foot. Can you see a reference to the Vase Faces illusion we already published? I felt really smart […]

National Geographic’s optical illusions were always among my favorite ones. Not only do their photographers create awesome illusions (from time to time), but their photographs themselves contain artistic touch which makes them perfect fit for this website. Before you continue examining below photo, I recommend seeing National Geographic Camels and NG Zebras first. The aerial […]

Long time since we had our last Google Earth optical illusion. I had this submitted by many people, but somehow forgot to publish it by now. In short – this aerial (or satellite) photo gives impression there is an ancient Indian listening to the iPod. Take it as you will, but the picture truly resembles […]